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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Value of GBA VC Games

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A bargain.
To be honest, I'm kind of tired about writing how Nintendo ports things and that has value to people. I just wrote about that. However, I want to preempt complaining. Actually, it has already happened, but let's preempt the main wave. Here's a list of GBA games coming out on the Wii U VC in America, with more to come and being found out by the dudes who sit at ratings board sites or registration offices all day looking for breaking news.

So why would anyone complain? Ports help break up the supposed "droughts" that the Wii U suffers. I haven't even played all of the games on that list (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is something I've always wanted to play for myself), so I doubt you have. Incidentally, all of you can stop bitching about Super Mario Bros. 3, and that's not even a GBA game. Well, there is Super Mario Advance 4, but no, the inferior NES version is what y'all deserve. Meanwhile, the GBA version of Yoshi's Island is coming out at the end of April: If you've never played it before, then you've been ignoring all of my praise of it on KoopaTV. You also get to compare it to Arzest's Yoshi's New Island.

I'm not really sure why some of the GBA games are $7 and others are $8. Nothing is really in common about the $7 games. Maybe it's because they might be a little bit shorter? If that's the case, good on Nintendo for once again recognizing the price-value relationship.

Curiously, Nintendo had this to say about me and my family:
"In this timeless NES classic, you’ll battle through over 70 baddie-infested courses and face off against the infamous Koopalings. Bowser and the Koopalings are causing chaos yet again, but this time, they’re going beyond the Mushroom Kingdom and into seven neighboring worlds."

Besides the obvious ideological bias behind that description (and thanks for callin' me infamous and all. I'm sure certain places would agree with that), it says that I'm causing "chaos yet again". I had to close KoopaTV for a whole month just to get in Mario Kart 8. You think I have time to cause chaos? Moreover, that was the first time I "caused chaos". Unless Nintendo is trying to make ports canon in coexistence with the original release, then this has to be an error. And if they are doing that, I'm here to tell you that that simply does not happen in my world.

Regardless, there are many out there who will say that Nintendo should be releasing VC games for free, or for one dollar, or with online multiplayer. Bad, bad, and bad. Don't let the mobile game market distort your sense of what makes for good pricing. The cartridges for all of those games go above the VC price, plus there is added Miiverse, off-TV play, and save point functionality as a bonus. Videogames are the cheapest they've ever been when you take inflation into account, especially if you're like me and think the government's measure of inflation is undercounting it. Stop complaining. I know you want free stuff, but if you want to feel like you're saving money, go take advantage of those weekly sales on the eShop.

Ludwig's favourite Nintendo era was GBA-GCN, so he's happy about these games coming to the Wii U. You won't see him with the Player's Checkmark with Yoshi's Island since he still has the GBA cartridge, so be sure to Follow him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas to make sure you catch all his posts!

Ludwig thinks the GBA versions of SNES games are the best way to play them.

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