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Monday, March 17, 2014

High School DxD's Erotic Miiverse Existence

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This article is not safe for work. You have been warned.

Once upon a time, in the land of Miiverse, there was a meme. This meme was unlike the other memes that plague the Super Smash Bros. community every day: This meme was specific to Miiverse and was based on Miiverse. And... it was actually interesting, and not based on any sole user's cult of personality.

The American Super Smash Bros. Miiversers had discovered the Japanese-only High School DxD community. What is High School DxD? It's... an "erotic battle adventure" by Kadokawa Shoten. Apparently there's a manga and an anime too. The opening to the anime is provided below, but that's also not-safe-for-work. There are similar "eroge" games with communities on Miiverse too, like the 3DS remake of the 20-year-old PC game Toshin City. No idea what it's about or how it plays. But there's a trailer for it embedded in this article later.

The question for this article is this: Why is Nintendo allowing this community on here? You can post screenshots on High School DxD (many will be provided below) but not Pokémon XY! I'd say that Nintendo in Japan is a lot less strict about their standards than Nintendo in America, but that's simply not true if Pokémon is restricted worldwide. I wish I had an answer, but I don't. Perhaps one day, I'll ask Nintendo about it. I'd rather interview them about... more pressing matters, though. 

Is this why Pokémon XY screenshots are banned?

Again, the rest of this article will... demonstrate just how weird and out-of-character Nintendo's decision is here, and they should reconsider their "every game gets a community" policy. Sure, it drives sales, but look at what you're driving! Again, it's very important to understand, for educational purposes, just what Nintendo is allowing here.

You have to be 17+ to play the game, but you can be any age to look at screenshots of it on Miiverse! And if you drew this type of stuff with your stylus, it'd be deleted. Quickly. You can also look at screenshots from the game itself, posted directly on Miiverse, by continuing to read this article. Don't catch your boss reading it, though. He or she should catch you reading these stock figures from EA, or something. So content warning.

I like their hair-length.
More of her red hair. This picture reminds me of...
...Speaking of Pokémon, here is Team Rocket member Jessie. This aired in English in Sinnoh. Best season.
Back to being on-topic. I hope she'll be okay!
She certainly won't be.
What are these clothes made of?
I don't know what those green things are.
...Is this a guy?
Imagine if she got a haircut the day before.

Now for Toshin City from Imageepoch. I'd like to note that they worked on Yoshi's New Island with KoopaTV villain Arzest. They did the... animations. Very interesting.

So it's KIND OF like Fire Emblem Awakening, right?
So is that an e-cig?
Just saying, I have a lot of experience with nurses in erotic videogames.

All of these images were courtesy of NNID Lakier.

Ludwig is sacrificing KoopaTV's page-ranking with Google and forever risking KoopaTV as being labeled as an inappropriate website by search engines and soccer moms everywhere. If you'd like to see more of this type of content from KoopaTV, you'll have to make a very convincing argument. In the meantime, feel free to read any of KoopaTV's very clean, safe-for-work articles! 

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  1. The DxD screenshots have been archived on the wayback machine as the current links to them are broken:

    1. Sorry, I I hotlinked these because I... didn't want them saved on my desktop. :x

      All (?) of the images are saved there at least.


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