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Friday, March 7, 2014

Cold Feet: Zimmerman's Escapades Canceled

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He wasn't punched out — he didn't even get to enter.

Back in January KoopaTV left you with a very exciting prospect: the famous George Zimmerman was directly inspired by Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! and decided to reenact it in real life. KoopaTV decided to try to draft the Reverend Al Sharpton as Zimmerman's opponent for reasons explained previously. We sent Al Sharpton and his National Action Network e-mails. The fight was to be scheduled for March 1: So what happened?

Turns out that the fight organizer, Damon Feldman, canceled it. Well, it wouldn't be with Al Sharpton anyway; it'd be with a very dangerous adversary: Rapper DMX. But apparently Feldman got death threats about it.

Zimmerman would not be deterred, though, and tried to set up another fight. This time the proceeds would go to... The Trayvon Martin Foundation! But that was canceled too, because they refused to accept it.

Zimmerman then was bored of having his boxing matches be canceled, so he decided to go to a gun show. That's getting canceled too. But Zimmerman doesn't give up: He got it uncanceled, or something.

The details aren't important. What's important for you is KoopaTV's role in this: Did Al Sharpton ever respond to KoopaTV?

No, he did not directly reply to KoopaTV. But... he did produce a public statement after we sent him the request.

In summation, Al Sharpton did not directly answer KoopaTV's request. Instead, he decided to attack the very notion that George Zimmerman is a celebrity. Fair enough, that's a denial of our request. That doesn't mean Sharpton wouldn't want to punch Zimmerman in the face, it means that if he takes the opportunity then he would acknowledge Zimmerman's celebrity status.

Of course, if he's not a celebrity, then what is he? George Zimmerman is talked about constantly by people, such as KoopaTV, the other parts of the media... and... Al Sharpton. He's not a criminal, since he was acquitted. If you look at the definition of celebrity, it's clear that Zimmerman commands a fascination among the public. Zimmerman is a hardworking American: He's tirelessly working to provide America with entertainment, whether it's art, his traffic violations, or the false accusations about him concerning domestic violence. He's dabbling in all sorts of genres to do whatever possible. He's among the avart-garde of this generation, and among his most diehard fans are people who wouldn't normally be receptive to this sort of artistry.

Unfortunately, since his boxing career ended before it began, this means that Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! does not make an appearance in mainstream culture just yet (despite winning PC Game of 2013). You tried, Zimmerman, but it didn't happen. This also means that the unannounced DLC for the game, tentatively titled Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!: Title Bout! that would feature Little Mac against George Zimmerman is also canceled. It was internally uncanceled when Zimmerman tried to get another promoter, but since that didn't work either, tough luck. But since it was unannounced, at least we're not like Ubisoft, right?

KoopaTV currently isn't working on any videogames right now. If you have an idea, drop a comment! In the meantime, Ludwig will keep fawning over George Zimmerman.

Sakurai likes Zimmerman a lot too. Enough to put him in a game.

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  1. Poor guy.


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