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Friday, August 16, 2013

Announcing Punch-Out!! Week!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Every article next week is Punch-Out!! related!

Take a gander at the Terms Index, assuming you're reading this when it was published. Scroll down to the Punch-Out!! section. The entire series is only on there once under Punch-Out!! Wii where Rawk wrote “I didn't want DKC to 'return' for one game and fade back into irrelevance (kind of like Punch-Out!! did), but sadly I thought that's what it would do.”
That's not right for this fantastic series. It hasn't had the opportunity to achieve the exposure that we at KoopaTV regularly give to Super Smash Bros. 4, or the Donkey Kong Country series, or the Ace Attorney series. As it stands, it's like every week is Super Smash Bros. 4 week!

We're going to right this wrong, so every article from Monday to Friday of the week August 19-August 23 will have strong Punch-Out!! references. And the site logo will temporarily change, too.

KoopaTV Punch-Out!! Week! logo banner fists
The logo is here in case you want to look at it after next week is over.

“Hey Ludwig, I don't care about Punch-Out!!, can I just not show up to KoopaTV for a week?”

Uh, no. For one, you should care about Punch-Out!!, and for two, these aren't exclusively Punch-Out!!-related articles. It's just every day the Terms Index will get some much-needed love in that section. There will be plenty of references to other games, too.

And there's a special surprise at the end of the week, too. Enjoy.

Ludwig has played Punch-Out!! on the NES via Animal Crossing on the GameCube, Super Punch-Out!! via the Wii's Virtual Console, and Punch-Out!! Wii by actually buying it.

To see the first article for this week, click here!

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