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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ubisoft Motion Pictures! Screw EA Entertainment!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Not that I'd actually see any of these movies.

KoopaTV's relentless coverage of Electronic Arts and its disgusting history relating to the proposed Madden Curse movie is so impeccable, it's recognized on Wikipedia as a citation. However, as you should have already read on KoopaTV, EA Entertainment also snubbed the idea of a Dead Space movie and ruined the town of Columbus, Georgia for a Need to Speed movie.

However, to restore confidence with game companies making media divisions and then movies, Ubisoft has come in with a new "Ubisoft Motion Pictures" company to make movies based on Ubisoft properties. Teaming up with Sony (Sony's non-game divisions, anyway), Ubisoft will be working on a WATCH_DOGS movie, along with Assassin's Creed and a Splinter Cell movie.

That's not all, though. There is also the Raving Rabbids movie and interactive show announced at E3 and also a Far Cry movie, along with a Ghost Recon movie. Ubisoft states that for all of these, they will "create a brand new story. Always." That's pretty fantastic and goes back to Ubisoft's franchising strategy I wrote about before. So when The Division gets a movie, I'll be the first one to say it's an awesome idea and then never watch it.

So if videogame movies always suck because they don't stick true to source material, then Ubisoft's total creative control plan should be a change of pace. It pisses off movie directors, but maybe it's a good thing overall. After all, Ubisoft knows what fans want more than out-of-touch people in Hollywood, right?

To be fair to EA, at KoopaTV we earlier said that EA is pulling a Madden Curse/Elizabeth Brett with the Dead Space movie. Well soon after we published that article, EA finally announced that the Dead Space movie is going somewhere. EA is also trying to have more creative control over the movies like Ubisoft, but probably not to the extent Ubisoft is.

But what is this really? Probably a chance for Aisha Tyler to be in a movie, since she's in WATCH_DOGS the game!

Really though, if AAA games are becoming so expensive to produce that movies now have a higher rate of return than making more games, then we're in serious, serious trouble as an industry.

If KoopaTV makes a movie, you'll know about it. Same if EA ever makes the Madden Curse movie. Neither will happen.

The Madden Curse movie is officially canceled.
Now it looks like a beloved, actually-liked company is going to have a dedicated movie division! 

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