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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ludwig's Smash 4 Wishlist

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Positive attitude.

Here at KoopaTV you should've read how Rawk wrote negative articles trashing who he didn't want in Super Smash Bros. 4, even though one of those unwanted characters got in anyway. He has his own list of who he actually wants which he can write up if he chooses. It's my time to reveal who I want. ...But only my Top 5 or else this could get lengthy. Oh, and if Capcom didn't already pick Mega Man as the Capcom slot, Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series still wouldn't be on the list. Because he can't fight, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 proved it.


Check out my review of his latest game, Punch-Out!! on the Wii.

It's a shame that Nintendo has a whole band of lovable characters and franchises and then there is Punch-Out!!, the series that takes place on Earth (or an obvious parallel version of it) with its own cast of characters. Little Mac hasn't received much appreciation outside of his few games. He got Assist Trophy status in Brawl, made a cameo in Fight Night Round 2 by those bastards at EA (GameCube version only), and made another cameo in Captain Rainbow which America never got. Mac needs to show he can fight in the big leagues of the Nintendo hierarchy, and if being the test case for Nintendo's first dabbling in viral marketing wasn't enough, then only being playable in Smash 4 will.


Hey it's NOT her Uprising artwork!

Lady Palutena holds the distinct honour of being the only NPC in Brawl's Subspace Emissary. She also is beautiful. Kid Icarus: Uprising was almost tailor-made for someone from there to be playable in Smash 4, and Lady Palutena fits the bill. Not that it should make a difference, but she's also female. And she has a ton of moves she can use. Like Power of Caging. And you fight her — or a look-alike of her — TWICE. I don't care if Sakurai likes Viridi more, Palutena is the way to go. Look at her long haiiirrrrrr.


The original hotlinked image here is dead,
so have this creation of mine instead?

I actually have wanted Tingle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character, so I was disappointed when he was announced to be a mere Assist Trophy. (Although I was surprised he even got that.) But he's been rising from game to game. A mere stage element in Melee, an Assist Trophy in Brawl, and now that he has his own set of games, playable in Smash 4? ...But yeah the only real reason I want Tingle in Smash 4 is because of his wonderful role in my fan-fiction, Events of Star World, where he engages in EarthBound-like RPG fights in the (spoilers!) two times he has to fight. And since Wii Fit Trainer is becoming an accepted character now (I'm satisfied with her now that I've seen what the Miiverse fanbase have done to make her a merciless dominatrix to Bowser), Tingle is the WTF character that'll stay as a WTF character. And also gets my support for second Zelda antagonist over the likes of Ghirahim and Vaati.


And make absolutely no reference to her Fire Emblem: Awakening art, please.

Micaiah should be in Smash 4 to prove to the world two things: One, that Fire Emblem characters are more than just a bunch of sword-wielding dudes. Two, that the Tellius saga (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) collectively made up the best Fire Emblem experience, and we should get a third game to finalize the trilogy. And that third should be on a console. Now you could say that Ike does the second part, but Ike recently lost use of his arm. And it turned into a sword. He's in no position to be doing things like holding Home-Run Bats or grabbing ledges. Meanwhile, Micaiah is also cute. And would invite Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn remixes in Smash 4, something we lacked a lot of in Brawl.
Get out.


Best taunt potential of the franchise.

Nintendo owes it to Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture for giving a third party slot to Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes, the only character in this wishlist to have their own Wikipedia article. Besides Tingle. And the only one on the list where the creator of the character has actually talked about liking the idea of their character being in a Super Smash Bros. game. If Suda51 wants Travis to be a big famous household name, the way to do that is to go from cult hit series to Smash level. And the Wii really was at a point where No More Heroes was this big release that would end a drought. And it delivered and it was awesome and Travis is pretty much the perfect anti-hero in videogaming. He has a potty-mouth and his series was rated M, but that didn't stop Snake. He can still make awesome comebacks and stuff, just not use the f-word. And No More Heroes songs would be great for Smash, and this is especially good since pretty much no one else on the planet are going to remix these songs.

Thoughts on Ludwig's list? Want to share your own? Then comment on this article! Little Mac is the number one choice, especially given what week this is!


  1. Hi hi good Ludwig! I have learned that you like Micaiah (and something that likely remains to nowadays, because of the one of the last articles has good opinions about Micaiah)

    Why I'm say this? I want to invite you to support Micaiah in this Twitter Account.

    This is specially important nowadays because it's possible to see an Early Release of a New (or at least a special port) Smash Bros Game.

    1. Well, because you asked pretty nicely, I had the KoopaTV Twitter account Follow that account.

      We wish for your success!

      Also, if you ever want an English-first-language editor for the stuff you put out, feel free to contact us.

    2. That is really nice Ludwig; Thanks!

      I will contact you if I need your help; I will start soon a new article (this time is actually Smash and Micaiah related instead of just Micaiah related), but it will take me a lot of time... Perhaps I would do additional articles; I'm open to ideas :D.

    3. Well, unless you're going to guest-write for KoopaTV or link-share/affiliate with us, I'm not really gonna make ideas for ya. :p
      ('cause, hey, then I'd just write it myself.)

      You're welcome, though. ^_^

    4. Right right, I get it XDU

      Perhaps in the future would consider do a affilation, thanks for the invitation.


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