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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dual Destinies For Only $30!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Stop complaining about digital download only.

For all the big news of today, the one I'd like to dedicate my article to today is... that Capcom has announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies will only be $29.99 in America, and €24.99 in Europe. There's a screenshot below if you don't believe me!

So when is Autumn? Presumably November or before. So sometime within the next three months. Sounds good to me! I've written before that it's our duty to buy this game and show Capcom how much we support the series. Since it's a discounted price than what you'd get at retail (even though I'd pay full price for it...and more!), there really shouldn't be any excuse or complaining here. Ace Attorney games are typically longer than 30 hours anyway, so you get much better value than you would with a lot of other games nowadays.

I'm sure there will be some Dual Destinies merchandise you can buy for your precious collection! And now you'll have more money to spend on it!

I've already written about the business reasons behind the digital download only, and I haven't heard anything coherent arguing against that. This is the fastest way to get it to market. So stop being a twit and wait patiently for the eShop release and all will be well. If it were a physical release, you'd have to wait even longer.

And then Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney comes out in (presumably early) 2014. Yeah, I'm pacified. We can make chants for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 after we've gotten two helpings of Ace Attorney goodness in the next half year.

Remember: We're much better off than those poor Mega Man fans!

You can find Ludwig's contact information in one of the other many articles he's published this month, because he has nothing creative to put here.


  1. Couldn't have agreed more! See, people that love the AA series should at least be thankful that they're even localizing this game!!! Plus on top of the Layton vs. Phoenix game coming up, that'll even be better!!! So the whiners/mopey-dopey people should *SHUT IT* (Simon's way of saying Objection in the Japanese version)!

    1. Hm, will he say SHUT IT in the localization too?

      (Obviously I've avoided spoilers/footage of the game past the Capcom USA demo footage.)

      The "We're much better off than those poor Mega Man fans" line of mine now takes a whole new meaning with Mighty No. 9 being announced, of course. Ace Attorney isn't anywhere close to THAT.


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