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Thursday, June 11, 2015

No Ace Attorney at E3 2015!?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - CAPCOM showing their hand before the event.

According to a press release from CAPCOM, their E3 lineup is as follows:

Mega Man Legacy Collection, Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 0, and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. All of those games are coming only to non-Nintendo systems with the exception of Mega Man Legacy Collection, which will be released on the Nintendo 3DS months after its release on other systems.

Only Street Fighter V is an actually brand new game, and that's being developed in some sort of exclusive partnership with Sony. The rest are ports/remakes, consistent with their new strategy to focus on "remasters". Capcom is also pursuing more and more of a digital download path for their games, spelling doom for Ace Attorney fans everywhere that love their physical copies.

...Speaking of doom for Ace Attorney, just where IS Ace Attorney? Dai Gyakuten Saiban is coming out next month in Japan (July 2015) yet it still has not been announced for localisation anywhere.

Even worse, perennial localisation announcement hope Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 still hasn't gotten the lucky break, and it seems clear that E3 2015 will not be the place, either. As you may have noticed, the list of four games includes nothing from the Ace Attorney franchise. What's going on?

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Capcom Japan California Google Maps plane
"Objection!" Phoenix Wright wants his series to fly from Capcom Japan to Capcom USA.

It's possible that Capcom may talk about or show more games, or have their games shown at the other companies' events (Nintendo promises to show some third-party content, after all). The Capcom press release does stress the word "playable" along with "line-up". Let's look at the wording closely:
"In addition to playable demos for Mega Man Legacy Collection, Resident Evil® 0, and Devil May Cry® 4 Special Edition , E3 will be the first major event appearance for the highly anticipated Street Fighter® V, which will hype up its presence with a tournament stage and interactive photo opportunity for attendees"
The remasters are "playable demos", and Street Fighter V is just a big photo opportunity that is somehow "interactive". (Interactive in the "you can take a picture of it" sort of way?) So if Street Fighter V isn't playable but is part of the line-up, then that removes the notion that Capcom has to have something playable to talk about it. The thing about the line-up is that the games on there have their own special section of Capcom's press site. If Ace Attorney was going to be announced, then it would show up there.

Actually, according to Capcom Unity, Street Fighter V is basically going to have streams running throughout E3 (competing with Nintendo Treehouse Live?) showing off the game, along with first-come, first-serve tournaments. It's non-playable in the sense that if you come to the booth and stay in line, you will not be able play the game. There will be multiple tournaments, including one composed of gaming website editors. Reminds me of the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Invitational, actually. (They sucked in that tournament.)

Why is Capcom even revealing their hand in advance? Remember, they don't have their own conference — people just come to their Street Fighter V event and their booth and check out things. So why tell people what they'll find in the booth? It's part of the fun to be surprised, right? Who is gonna visit the booth now to play games everyone has already played one-to-three decades ago? Like, who would waste their E3 ticket (worth hundreds of dollars) to go play Mega Man... now in high-definition! (It's still in 8-bit NES sprites, so can you really tell the difference?)

No matter the resolution, the game is still terrible. And so is the news about how Ace Attorney fans gotta wait more to get an answer to our localisation queries.

Seriously, is there anything to look forward to this E3?

If you have any hope for this E3 that hasn't already been quashed in advance, tell KoopaTV in the comments section! Maybe you'll inspire some hope in Ludwig. Also, Miiverse has finally opened up its E3 2015 community, so maybe if you Follow Ludwig at NNID PrinceOfKoopas, you'll read his non-article thoughts on E3!

E3 makes Ludwig really nervous every year as it is; knowing good news won't come isn't helpful.
Ludwig did live-react to Capcom's E3 2015 live-stream... specifically of Mega Man Legacy Collection.
Capcom continues their remaking streak by announcing one of Resident Evil 2.
Despite it not actually being announced, Ludwig fully expects more Ace Attorney at... E3 2018.


  1. And yesterday Microsoft said no Scalebound. Ace Attorney news and Scalebound gameplay were two of the things I was most looking forward to.

    1. Well, Platinum Games IS gonna be there in some way, right?
      So if it's not Scalebound then maybe it's something else, something like Bayonetta 3.

      ...Just kidding. There won't be a Bayonetta 3.

    2. No need to tease me, Bayonetta 3 is on my list of pipe dreams along with AAI2.

      But Platinum IS announcing some new game.

    3. Yeah.
      Just probably not on a Nintendo system.

      I wanna know more about that project SUDA 51 is doing. Forgot about it until now.

  2. ...Dx "no plans" better mean "we aren't sure when we're going to announce it yet."

    1. It could mean that.

      It could also mean the same "no plans" they had when they had "no plans" to localise AAI2.

    2. Someone asked to try to get clarification:

    3. I think they're all locked in that forum, so only Capcom people can reply.


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