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Sunday, June 14, 2015

KoopaTV's "Super Smash Bros. - New Content Approaching" Live Reactions!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The first E3 event, and it's good ol' Sakurai again.

Today starts E3 2015, and KoopaTV's live reaction coverage. First up: Masahiro Sakurai (recently added as a source to not get information from) wants to share with us Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/For 3DS downloadable content news between today and August, with the majority of it being released TODAY! Downloadable NOW!

Here to give you our live reactions are Nintendork 13 13 (yours truly), RawkHawk2010 (himself), and (Vortexica). ...Kamek has a valid excuse for not showing up.

If you want to watch along with us, check out the video here!

Ryu Super Smash Bros. For Wii U illustration character art AKIMAN

 Nintendork 13 13 10:35 am
    HOWDY Y'ALL!  
    Here we are for the Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/ For Wii U
    "Live Stream New Content Approaching!"
    That really needs a better name.
    Something catchy and concise.

 RawkHawk2010 10:36 am
    "Smash Direct"?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:36 am
    No, no, no.
    Maybe Smash DLC Direct?
    We already had the Smash Direct.
    April of 2014!

 Nintendork 13 13 10:37 am
    I hope Sakurai's voice is this one.
    This is his canon voice, dammit.
    So, uh, 1 minute.

 RawkHawk2010 10:39 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:39 am
    (You're foreshadowing our Bethesda coverage?)

 Nintendork 13 13 10:40 am
    New Content Approaching 6.14.2015
    FE characters
    Some Japanese fuck
    I don't like him already.
    He seems the same as before.
    Final Smash

 RawkHawk2010 10:41 am
    Lyn had to save him.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:41 am
    ...Is just waving his sword.
    This is NOT Sakurai's canon voice!

 RawkHawk2010 10:41 am
    "Roy Joins the Battle"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:41 am
    "He's back and more powerful than ever"

 RawkHawk2010 10:42 am
    Couldn't even come up with a clever slogan.
Roy Seals the Deal Super Smash Bros. Fire Emblem
"Roy Seals The Deal!"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:42 am
    "Roy Seals The Deal"
    That was the slogan they used at the start.

 RawkHawk2010 10:42 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:42 am
    Roy's Final Smash - Critical Hit

 RawkHawk2010 10:42 am what was their excuse now.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:42 am
    Made available alongside Lucas.
    "I hope fans are happy to have these two." 10:42 am
    Roy might just have been my least favourite character in Melee.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:42 am
    $4 on single console
    $5 for both

 RawkHawk2010 10:42 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:42 am
    Wave Two
    Mega Man Battle Network!
    (Thanks Capcom!)
    Mega Man X!
    Featuring Zero!
    (I know people requested Zero a lot)
    And Inkling Boy and Girl and Squid Hat

 RawkHawk2010 10:43 am
    Literally looks like Isabelle was skinned and worn.

Isabelle Animal Crossing Super Smash Bros. Mii Fighter Gunner costume
Isabelle Mii Gunner costume!

 Nintendork 13 13 10:43 am
    If they are using Splatoon music is Splatoon music in the game

 RawkHawk2010 10:43 am
    Terrifying. 10:43 am
    I DO like that squid hat.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:43 am
    Virtua Fighter
    Ain't that Sega?

Jacky Bryant Virtua Fighter Mii Super Smash Bros.
It's Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter.

 RawkHawk2010 10:43 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:44 am
    So Sega finally contributes something else?

 RawkHawk2010 10:44 am
    Some of Sonic's A moves are from Virtua Fighter.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:44 am
    Capcom still dominating the support.

 RawkHawk2010 10:44 am
    Is it just me or does Sakurai look unhealthy?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:44 am
    Is that possible?

 RawkHawk2010 10:44 am
    He's pale as fuck.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:44 am
    Zero is legit cool
    Isabelle is sooo creepy 10:44 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:45 am
    "There are Splatoon trophies too"
    Sakurai has a large amiibo collection
    Mii amiibo?
    Who the hell would want Mii amiibo???

Sakurai showing off his amiibo collection. 10:45 am
    Ah, I was wondering if we would be seeing these.

 RawkHawk2010 10:45 am
    I know. 10:45 am
    Must say, I was leaning towards no.

 RawkHawk2010 10:45 am
    I guess they might be fun to...paint?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:45 am
    More amiibo
    R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch...
    "Then comes Falco"

 RawkHawk2010 10:46 am
    That was weird.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:46 am
    wtf Mr. Game & Watch is an action figure
    "Every fighter will be released as amiibo"
    so does Ludwig get an amiibo
    Mewtwo and Lucas amiibo as well.
    New stages!
    Dream Land 64! <3 10:46 am
    Still waiting for that Mewtwo amiibo... o-o

 RawkHawk2010 10:46 am
    Doesn't the game already have Green Greens?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:47 am
    Dream Land 64 on Wii U and 3DS for $2 or $3 for both.

 RawkHawk2010 10:47 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:47 am
    Hyrule Castle and Peach's Castle from Smash 64 coming as well.

 RawkHawk2010 10:47 am
    I'm in support of this.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:47 am
    Miiverse stage finally coming to Wii U
    Miiverse messages support fighters

 RawkHawk2010 10:47 am
    SSB64 stages are the bee's tits.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:47 am
    With specific tags
    ("Support Pac-Man!" tag)

 Nintendork 13 13 10:48 am
    Price.... Free!

 RawkHawk2010 10:48 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:48 am
    (Uh, I assumed it was free)
    "Tourney Mode"
    I forgot this was announced

 RawkHawk2010 10:48 am
    Screen showed "Freakyforms" as a song and it immediately switched.
    Sakurai didn't want to advertise that.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:49 am
    They need to "test out" the mode
    so release in August.
    Smash Bros. Wii U
    is going to allow you to post videos directly to YouTube!
    Normal video files.
    This is great!
    Final announcement
    Another trailer?

 RawkHawk2010 10:49 am
    TTPO Smash cometh.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:50 am
    "I"m looking"
    "For a"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:50 am
    (I like his voice-acting)
    It's Ryu! 10:50 am
    "So this is Smash.."

 Nintendork 13 13 10:50 am
    From Street Fighter! 10:50 am
    He almost sounds disappointed, lol.

 RawkHawk2010 10:51 am
    Yeah, lol.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:51 am
    He beat the shit out of Mewtwo

 RawkHawk2010 10:51 am
    That's what i thought.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:51 am
    and even Captain Falcon?!
    How can he beat Captain Falcon?!

 RawkHawk2010 10:51 am
    Tekken guy.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:51 am
    Street Fighter II-style
    6 buttons to 2 moves

 RawkHawk2010 10:51 am
    what is it with IIs

 Nintendork 13 13 10:51 am
    "Somehow there are lots of moves!"

 RawkHawk2010 10:51 am
    Megaman II
    This II

 Nintendork 13 13 10:52 am
    Press or Press and hold
    "This... is important"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:52 am
    So you need a really sensitive control stick to use Ryu.
    "King of combos"

 RawkHawk2010 10:52 am
    Yay, now everyone is gonna demand weak and strong A moves for all of the other characters too.
    Great going Sakurai.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:53 am
    ...Well no Rawk that doesn't make any sense at all.

 RawkHawk2010 10:53 am
    how not

 Nintendork 13 13 10:53 am
    Because not having to do complicated inputs is an advantage.

 RawkHawk2010 10:53 am
    We'll see. 10:53 am
    ...Button combos in Smash now?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:54 am
    Well this is how Ryu is being unique.
    (Unlike, say, Roy.)

 RawkHawk2010 10:54 am
    Oh hey.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:54 am
    Ryu has two final smashes.

 RawkHawk2010 10:54 am
    with a different name.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:54 am
    Suzaku Castle stage.
    Break the signs.
    That's pretty cool.

 RawkHawk2010 10:55 am
    I don't like how this one person has two Final Smashes.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:55 am
    On both Wii U and 3DS versions.
    Smash now has dynamic music.
    The music changes when the time is ending.

 RawkHawk2010 10:56 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:56 am
    Ryu trophy "and a Ken trophy too"

 RawkHawk2010 10:56 am
    Did you see Wii Fit Trainer's face?

 Nintendork 13 13 10:56 am
    I have it screenshotted
    Ryu and Suzaku Castle come as a set
    for $6 or $7
    "Representing Tekken is a Mii Fighter"

 Nintendork 13 13 10:57 am
    Roy and Ryu get amiibo.
    "let's review!"
    Ryu, Roy, Lucas, Akira, Jacky, Isabelle, Megaman.EXE, Zero, Inkling Boy & Inkling Girl, Squid Hat, Heihachi, Dream Land, Miiverse stage, Suzaku Castle, Omega Forms, Bonus Trophies (Ryu, Ken, Roy, Lucas, Splatoon), Special Trophies from All-Star Mode
    All of these released
    "The servers may experience some traffic"

 RawkHawk2010 10:58 am
    This will...not go well.

 Nintendork 13 13 10:58 am
    Their servers?

 RawkHawk2010 10:58 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:58 am
    Best time to try is during Nintendo's Digital Event. :-P

 RawkHawk2010 10:59 am

 RawkHawk2010 10:59 am

 Nintendork 13 13 10:59 am
    I mean
    ...Roy is a terrible addition.
    But Ryu? Sure!

 RawkHawk2010 11:00 am
    There's nothing interesting about Ryu.
    I've played Street Fighter.
    Lame dude.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:00 am
    There's nothing interesting about Ryu in Street Fighter in the context of Street Fighter.
    There's something interesting about Ryu in Smash Bros. in the context of Smash Bros.
    He's clearly the most technical dude here.
    Which might not appeal to you...
    (Since technology frightens you)

Ryu Shoryuken Up-B Up + B Super Smash Bros. Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II inputs! Very technical.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:01 am
    ...But it'll appeal to a lot of people looking for that sorta thing.
    Also, I'd like to note just how much Capcom is dominating the Smash support here.

 RawkHawk2010 11:02 am
    This is for tourneyfags.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:02 am

 RawkHawk2010 11:02 am
    Same reason why Roy is in.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:02 am
    Roy is in because of idiot casuals.

 RawkHawk2010 11:02 am
    Idiot casuals want Roy?

 Nintendork 13 13 11:02 am
    No one who plays Melee competitively uses Roy.
    Idiot casuals who look at Roy and think
    wanted Roy.
    Fire Emblem fans don't want Roy.
    Competitive players don't want Roy.

 RawkHawk2010 11:03 am
    (YR does.)

 Nintendork 13 13 11:03 am
    Well, in the context of Fire Emblem

 Nintendork 13 13 11:03 am
    Roy is one of the worst lords in the series.

 RawkHawk2010 11:03 am
    Also, in general...

 Nintendork 13 13 11:03 am
    He doesn't promote in his game until one of the last chapters.
    ...also he's another Marth clone in this game.

 RawkHawk2010 11:04 am
    ...I don't like Nintendo's attempt to hijack E3 here.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:04 am
    By the way, Sakurai referenced himself from earlier.

 RawkHawk2010 11:05 am
    E3 is supposed to be a festival where everyone talks about what might be/what's being announced.
    And Nintendo wants everyone off playing Smash.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:05 am
    When amiibo were first announced in E3 2014, Sakurai said he wanted to collect them all.
    (Looks like he did.)
    Technically E3 doesn't "start" until Tuesday. :-P

 RawkHawk2010 11:05 am
    People are gonna MISSS Nintendo's main E3 presentation because of this.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:05 am
    Hey, I'm boycotting that thing.
    I'm sure they'll get the news one way or another.
    (Hopefully via KoopaTV!)

 RawkHawk2010 11:06 am
    I'm boycotting Roy.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:06 am
    ...That's brilliant.
    What's the Tekken dude's name?

Ryu Super Smash Bros. Tekken Mii Fighter character DLC
Ryu vs. this Tekken guy!

 RawkHawk2010 11:07 am
    Not sure, I just know he was in Playstatiion All-Stars.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:08 am

 RawkHawk2010 11:08 am
    No wait that's the anime movie director.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:09 am
    By the way
    Regarding Ryu's art.

 RawkHawk2010 11:10 am

 Nintendork 13 13 11:10 am
    I'm tempted to switch to Roy instead of Ludwig.
    And try to beat up Loser!Roy in For Glory.
    With Koopaling!Roy.
    Or maybe pull a Lucina and say, "For my brother!"

 RawkHawk2010 11:11 am
    E3 will only improve from here. :D

 Nintendork 13 13 11:12 am

 Nintendork 13 13 11:12 am
    ...You'll be eating those words when EA's conference happens in two days!

 RawkHawk2010 11:12 am

Stay tuned to KoopaTV in some hours for coverage on the Nintendo World Championships!

KoopaTV's coverage of the Nintendo World Championships begins here!


  1. Rawk is why we can't have nice things. Ryu might be boring but he is the most iconic fighting game character ever! That cannot be denied!

    1. True, Rawk is a grouch for everything not related to Rare.

      Yo, Health, we were just talking about you. Stop disappearing!

  2. I agree with Health. Rawk ruins everything. :[

  3. Would like to note another point where Rawk is wrong: Ryu's "Focus Attack" Down-B is NOT a Counter.


    1. RawkHawk2010 10:54 am
      Oh hey.

      RawkHawk2010 10:54 am
      with a different name.

      Ryu's Down-B is not a Counter.

    2. No it's not.

      It's not even close to a counter in that you attack regardless of whether or not your opponent attacks you. That's like saying Donkey Kong's Headbutt is a Counter, or Mac's B is a Counter. (They both have Super Armour while in animation.)

      ...Also, you can cancel it by dashing which is unlike any other move.

      It also doesn't launch, but it basically stuns the opponent in place for combo follow-ups. Nothing like a Counter. (Ike's Paralysing Counter?)

    3. That's odd.
      In Street Fighter IV, it acted as a kind of parry/counter, especially to projectiles.

    4. Well, it's not really for projectiles in Smash 4.

      Hadouken cancels out a lot of other projectiles (and the other projectiles cancel out Hadouken) so there you go.


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