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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nintendo Treehouse Live: Genei Ibun Roku #FE

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - You may remember it as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

It is Day 2 of E3, and that means that Nintendo has more to talk about with their Treehouse Live series of having their localisation team go out and play the games they announced in their Nintendo Digital Event.

I'm Nintendork 13 13 in the following log, and... I'm the only KoopaTV staff member around. But that's okay, it's annotated with exclusive screenshots!

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Nintendo Atlus Treehouse Live E3 2015
Your cast today. The guy at the far-right is not Sakurai. He's from Atlus.
Nintendork 13 13 12:52 pm
    Hey folks.

 Nintendork 13 13 12:55 pm
    Welcome to Nintendo Treehouse Live!
    Day 2!
    Treehouse folks lost their voice.
    Yoshi today, Xenoblade today...
    Fast Racing Neo or something

 Nintendork 13 13 12:57 pm
    ...SMT x FE
    Special guest with Atlus coming by.
    I dunno wot they're doing right now.
    "Bunch of stuff we haven't announced on our public schedule"
    (Garbage schedule)
    Sam has only had her first cup of coffee.

 Nintendork 13 13 12:59 pm
    Japanese people appeared.
    Brand new RPG that blends FE and SMT.
    Kendra, Rich, Ryan, and Mr. Takata from Atlus.
    Showing frightening weeaboo video again.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:01 pm
    I feel extremely foolish watching this.
    "...Okaaaay, wow." - Treehouse
    The #FE is "Sharp FE"
    not "Hashtag FE"
    Or "Number sign FE"
    "Better to look at this as an entirely new series."
    Apparently Tokyo in the game is accurate to real Tokyo.
    "I lived near Tokyo and it's amazing how realistic this is."

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Shibuya district Japan Shin Megami Tensei Fire Emble,
The coloured cut-outs are chanting, "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!"

 Nintendork 13 13 1:04 pm
    "While I'm walking around..."
    *standing still*
    It looks like there's a protest going on.
    Or just a bunch of people standing still.
    Coloured cutouts.
    Apparently "mirages" are invading.
    "J-Pop RPG"
    Heavy role of music.
    Walking into convenience store.
    Jack Frost is the mascot of the store.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE convenience store Shibuya Shin Megami Tensei Fire Emblem
We thought Anna joined ISIS.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:06 pm
    Cashier and your character are the only dudes inside the store.
    Despite the masses of people outside.
    Surprisingly, the store hasn't been looted.
    (That's the difference between Japanese protests and American ones.)
    The heroine of the story is a J-Pop singer.
    The shopkeeper is Anna!
    From FE!
    But it's not "actually Anna"
    Just a "subtle homage".
    The "Fire Emblem characters themselves are a separate experience."

 Nintendork 13 13 1:08 pm
    Hoo-Hah Mart
    (no bananas)
    The male protagonist is being pressured by his female friend to see some pop singer.
    You listen to pop songs performed within the game.
    Probably why the trailers are, y'know, pop songs.
    So yes, watching anime characters sing pop songs
    are forced cutscenes
    With no QTEs or any interaction.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE pop star singer Japan cutscene Fire Emblem SMT
This is like, a whole minute cutscene.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:10 pm
    "All the songs you hear in this game are being handled, sung, produced, by famous Japanese artists."
    "The dances as well were choreographed by famous Japanese dancers."
    What a waste of money.
    "Segoi segoii~~~~~~~~" your female friend.
    She's baring her midriff
    Apparently some mysterical energy source called "performa"
    (You get it up by watching pop stars sing, and then you're inspired to be an actor/singer/dancer/freak)
    You have choices in the game.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei choices pop singer
The choices are approximately, "Pursue your dreams." and "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

 Nintendork 13 13 1:12 pm
    Can tell the girl to be a pop singer
    or to end her idiot dream.
    After saying yes
    she starts glowing
    Only you and her can see her glow like a freak.
    "and this character" some random woman
    The generic colour-cut-outs can't see the glow.
    (Probably because they don't have eyes. Or faces.)
    Now for some reason Shibuya is being invaded by "otherworldly beings" because why not?

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Shibuya Mirage Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei
The protesters are getting worn out.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:14 pm
    The colour cutouts are still protesting
    but now they're having strokes
    And turning purple
    Suddenly people get eyepatches I dunno.
    Apparently the people's creative energy are being taken from them
    and that's why they're turning purple.
    People's creative energy is taken away because of "real world" pressures.
    (Like going to school, I guess.)

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Performa drained mirages Fire Emblem SMT
Looks like the police took care of those rowdy protesters.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:16 pm
    Apparently there is a missing sister or something too I dunno
    "Mysterious Lady"
    Now there's a dungeon.
    The protest fell apart
    maybe the cops shot them all.
    The Tokyo Fashion Centre is the dungeon.
    Apparently now Fire Emblem characters are showing up.
    They have no memory of who they are.

Dark evil Chrom Genei Ibun Roku #FE Fire Emblem Awakening
Chrom's new gig after we fired him.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:18 pm
    "This is Chrom but he has such a different costume."
    "Dark awesomeness."
    "I'm really excited too to see potential cosplays out of this." - Kendra
    For some reason, the Fire Emblem characters are on their side.
    You're given Chrom's rapier.
    So your protagonist just
    morphed into Chrom
    (with facial tattoos)

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Chrom mirage morph protagonist merge Fire Emblem
Your Chrom-ified protagonist.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:20 pm
    Apparently the Weapon Triangle is in the game.
    Along with SMT weaknesses.
    The battle is over and I don't know why.
    The Fire Emblem level up music is the SMTxFE level up music.
    So apparently the way your ordinary idiot Japanese kids turn into warriors
    is because creepy Fire Emblem dudes merge into your Japanese kids.
    There is also an overworld first-strike system.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:23 pm
    There are "Sesson Attacks"
    "Try to get a combo going"
    It gets your other party members to team up.
    The battlefield looks like a stage
    there is an audience for some reason.
    Scrolling banner in the background
    Calls your attacks songs performed by artists (your character).

 Nintendork 13 13 1:25 pm
    The gimmick of this dungeon
    is a giant maid costume.
    (They called it a gimmick)
    You go up the shirt of the maid
    and end up going through it
    to the other sleeve.
    The dungeons are all based on real-world locations in Japan
    and all the gimmicks are based on the real-world location.
    So this is a fashion mall, so there's a big maid costume.
    There is also basic puzzle-solving.
    You can select mannequins

Genei Ibun Roku #FE maid costume outfit Shibuya fashion district
The maid's sleeves act like warp pipes. You can manipulate their path.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:27 pm
    to move the maid costume's arms.
    Into different positions.
    So you can access different locations.
    (Once you creepily crawl through the maid)
    Combat is optional if you first-strike and then don't touch the enemy.
    (They just sit there stunned and eventually fade without battle)

 Nintendork 13 13 1:30 pm
    The music is SUPER CREEPY NOW
    Now there's a red maid costume. (The first one was blue.)
    (Since the dude is on another floor now)
    Each party member has a side story.
    And each party member has a performing arts dream.
    (Become singer, become actor)
    Main protagonist helps his friends realise their dreams.
    (Is this implying that Chrom has ever helped anyone?)

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Harajuku Japan Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei
Harajuku, Japan. Ice cream to the right.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:32 pm
    You revisit areas at some point.
    Now they're going to another save file later in the game.
    Harujuku in Japan.
    Or something.
    Now they're having the Atlus dude talk about the research that went into this places.
    Harajuku, Japan.
    Ice cream stand, nice.
    A place called "Fine Body"

 Nintendork 13 13 1:34 pm
    "To get the locations to look at realistic as they are"
    Atlus had to wake up early in the morning before the streets are taken up to take pictures of the city.
    Harajuku's streets are wider than they are in real life to make the game more playable.
    The icon in the top left of the screen are messages on your cell phone.
    The GamePad functions as your cell phone where you can check your messages.
    Instant messages from your friends.
    And you can talk to them.
    (Probably how you help them realise their dreams.)

Genei Ibun Roku #FE IMs instant message Shin Megami Tensei SMT cell phone
This log is me instant-messaging to... myself. For 50 minutes.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:37 pm
    Now going to a boss battle.
    The boss is a recognisable character in the FE series.
    It's Gangrel
    Mad King Gangrel
    From Awakening.
    "He's a mirage like everybody else is"
    Gangrel possessed some photographer.
    (Sounds like the plot of Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!.)
    Treehouse dudes acknowledge Gangrel looks bored.
    His head just came off
    To attack.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Mad King Gangrel boss fight Fire Emblem
"Mad King Gangrel". He's more bored than mad.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:39 pm
    Random singing
    during the match
    Is a reference to pairing up in Awakening.
    You unlock them when you pursue the side quests built on relationship-building.
    (Apparently a reference to FE's support system)
    Gangrel's head just fell off

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Gangrel headless boss fight Fire Emblem defeated
Play Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! for free here to see just how similar this scene is.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:42 pm
    Literally just like the ending of Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!.
    Apparently SMT x FE should be known as GIRFE
    Or GIR#FE
    Fire Emblem characters are normally hostile to you
    but you gain their trust and they help you save the world.
    Or something.
    "Ton of songs, ton of choreographed dance scenes."

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Dual Arts fight battle mechanic singing
This is... a battle animation.

 Nintendork 13 13 1:44 pm
    "Goes on its own path."
    "We're just about out of time for this segment." Finally.

Ludwig missed Treehouse Live showing Yoshi's Woolly World, but he did get one cool screenshot he'll keep to himself. In the meantime, stay tuned to KoopaTV for more E3 2015 coverage!

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The game is called Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and was shown in E3 2016, too.

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