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Monday, June 15, 2015

KoopaTV's Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Started off really well. ...Then sports...

It is absolutely no secret that KoopaTV has great displeasure for Electronic Arts. Still, we're objective people, right? If they have a good conference, then we'll acknowledge it!

Who are "we"? I'm Nintendork 13 13, RawkHawk2010 is RawkHawk2010, and Vortexica is breezinabout. We're gonna give you screenshots and live-reactions to everything that EA had to show for us!

 Nintendork 13 13 3:53 pm
    oh my gosh this is worse than Jeb Bush

 RawkHawk2010 3:54 pm
    EA's is starting?

 Nintendork 13 13 3:54 pm
    IN 6 min
    Well they might be late by a few
    'cause they disrespect our time
    Jeb Bush's son just finished talking.
    Now they got some Floridian state senator
    Should I dual-log Jeb and EA?

 RawkHawk2010 3:55 pm
    I still love how games like Ghoulies and Nuts are actually gonna be in the spotlight again.

 Nintendork 13 13 3:55 pm
    It's hard to tell which one I dislike more.

 RawkHawk2010 3:55 pm
    And no.
    EA's might be actually entertaining.
    Jeb has no chance.

 Nintendork 13 13 3:55 pm

 RawkHawk2010 3:56 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 3:56 pm
    Are JonTronners gonna swarm him?

 RawkHawk2010 3:56 pm
    Grant's being sarcastic.

 Nintendork 13 13 3:57 pm
    He's still being swarmed though

 RawkHawk2010 3:57 pm
    I wonder if JonTron threw up blood during the conference.

 Nintendork 13 13 3:57 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 3:59 pm
    EA: "Ladies and gentleman if you just came into the room, there are no more seats. Please sit upstairs."
    *closes Jeb Bush* 4:00 pm
    Digging the waiting music.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:00 pm
    It hurts my ears
    That squeaky instrument
    slash noise.
    Told Kamek that EA is in 1 minute
    He replied
    "Meh not too interested in that"

 Nintendork 13 13 4:01 pm
    I replied "No one is" 4:01 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:01 pm
    (Dude is a team player) 4:01 pm
    Here we go.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:01 pm
    Things are happening in EA's
    Good music 4:01 pm
    Get ready for SPOOOOORTS!

 Nintendork 13 13 4:01 pm
    Johnny Cash?

 RawkHawk2010 4:01 pm
    Johnny Cash.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:01 pm
    EA best conference so far
    (As soon as Johnny Cash stops singing expect that to stop)
    OH 4:02 pm
    Ghost Riders in the Sky?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:02 pm
    johnny cash still singing
    "Discover a New Galaxy"
    okay Johnny Cash stopped.
    Now some dumb space alien marine thing.
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Holiday 2016

 Nintendork 13 13 4:03 pm
    Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA.
    We already know the Madden Curse movie is canceled.
    So what's there to look forward to?
    Andrew Wilson trying to give a definition of "play"
    (Good luck.) 4:04 pm
    "We live to play."

 Nintendork 13 13 4:04 pm
    "More than a dozen new experiences"
    EA promises three new IPs.

 RawkHawk2010 4:04 pm
    "A living legend from the world of Sport"

 Nintendork 13 13 4:04 pm
    Within a few minutes.

 RawkHawk2010 4:05 pm
    When did people stop pluralizing "Sports"?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:05 pm
    Why is EA giving a preview of their presentation 4:05 pm
    New IPs from the cash cow milkers? Fair enough to them.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:05 pm
    during their presentation?

 RawkHawk2010 4:05 pm
    I remember when Rare referred to Kinect Sports as "Sport"
    On their site.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:05 pm
    Presentation skills tip:
    Never give a table of contents slide in your presentation.
    Just start the damn presentation.
    Because you make the audience feel like you're wasting their tme.

 RawkHawk2010 4:06 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:06 pm
    "Return of Need For Speed"

Need For Speed 2015 logo Electronic Arts E3
Need For Speed is back in some form.

 RawkHawk2010 4:06 pm
    But the response to Sea of Thieves in the YouTube comments seems overwhelmingly positive.
    Good to know.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:06 pm
    Didn't EA just say
    They would start with the new IPs?
    So they gave a table of contents of the presentation
    but they're not even following it?

 RawkHawk2010 4:07 pm
    Cue the Loiter Squad.

 RawkHawk2010 4:07 pm
    Sounds like their kind of game. 4:07 pm
    I missed the ToC. Did it actually say they'd start with the new stuff?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:07 pm
    yes 4:07 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:07 pm
    It was the first thing on the ToC
    and his timespan was
    "within a few minutes" 4:08 pm
    ...Damnit EA.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:08 pm
    Apparently I'm going to question if the
    car porn

E3 car porn Need For Speed EA Electronic Arts 2015
"Mmmmm, car~~~!"

 Nintendork 13 13 4:09 pm
    EA giving different ways to play.
    Coming November 3. 4:10 pm
    Let's hope this time they don't tie the framerate directly into the game speed like they did with Rivals. *Retch*

 Nintendork 13 13 4:10 pm
    Oh, their car porn was in-game?

 RawkHawk2010 4:10 pm
    Was that a 40 year old Ash Ketchum

 Nintendork 13 13 4:11 pm
    I thought those were real cars.

 RawkHawk2010 4:11 pm
    I thought those were real dudes.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:11 pm
    So where do they find car-obsessed videogame developers?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:11 pm
    Aren't videogame developers the cerebral nerdy type?

 RawkHawk2010 4:12 pm
    Well. 4:12 pm
    I get the feeling they're car enthusiasts first, and developers second.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:12 pm
    "Drift Attack Started"

 RawkHawk2010 4:12 pm
    EA Sports people have to know the mechancics of sports.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:12 pm
    (All the guy did was turn into incoming traffic)

 RawkHawk2010 4:12 pm
    Or sport.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:12 pm
    "PULL OVER!" - Cop *completely ignore*
    This is encouraging glorification of criminal behaviour.
    This is why so much of our youth today grow up to be thugs.

 RawkHawk2010 4:13 pm
    (oh wait that never happened.)

 Nintendork 13 13 4:13 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:13 pm
    "EVERYBODY is talkin' about ya"
    (Because he drove around like an asshole for a few minutes?)
    Star Wars The Old Republic
    (I guess EA considered "within a few minutes" to be the length of the entire conference)
    Bio-Ware-style storytelling.
    With new DLC.
    Knights of the Fallen Empire.
    (Sounded like "Nice of the Fallen Empire")

 RawkHawk2010 4:14 pm
    Do we care about Star Wars?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:15 pm
    Not the games. 4:15 pm

 RawkHawk2010 4:15 pm
    I like the Jar Jars.
    And Star Wars: The Christmas Special.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:15 pm
    "Story" trailer.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:15 pm
    Colour-coded kids
    Black robe and white robe.
    What if the kids share the same wardrobe?
    So the kids interchangeably wear each other's colour?
    Well, they grew up in a broken home.
    They must've played too much Need for Speed.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic of the Fallen Empire black white robe choices
This kids seem confused about who is who. 4:17 pm
    So this is basically making the lame duck TOR more like Bioware's original KOTOR in order to save it from complete failure. That's basically what I read into this.

 RawkHawk2010 4:17 pm
    Rare Replay has stamps!

 Nintendork 13 13 4:18 pm
    but no Miiverse
    Rawk pay attention to the presentation.
    EA is saying they'll "hold more betas and playtests"
    And somehow trying to spin that as "creativity". 4:18 pm
    Without charging for them first?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:19 pm
    No word on that! 4:19 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:19 pm
    New IP called "Unravel"
    "Tiny character with huge heart"

Unravel videogame title screen EA game yarn
Unravel title screen? 4:19 pm
    Another yarn game?

 RawkHawk2010 4:19 pm
    *trailer ends*

 RawkHawk2010 4:19 pm
    lol what if that's it

 Nintendork 13 13 4:20 pm
    Martin Sahlin 4:20 pm
    "Trailer" is being extremely generous.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:20 pm
    Creative director of some Northern Sweden place.
    "We should try to do more than just entertain."
    Puzzle-platformer as a yarn character. "The yarn represents love."

 RawkHawk2010 4:20 pm
    "The yarn represents love and the bonds that we make."
    no it doesn't

 Nintendork 13 13 4:21 pm
    lol 4:21 pm
    Oh my word.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:21 pm
    What's with the guy's fingers?
    He's so spastic
    Jesus Christ

Unravel Martin Sahlin hand tattoo voodoo doll Yarny videogame EA E3
Martin Sahlin's hands. 4:21 pm
    EA voodoo.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:21 pm
    He's constantly shifting his

 Nintendork 13 13 4:22 pm
    Is he gonna give an example of a "complex" puzzle?

 RawkHawk2010 4:22 pm
    This guy is about to collapse.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:22 pm
    Dude is talking more about how excited he is to be there.
    Than the game.
    Okay, trailer attempt #2.

 RawkHawk2010 4:22 pm
    Did you print screen his fingers?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:22 pm
    Holding Yarny.

 RawkHawk2010 4:23 pm
    Very Gnawty.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:23 pm
    Yarny abducted by a crow
    Almost ran over by Need For Speed car 4:23 pm
    This is like, the anti-Limbo, almost.

 RawkHawk2010 4:24 pm
    it looks nice but that's about it

Unravel EA E3 2015 autumn leaves Yarny
Unravel looks nice.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:24 pm
    Plants vs. Zombie

Plants vs. Zombies Zombie EA E3 2015
What the hell? 4:25 pm
    Dangeeer Zooooooooooooooooooooone!!!

 Nintendork 13 13 4:25 pm
    Over six million players played Garden Warfare 1. 4:26 pm
    I'm genuinely surprised by that.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:26 pm
    Now the Plants are on the attack in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:26 pm
    "live gameplay demo"

 RawkHawk2010 4:26 pm
    That citrus dude is seriously cool.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:26 pm
    Creative Director is named "Justin Weed"

 RawkHawk2010 4:26 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:26 pm
    On multiple levels.
    I'm buffering help

 RawkHawk2010 4:27 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:27 pm
    wot's happening mate

 RawkHawk2010 4:27 pm
    You play as the zombies? 4:28 pm
    I guess so. In this mode at least.

 RawkHawk2010 4:28 pm
    This is like...Conker: Live & Reloaded.
    Playing as the Tediz.

 RawkHawk2010 4:28 pm
    (And I already made comparisons between C:L&R and the first Garden Warfare.)
    Dying plants sound like Pikmin.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:29 pm
    I'm back. 4:29 pm
    Oh my word you're right.

 RawkHawk2010 4:29 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:29 pm
    Did they just call that TNT guy a sniper
    Why is this Zombie playing the slots 4:29 pm

 RawkHawk2010 4:29 pm
    God, this looks fun.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:30 pm
    Imp summoned a giant fire tree 4:30 pm
    Calling in mechs like this... I'm having Titanfall flashbacks.

 RawkHawk2010 4:30 pm
    This is the most most fun-looking thing I've seen at E3 so far.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:31 pm
    "Eject! EJECT!!"
    "How fun does that look?"

 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 escape self-destruct
Chaos in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

 RawkHawk2010 4:32 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:32 pm
    Plus local split-screen.

 RawkHawk2010 4:32 pm
    Thought they meant a story-driven campaign.
    Can transfer all the unlocked dudes from 1 to 2.
    Don't like that.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:33 pm
    "Free content updates" after launch

 RawkHawk2010 4:33 pm
    I don't see how less unlockables is a reward.
    Oh well.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:33 pm
RawkHawk2010 4:33 pm
    Still looks good.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:34 pm
    "Captured in-game"
    This is hockey

 RawkHawk2010 4:34 pm

EA NHL Live 16 Tim Hortons product placement hockey
Tim Hortons. 4:34 pm
    Time for a snooze!

 RawkHawk2010 4:34 pm
    I seriously thought that was football.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:34 pm
    Tim Hortons
    (in-game product placement)
    "Play the next 20 minutes for each other!" *dude shoves another dude into the wall*
    The product placement is really bothering me
    It's more attention-grabbing than the players.

 RawkHawk2010 4:35 pm
    yeah there's a company logo in like every frame.
    "EASHL" 4:36 pm
    Seriously though, does anyone actually like ice hockey besides Canadians and Russians?

 Nintendork 13 13 4:36 pm
    Well that's why Tim Hortons is in there.

 RawkHawk2010 4:36 pm
    I sure as hell don't.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:36 pm
    "Let's keep going with that theme of innovation."
    ......what theme of innovation????

 Nintendork 13 13 4:36 pm
    NHL 16 to Golf

 RawkHawk2010 4:36 pm
    Golf though.
    I like some golf.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:36 pm
    You travel in golf carts.

 RawkHawk2010 4:37 pm
    Alabamians don't have ice but we have grass.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:37 pm
    "EA Sports Ultimate Team"
    Random Honda product placement.
    In the freaking user interface menu.
    Where's the product pla-..
    There's Gatorade in Madden
    NBA Live 16
    "check out dat outfit"

 Nintendork 13 13 4:38 pm
    "Your journey is entirely all about you."
    Didn't they JUST say their theme of the year was "teams"?
    Some face-scanning gimmick?
    With some playa 4:39 pm

The Hoop Gawd Basketball EA E3 2015
The Hoop Gawd. See how he looks in-game below.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:39 pm
    "hoop god"
    backwards baseball cap
    and hoodie
    dat ain't Trayvon
    "get out of here" - EA guy

 RawkHawk2010 4:40 pm
    Big news.

The Hoop Gawd NBA Live 2016 player scan face EA E3
The Hoop Gawd in NBA Live 2016.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:40 pm
    I got an amazing screenshot

 RawkHawk2010 4:40 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:41 pm
    Because they didn't mention it

 RawkHawk2010 4:41 pm
    Okay well I need Windows 10 I guess.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:41 pm
    Rawk you missed The Hoop Gawd
    These NBA in-game faces look hilariously bad.
    And they just implemented a feature where they scan your real face into an in-game player.

 RawkHawk2010 4:42 pm
    Oh well you shot it so we're good.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:42 pm
    "Complete control" of your shot.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:43 pm
    Everyone here looks like fucking Eli Porter.

 RawkHawk2010 4:43 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:43 pm
    They're all having "nigga moments".
    Dat NBA Live 16 #RiseTogether
    "Good afternoon! LET'S TALK ABOUT MOBILE"
    uggggggggggggggggggh 4:44 pm
    Let's not and say we did.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:44 pm
    Some woman comes on
    "We're always making our games more exciting." *drones on*
    Apple Watch integration

 Nintendork 13 13 4:45 pm
    "Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes"
    "Samatha Ryan"
    is the woman's name, apparently.
    (SamaNtha is too sexist.)
    (So she took the 'n' out.)

 RawkHawk2010 4:46 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:46 pm

 RawkHawk2010 4:46 pm
    Maybe she just likes maths.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:46 pm
    "Phil" the minion.

Phil Despicable Me Minion EA
Phil the minion. 4:46 pm
    Oh no! PHIIIIIL!

 RawkHawk2010 4:46 pm
    This is at least the second fictional character named Phil we've seen introduced today.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:47 pm
    So are these EA's Ravin Rabbids

 RawkHawk2010 4:47 pm
    These dudes are from a movie. 4:47 pm
    I like how these Minion things actually become more popular than the movie series they're from.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:47 pm
    Wot's the movie

 RawkHawk2010 4:47 pm
    "Despicable Me"

 Nintendork 13 13 4:47 pm
    Got it.
    "Always want you to be surprised and delighted by how the minions get in trouble"

 RawkHawk2010 4:49 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:49 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:49 pm
    Some soccer dude
    Who also resembles Eli Porter
    Who has scored over a thousand goals. 4:50 pm
    Oh it's Pele.
    Recognise the name, not the face.

 RawkHawk2010 4:50 pm
    Standing ovation.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:50 pm
    I'm sitting
    with the accent. 4:51 pm
    I feel like I'm watching Match of the freaking Day.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:52 pm
    I forgot this was a videogame event.
    "I wanted everyone to hear this story." - David Rutter, FIFA 16

 RawkHawk2010 4:53 pm
    what the fuck happened to this conference

 RawkHawk2010 4:53 pm
    btw Rare Replay reportedly has challenges ala NES Remix.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:53 pm
    Can we give EA a pentalty kick?
    *penalty 4:54 pm
    Video games, segues into sports, segues into football/soccer, segues into "the life and times of Pele".
    Lol, yes. Penalty kick them right in the face.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:54 pm
    This conference should've just had Johnny Cash.
    And end it there.

 RawkHawk2010 4:55 pm
    I keep thinking that microphone piece is a growth.

Pelé soccer FIFA 2016 Electronic Arts E3 2015 microphone tumor cancer growth Pele
Pelé has cancer.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:55 pm

 RawkHawk2010 4:55 pm
    It's the same color as Pele's skin.
    print screen that.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:55 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:56 pm
    "I think we could probably sit here forever." - EA
    "I'm sure the audience would love for that."
    - EA

 RawkHawk2010 4:56 pm
    it's been an hour

 Nintendork 13 13 4:56 pm
    "That was kinda unbelievable." - EA 4:56 pm
    Out of touch, even at their own conference.

 Nintendork 13 13 4:56 pm
    "We have tons of innovations this year."

 Nintendork 13 13 4:58 pm
    So what have they innovated

 RawkHawk2010 4:58 pm
    women's teams

 Nintendork 13 13 4:58 pm
    "For the first time ever, women's teams are in the games."
    ...Is that an "innovation"?

 RawkHawk2010 4:59 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:59 pm
    lol 4:59 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 4:59 pm
    "I just wanna remind you that Pelé was on stage with me three minutes ago." 4:59 pm

 RawkHawk2010 5:00 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:00 pm
    (that's related)
    Should I have taken a screenshot of the guy in-game being knocked over?
    "Play Beautiful" 5:01 pm
    I'm actually surprised they mentioned FIFA by name as much as they did, what with the whole corruption scandal and everything going on.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:01 pm
    This woman comes onto the stage

 RawkHawk2010 5:01 pm
    Fuck a Fifa.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:01 pm
    and instantly gets applause.
    "Sara Jansson"
    Talking about the NSA and oppressors and privacy and corporations.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:02 pm
    "Welcome to Mirror's Edge Catalyst"
    "This is a revolutionary action-adventure game"

 RawkHawk2010 5:02 pm
    I always wanted them to call the sequel "Mirror's Ledge"

 Nintendork 13 13 5:03 pm
    "You are Faith. She is powerful, graceful..."
    (So am I powerful and graceful and all that too?)

 RawkHawk2010 5:03 pm
    You're Faith Von Koopa?

 Nintendork 13 13 5:03 pm
    "Gabriel Kruger"
    Apparently owns every business in the entire city.
    Businessman is the villain.
    Typical liberal ideology.

 RawkHawk2010 5:04 pm
    Faith Hawk

 Nintendork 13 13 5:04 pm

 RawkHawk2010 5:04 pm
    That sounds like a dangerous drug.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:04 pm
    "Kruger" evil business
    Wasn't that George's boss in Seinfeld?
    For a few episodes?

 RawkHawk2010 5:05 pm
    I read that as "Kroger"
    As in, the grocery store.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:05 pm
    He died March 5m 2015
    The Best of Mr. Kruger

 RawkHawk2010 5:05 pm
    That'd be pretty funny if they were behind this.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:06 pm
    Kruger became a lot more competent.

 RawkHawk2010 5:06 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:06 pm
    February 23, 2016.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:06 pm
    oh no
    loiter squad

 RawkHawk2010 5:06 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:06 pm
    Okay Rawk
    THIS is football.
    The Patriots cheated to win the Superbowl.
    Madden NFL 16

 RawkHawk2010 5:07 pm
    Oh god

 Nintendork 13 13 5:07 pm
    Some ESPN punkass.
    Robert Flores

 RawkHawk2010 5:07 pm
    I thought that Shawn guy was the one dude from How I Met Your Mother.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:07 pm
    or Roger
    or Florges

 RawkHawk2010 5:07 pm
    Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris?!

 Nintendork 13 13 5:08 pm
    who is "Jamaal Charles"
    "I'm pumped to have Megatron on my roster"
    Is there a stat called "TAX"?
    Oh that's "TAS"
Nintendork 13 13 5:11 pm
    I haven't taken a screenshot since Pelé. 5:11 pm
    ...Megatron? Man, I've zoned-out so much I missed a Transformers reference.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:12 pm
    the stream just died 5:12 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:12 pm
    "offline" 5:12 pm
    Was about to ask.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:12 pm
    I don't even care.

 RawkHawk2010 5:12 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:12 pm
    oh it's going back

 RawkHawk2010 5:12 pm
    ludwig i have you a pic

 Nintendork 13 13 5:12 pm

 RawkHawk2010 5:12 pm
    Caption: "Neil Patrick Harris?!"

 Nintendork 13 13 5:13 pm
    when is that 5:13 pm
    That was be far the most interesting thing that's happened in a while.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:13 pm
    The stream is still dead

 RawkHawk2010 5:13 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:13 pm
    This actually improved the conference quality.
    Twitch chat confirms the stream is dead. 5:14 pm
    "E3 Day 0 coverage has officially begun! Tune in for all the major conferences and much more, live now at!"
    lol nope

 Nintendork 13 13 5:14 pm
    EA is OfflineYou've missed the show, but you can still check out their most recent broadcast.
    Last broadcast on 3 minutes ago
    Thumbnail of Madden Football

 Nintendork 13 13 5:15 pm
    Star Wars Battlefront

 RawkHawk2010 5:15 pm
    wonder what we missed

 Nintendork 13 13 5:15 pm
    I dunno.

 RawkHawk2010 5:15 pm
    maybe something really bad happened

 Nintendork 13 13 5:15 pm
    "Step into the world of Star Wars Battlefront"

 RawkHawk2010 5:15 pm
    like something tripped and falled

 Nintendork 13 13 5:15 pm
    is this person speaking English

 RawkHawk2010 5:15 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:16 pm
    Sigurlina Ingajkgngkg
    Is she in-character?
    Speaking some language in the Star Wars universe?

 RawkHawk2010 5:16 pm
    "the best place to truly lose your son, is Star Wars: Battlefront."

 Nintendork 13 13 5:17 pm

 RawkHawk2010 5:18 pm
    this woman's monotone and lifeless voice contrasts heavily with the Star Wars theme in the background.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:18 pm
    She's had her essence stripped out of her. 5:18 pm
    How do you make "multiplayer" sound like "wikipayer". I don't even understand.

 RawkHawk2010 5:18 pm
    By EA or the Russian government?

 Nintendork 13 13 5:19 pm
    By the Sith.
    "Now let's play Star Wars"
    Actual multiplayer gameplay footage from a PS4.

 RawkHawk2010 5:19 pm
    Let's Play Star Wars
    *Jareditton walks on stage*

 Nintendork 13 13 5:19 pm
    By pewdiepie
    I better take a screenshot or more.
    Shooting stormtroopers 5:20 pm
    Authentic sound assets.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:20 pm
    pew pew pew
    Walk over a dead corpse 5:20 pm
    Ragdoll physics.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:20 pm
    Head shot bonus
    Rocket jump 5:21 pm
    I'm awaiting a Wilhelm scream.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:21 pm

 RawkHawk2010 5:21 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:21 pm
    Darth Vader theme playing
    But no Darth Vader
    Player now playing as
    now from unidentified flying object

 RawkHawk2010 5:22 pm
    Is this Star Fox Wii U's competition?

 Nintendork 13 13 5:22 pm
    I dunno

 RawkHawk2010 5:22 pm
    Because if Star Fox Wii U was like that I'd be elastic.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:23 pm
    We would be able to bend you?
    And stretch you?

Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay screenshot footage picture walker
Bringing down a walker. 5:23 pm
    Did they deploy the tow-cabels to bring down the walker? I missed that.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:23 pm

Star Wars Battlefront force choke gameplay screenshot
Why is that guy choking? Could it be...? 5:23 pm
    'K cool.

 RawkHawk2010 5:23 pm
    oh I fused "ectstatic" and "elated"
    my b

 Nintendork 13 13 5:23 pm
    WTF DARTH VADER 5:23 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:24 pm
    got ace screenshot
    Star Wars Battlefront!

Star Wars: Battlefront Battle Front Luke Skywalker Darth Vader screenshot picture image

 Nintendork 13 13 5:24 pm
    Show ending.

 RawkHawk2010 5:25 pm
    I like how the guy literally ran off the stage 5:25 pm
    SW Battlefront coming November 17th!

 Nintendork 13 13 5:25 pm
    closing stream
    Ubisoft in 35 minutes

 RawkHawk2010 5:26 pm

 Nintendork 13 13 5:26 pm
    So yeah
    EA last place. 5:27 pm
    But then that should surprise absolutely no one.
Nintendork 13 13 5:28 pm
    It started off in first place! 5:28 pm
    Question is: will Ubisoft bottom-out worse than EA did.

 Nintendork 13 13 5:29 pm
    Great question.
    Any other comments? <.< 5:30 pm
    About EA specifically?

 Nintendork 13 13 5:30 pm
    I guess.
    We gotta close the log somehow. 5:31 pm
    Not really.

Will Ubisoft somehow be worse than EA? Stay tuned to KoopaTV as we live-react to Ubisoft shortly!

Ubisoft's conference is right here!
Microsoft's (before EA) is here.
EA's as-bad conference from 2014 is here.

EA's conference from 2016 might be better? I dunno. Check it out for yourself.


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