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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tonight: UnFair: Exposing the IRS

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Head to the nearest movie theatre! 7 PM local time!

This is an article that is time-dependent, so read this now. Tonight, this October 14, perhaps at a movie theatre near you in America, the one-night-only premiere of "UnFair: Exposing the IRS" will occur! For more information, look at the following trailer:

Buy tickets here (if they're still available) at one of 674 theatres across America. (It's NR for Not Rated.) You will be able to watch the sub-90 minute movie AND participate in a panel right after with your fellow American citizens. Here's more information from the site.
"Written and produced by nationally syndicated Craig Bergman, UnFair: Exposing the IRS takes audiences on a tour across the country to explore the alleged cover-ups and abuses of power at the Internal Revenue Service and features interviews with politicians, community organizers, and the victims at the heart of the IRS' debate."
Why does KoopaTV care about the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service — the folks who intimidate and shake down Americans to take their money) and replacing the tax code? Besides being worried about the targeting of conservative groups, for a while, and writing multiple articles (videogame-related and otherwise) about the nefariousness of the tax code on people's economic activity (along with the very deepest of personal activity), we want the barbed tentacles of government out of the lives of people in general.

(It's also because KoopaTV sees the United States as an imperialist threat to the safety of Koopa Kingdom.)

But even if you don't take that view, there are much more efficient ways that do not harm the United States economy or put its people at the mercy of an unaccountable bureaucracy with unchecked (something that's fundamentally un-American), vast power. One such way is the FAIRtax. If you're still sitting there wondering when KoopaTV will have its next funny videogame-related article, listen up, because this is important. This affects you. This affects your future. It affects your parents. ...And if you're not even in America, it STILL affects you. It's a global economy. If America isn't prosperous, not many other people around the world will be, either! If America isn't happy, you shouldn't be, either. The IRS is a monster and threatens us all.

If you understand that or want to understand more, watching something in audiovisual form is a great way to make it come to life. Maybe KoopaTV will do something with that concept in the future.

Update: The movie mentioned a promo code "LIVE" for some purpose. Let's keep that written down here.

Ludwig hopes that America sees the IRS abolished soon, because then Koopa Kingdom, and also America, will be a safer place in the long run. He plans to also watch the movie at the local Koopa Kingdom theatre, which is not listed on the UnFair website as an available theatre.

Why is the IRS auditing the Tea Party and not THIS organization?
The IRS is serious trouble, and the FAIRtax needs to be enacted to abolish it. 


  1. No surprise there as liberal progressives like big government since they can use them as a tool to silence anyone who disagrees with them like the IRS, the NSA and more recently, the Houston mayor's office.

    1. Absolutely.

      As the movie said, the Democrat Party is the party of evil...
      ...And unfortunately the Republican Party is the party of stupid.

      Stupid side needs to wise up, boot out the progressives in its party, and get this tax code replaced.


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