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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mark Block's Birthday Block Party

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Let's pretend we're invited!

For those who don't know much, Mark Block was Herman Cain's presidential campaign manager. We love him at KoopaTV. And it's his birthday today, October 8! He's 60. What a guy. Happy birthday, Mark Block! 

So, KoopaTV and Mark Block. We have a long history with him. Remember one of our famous Shigeru Miyamoto bashing articles? That was his first mention, but he's been in our minds long before that, rising to become one of our favourite people.

This was from over a year ago.

Well, Mark Block finally made his big debut after we talked about it in July 2013.

Mark Block Mario Kart 8 Mii friends of Herman Cain
“It's Mark Block from Friends of Herman Cain!”

But that's Mario Kart 8. Who cares about that game? I sure don't. Not anymore.

One of our first reactions to Miis being announced was Mark Block's debut. That reaction was even before Zimmerman. (Because, of course, he was already announced two months prior as a real character.)

And now it's finally here! Behold, Mii Fighter Mark Block! He's packin' heat, and I don't just mean his cigarette!

Mark Block Mii in Super Smash Bros. For 3DS.
Mark Block looking snazzy. I wish I could do this when I was 60.

By the way, that plan of buying Tomodachi Life and having THAT be Mark Block's debut in a videogame never came to fruition. There are a couple of reasons that happened, number one being that we didn't buy Tomodachi Life.

So, happy birthday Mr. Block! We're proud of you and your debut. I'm personally honoured that MY instances as a playable character this year have coincided with yours. May your Global Smash Power be amazing, and may you dominate For Glory. (Even if Miis are banned from it.)

Ludwig's Global Smash Power sucks. RawkHawk2010's might be better. You can compare yours in the comments section! KoopaTV needs YOU to get involved, because together... KoopaTV and you can do this!  Take this industry back! Anyway, are you a Friend of Herman Cain? KoopaTV sure is! He's at the top of our Recommended Sites list! Check out his latest endeavours, such as the Herman Cain Channel!

Mark Block gets his own trailer for Super Smash Bros. here.

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