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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The IRS Ought To Audit Feminist Frequency

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They're a lot more suspicious than some Tea Party group.

Anita Sarkeesian is quite the character. Here we are posing together:

Ludwig Von Koopa Anita Sarkeesian
I look great. She doesn't.

She's the one behind Feminist Frequency and the "Tropes vs. Women" series. That's the Kickstarter-funded series of videos where she raised a giant amount of money to trash videogame narratives and the videogame industry's treatment of women. I wonder what she'd think about Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, which has... four women in it? One is a non-attractive guardian to the password screen, the next two are damsels rescued in a cutscene you're not really involved with (to be fair, two men are rescued at the same time. ...By a man. ...A Zimmerman), and the last is a poorly-treated villain. Anyway, if you haven't had enough of her, you can look at her tumblr or something. That's where all the socialist progressives hang out. (And KoopaTV, but our Tumblr is a disaster.)

The point is, is that the IRS now recognizes Feminist Frequency as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit charity. She actually got approved. Yet, we wonder where all the money she got from her Kickstarter went. It obviously did not all go to her video production. And according to some people, it was gotten through... FRAUD.

Feminist Bank Robber money bag Anita Sarkeesian
...This is supposedly a file image of Anita Sarkeesian.

As you can see from the first picture in this article, I've met with Sarkeesian personally. She refused to answer any non-scripted questions. Only pre-screened questions were allowed, and of course all of those were softballs. One of those questions is what she did with the money. Now, she didn't ask for nearly $160,000. She only asked for $6,000. I don't think she ever had a real plan for all that money since she didn't expect that much. That's understandable. But just where is it now and why does she refuse to disclose it?

How come various conservative-leaning and religiously-oriented groups had their IRS tax-exempt applications (for 501(c)4 classification — social welfare organizations) delayed indefinitely and overly scrutinized? This is not just the government wanting to suck every dollar out of the people it can. This became creepy-level scrutinization.
"That's when Leslie Damiano, who co-founded the North Idaho [Tea Party] group, started getting what she considered to be intrusive questions from the IRS. She said the tax agency wanted to know who her donors were, and what companies they own. They wanted to know the educational background of the group's board members. And they wanted to know whether candidates were invited to the group's meetings, and whether it made endorsements."
The IRS harasses and ruins the lives of many Americans every year. Can't they be fair and balanced and ruin Anita's? It's really "unfair"... Which is why KoopaTV plugged "UnFair: Exposing the IRS" yesterday. Both the Tea Party (and various other kind of groups as seen in the movie — pro-Israel groups, pro-life groups, pro-marriage groups, churches, and more) and Feminist Frequency are there to educate the public on a given issue. Why was one given a pass but another was not?

Anita Sarkeesian fancies herself as a rebel in the current patriarchal society or whatever. But as Greg Gutfeld wrote in his KoopaTV-recommended book "The Joy Of Hate", liberals today think they are still fighting against the establishment like they were in Vietnam. No, today, they are the establishment. How can it possibly be any other way when the mainstream media supports you? Meanwhile, the Tea Party is constantly reviled and demagogued in the media as the cause of all of society's problems. Why? Because the only organization out there that is "rebelling" against the establishment IS the Tea Party, and that just pisses off the liberals and even some so-called "conservatives"! Therefore, these rebellious groups (and the tides can easily change as to which side is rebellious in the future) are given the scrutiny and the ones that only think they are a threat to the establishment are given a pass.

The real threat to the government.

There's no question Sarkeesian engages in emotional rhetoric. In fact, for all of her so-called intellectualism, she engages in juvenile logic. Her explanation, and this was an answer to one of those soft-ball questions I talked about a few paragraphs ago, for why there is opposition to her feminist causes is because right-wing talk radio hosts brainwash their listeners and have a vast influence over the public, and they are against her. I dunno, sounds like looney mass-right-wing-conspiracy talk to me. It also doesn't make much sense to say that most videogame fans listen to right-wing talk radio! (Although I do, and I haven't heard any discussion about feminists or videogames. It's about issues that matter like ISIS, the economy, ObamaCare, or Ebola.) Feminist Frequency may be trying to educate the public, but that education is more like... dumbing down the public.

KoopaTV is not accusing Feminist Frequency of any illegal or criminal activity. However, we do think that they are worth auditing as long as Tea Party organizations fall under the criteria for the "extra scrutiny", which requires almost impossible standards of paperwork to meet. Do YOU have transcripts of every speech you've given over the past seven years? Or hard-copy of every social media post you've ever made? Well, if you don't, you're non-compliant with the audit!

The real solution, of course, is to abolish the IRS completely and replace the tax code. And if you do that, 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations wouldn't exist, and people can form organizations freely and free speech will not be stifled. No organization should have to go through the abuses of the IRS, regardless of their beliefs.

KoopaTV is on the fast track to being audited by the IRS, or at least given a cease-and-desist letter by someone. Share your comments before that happens, while KoopaTV is still free!

Sarkeesian manipulates facts to get donations.
Anita doesn't only pose with Ludwig, but also his sister. And then insults her.


  1. Looking around the web I did notice some women don't support feminism these days once they see how their policies are back firing.

    1. Hey, it's not like all women supported feminism at any point in time.

      Maybe true feminism, but not the misandrist stuff we see now.

  2. You're not gonna like, go on a shooting spree like that rich prick in California did? Cause your antifeminism is right up there in line with the types who commit those sorts of crimes. Of course, you could also just be a garden variety prick.

    1. No, I wrote about that guy too. Very disapprovingly, too.
      Search bar is your friend!

      Antifeminism is not the same as misogyny. It would be stupid for me to be a misogynist. Most of KoopaTV's readers are women, after all.

  3. Other than me trolling you, I didn't realize you had any readers at all.

    1. ...Didn't you just appear out of nowhere as of tonight?

      You should do some research before making ridiculous claims.

      I'm still waiting on how I'm a misogynist.

  4. It doesn't matter what they think women pose themselves as; as a female individual I am, I know certain clothes wear and ethnic timeline backgrounds. Women warriors in timelines backs up what they wore nowadays. Future galaxies of women wearing full body suits protection is efficient in being tight to protect from the galactic cold void. And yes, Princess's in countries around here today are being kidnapped by an enemy for the same reason princess's are captured in games. Games are just images of everyday life of the past, present, and future, you wanna judge how they pose women in doing this? Why not judge the gamers, in one survey shown in 2010, 84% of the population that are gamers are purely "Women", yes, you heard correctly... There are more women gamers in this world than there are women feminists. Thank you all for understanding.

    1. You're, uh, welcome. ...You're clearly a different Anonymous person than the troll above.
      (I'm... not sure how to reply to that? ...It's not even... real English?)
      Want to cite that survey? It sounds informative.


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