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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Play Nintendo! ...The site! *Updated October 11 2014*

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Though playing Nintendo in general is nice, too.

I feel like at one point or another I said that KoopaTV doesn't cover Nintendo's marketing campaigns for them. I think we've completely done the opposite since that time. So here's another Nintendo of America initiative: Play Nintendo! Launched yesterday.

For more information, let's head to the Press Release:
"Young gamers and their parents have a new home on the web with Play Nintendo.
Head to to learn about your favorite characters, try out some fun activities, challenge yourself with a quiz or two, and much more. We’ll add fresh content each week, so you’ll always find something new to try.
If you’re a parent, check the out the Play Nintendo companion site at for tips on games, hardware, characters, and more."
I'm not a "young gamer" or a parent, but let's see if there is something for me in this new sub-domain.

Is that a font set we can get? Should I write my articles in that?

Upon heading to the non-parent section of Play Nintendo, the first thing I see there is... me?

Well I guess Larry is front and centre but...

It's a personality quiz! Play Nintendo has several of these, along with "skill quizzes" (that test very, very basic knowledge). For the record, for the personality quizzes that are up: I am Wario, Beetle Ability, and...


Let's turn to the Gallery section. The navigation bar has all sorts of sections contained within the three main categories: "Friends", "Explore", and "News & Tips".

And right after I write an article about Nintendo licensing your Miiverse content, we get this.

There are some mini-games under Activities, such as "Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up", which froze while playing on my Wii U Internet browser. Playing it on the PC, for easy mode my high score is 6,200 points! As for the Stargazer game, my record (and only try) is 5 minutes and 1 second.

Play Nintendo Stargazer Donkey Kong
His toothy grin pierces the night sky.

There are also some character bios of your favourite Nintendo characters, including KoopaTV staff member Kamek. ...They sort of trash him though.

DK's grandfather isn't doing better. They typo his name after all that VGX stuff?

Update October 11: They fixed Cranky Kong's typo.

Let's check out the Parents section. Well... it has some "Things you didn't know" lists with unknown facts like "Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom." and "Mario is the star of the Super Mario Bros. series and one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world." There is also a Parent's Guide where it drives home the point about Nintendo's moderation style.
"And the tenor of social interaction in Miiverse might surprise you. It’s like the Internet, only nice. People help one another and share their love of games in dedicated communities. While Nintendo keeps an eye on Miiverse, users are also active in keeping it a fun place to be by reporting if anyone starts to get out of hand. It’s a civil, friendly and welcoming place for people to hang out."
Clearly Nintendo hasn't actually been on Miiverse.

But seriously though, Nintendo does agree with me on parents' role in videogame purchases, so that's always good. They're doing exactly what I want them to do as a company, and that's to try to educate parents to make informed decisions. And hey, Nintendo even has an article about the alleged psychological/developmental benefits of playing videogames. So as KoopaTV wrote before, ask your parents to let you play more!

That said, Nintendo also bizarrely put general, non-videogame-related parenting tips there. Like how to get your kids to do their homework. And what kids should eat for breakfast.

It's clear that Play Nintendo is going to be a resource that Nintendo is going to put some mid-term effort into developing, both for kids and for adults. There isn't any exclusive information that us industry-junkies will appreciate, but all the better to Nintendo for wanting their younger crowd to be more informed, and for their parents too. Now let's see how many people Nintendo can even make aware that this site exists. (After all, they seem to have trouble doing that lately.)

You can help people be aware that THIS site — KoopaTV — exists by sharing the site and its articles to your friends on social media! (Or any other method.) Speaking of social media, Ludwig also tries to make Miiverse a civil, friendly, and welcoming place, so Follow him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas!

Ludwig has since used Play Nintendo polls for article fodder. Here's one about Paper Mario being the most popular Mario.
And here's another article where Ludwig tries to get people to vote for him over the other Koopalings.


  1. 0_0 I took the personality quizzes..... and got Wario, Beetle Ability, and Purple Pikmin.

    1. ...Hey, we're the same person. Awesome.

      I hear that other people actually get different results from these things so it's not totally broken.

  2. I'm pretty sure I just found a typo in one of the skill quizzes. It's here: It says that "Pikachu evolves into Raichu type"

    1. I've been wondering where you've been for months!


      Maybe it's a.... type of personality kind of thing. :p

    2. What do you mean a personality kind of thing?

    3. Like...

      "Oh, you're a lonely type."
      "That's the type of kid who is a jerk."

      (Seriously go respond to my wondering where you've been part.)

    4. ...Yikes.

      Well, be here from now on. :p
      ("here" not being this specific comments section.)


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