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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What HAPPENED to the Amiibos?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They don't look right.

Hat tip to Joystiq for acquiring and collecting this gallery of Nintendo's fresh-off-the-production-line first Amiibo set.

My role here is to ponder what the hell happened between the amazing quality of the Amiibos at E3 and these things. If you want a comparison between what we all thought these would end up being like, go ahead and go to Nintendo's official Amiibo website. The IDEAL Amiibo pictures are there. They're also right here:

This is what Amiibos should look like.

It's sort of a shame I'm even writing this article, since it sort of writes itself.

Kirby, what did they do to you? Your facial features aren't even centered!

We initially thought that Link's Amiibo had a pole up his ass. Well...

Dude has a Jolly Rancher up his ass instead.

You can post in the comments section what you'd rather have up your ass (or you could comment about something else), since I guess it's debatable. The point is that Nintendo is presenting the Amiibo designs on its website that are very different than the final product. I've seen some people charge that Nintendo is undergoing "false advertising". I'm not sure that having non-shiny lower-quality products than what's presented is false advertising. I also can't honestly say for sure that the Joystiq photos look different because of the photo angles and the lighting or because they really ARE substantially different. Of course Nintendo is going to use optimal photo conditions! They aren't amateurs!

If you look at the "What is amiibo?" promo vid on Nintendo's, site, it ends with this:

See? Jolly Rancher-up-butt Link.

So they probably used the final assembly Amiibo for that screenshot. And... see? They're shiny, just like the prototypes! It's all in the lighting and angles. Though I will say, even with this angle, Link's head is sulking downward. Like he's depressed. And would rather have the pole up his ass.

What I really want to know is why Mario and Donkey Kong and some of the other guys don't have the trademark symbol next to them. Isn't that more of an interesting topic?

Either way, I'm going to get at least one Amiibo, although my first one might be in the second set: KoopaTV's hero and protagonist, Little Mac! I would get Kirby first to complement the Kirby plushie I have (seen throughout KoopaTV; starred in this) but not if his poor face is gonna be mangled like that. I'm worried about Nintendo's quality assurance here. The chance for an error making your Amiibo look like crap seems really high!

Anyway, if I feed Mac enough equipment and train him hard enough, maybe he'll finally be an air fighter! And I'll train him better than Doc Louis and Adam Pollock combined!

As a bit of trivia, this is KoopaTV's 400th published article. Comment about your thoughts regarding the Amiibo!

Ludwig tries to find the Little Mac amiibo and fails.
It doesn't matter what the amiibo look like if they're going to be converted into cards instead!
By the end of the amiibo production, they figured out how to make the support structures approaching butts a bit better, as well as the defects much more rare..


  1. "You can post in the comments section what you'd rather have up your ass"
    there are so many good options!! i wonder what the admin would answer this with!

  2. i think link has the right idea. a nice big meaty pole ;)

    1. So that's not what you'd rather have if you're doing the same thing!

    2. you're right. what about instead of a pole if it was something pole-shaped but fleshy?

    3. ...Uh... I dunno, it's your response. Don't ask me!

  3. well i'd rather it be a fat hard penis then xD
    but what about YOU mr. admin


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