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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Choice: Texas — Has It Been Aborted?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They never released the rest of the game.

Remember Choice: Texas? Sure you do. It's that text web-based educational game about women having babies and you need to go through their lives and choose if they should abort the babies or not. KoopaTV has covered it since it was announced (...or a while after that), to its delayed development, and, well, it came out five months ago.

KoopaTV has vowed to review the game when it came out. But we never did. Why? It's not finished. Since it was released, there have only been two available stories to play of five. The other three have been "coming soon" since the game launched in mid-May.

Choice: Texas Latrice and Leah stories available.
Home page of the Choice: Texas site, slightly edited for spacing. It's looked like this for five months.

We haven't heard any word on the status of the stories of the other three women since the game launched. We have only been told,
"This has already been an amazing experience, and we look forward to doing the work to complete our remaining characters in the coming months."
The Indiegogo project notoriously stated that the game would be completed. The developers also notoriously (as I've mentioned in every KoopaTV article about this game) said that they have a long track record of completing projects. What's taking so long? Why is this not even close to being done yet?

Well, some others are a lot more impatient than I am. Or lack journalistic integrity. According to the Choice: Texas website (and this is the last update on the site), someone else wrote the "first formal review" of the game and gave it a 9/10.

Said review, from some "Paste Magazine" I've never heard of, addresses this incomplete issue with the following:
"Although developers Carly A. Kocurek, Allyson Whipple, and Grace Jennings plan on adding three more protagonists (only two are available now), Choice: Texas already provides more insight into abortion than anything I’ve seen from a fictional source"
The reviewer is a dude named Jed Pressgrove who also wrote this nicely-written satire, so I guess I can't totally trash him. Honour among satirists, right? However, I do not agree that the game is ready to be reviewed. It is just simply not complete, and until it is (if ever), the only thing I can do is sit here and write commentaries about how the abortionists have taken your money. (Well, the average KoopaTV reader wouldn't fund this thing anyway.)

With Choice: Texas, not even half of the game is finished yet despite its release five months ago. So no review from me. Not that I believe my impression of the game will change any from the first 40%, but hey, games have been ruined by the last 5% of playtime before. That's why I want to finish playing games before reviewing. And to do that, developers need to finish making games before releasing.

Just to have a more clear understanding of where the donors' money went to: It went to plane tickets and convention booth set-ups all around the country as the developers went everywhere to talk about Choice: Texas and abortions. These places include Different Games in New York, the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association in New Mexico, and Future and Reality Of Gaming in Austria. Don't forget their favourite regularly-scheduled hobby of causing a ruckus in our local home of Texas. The money also went to the crappy artwork and mugs and tote-bags of said crappy artwork that we have discussed in the past Choice: Texas articles. It was supposed to, according to Indiegogo,  "fund the completion of the game." They got more money than they asked for and the game still isn't completed. We're worried they did to it what the abortionists do best!

This all strongly suggests that the purpose of the project was not to make a game, but to get to fly around the world at Indiegogo investors' expenses. They won't complain, of course. If you're ideologically-inclined to be swindled by the abortionists to begin with, then you probably don't care what they did with your money!

The Choice: Texas developers did not respond to KoopaTV's request for comment.

Ludwig knew over the entirety of 2014 that the backers for Choice: Texas would end up being stiffed by the irresponsible abortionists. KoopaTV is Ludwig's baby though, and he's pro-life and intends to parent it, not kill it. Comment on how well Ludwig is at being a father in the comments, and be thankful you're not the child of the Choice: Texas team!

This game is probably the next Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution. See more about that here.
For more examples of what happens when you empower fiscally irresponsible women, see why the IRS should audit Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency.
For a game developed for free and released 100% completed, see Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!
For another game developed for free and released 100% completed AND that these developers might be responsible for, see Defend Anita Sarkeesian.
This game actually ended up becoming finished after all!
The game is now reviewed. Check out the review here.
That Jed Pressgrove guy later gave The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a 6/10, so it's clear what kind of games he likes.


  1. Unrelated but still interesting:
    The developers' Twitter accounts are very active with no mention of Choice: Texas but very high discussion about how #GamerGate is evil and anti-women.

  2. And this is what you said my game will be better than.
    You couldn't have put the bar a *little* higher? :P

  3. I'm not sure why you'd want so badly to review this game since I doubt you've ever been close enough to a living breathing female for the subject matter to have been an issue in your life. Or maybe you have been that close, and now your neighbors all get a nice postcard from the state of Texas with your picture on whenever you move into a new neighborhood.

    1. Is personally attacking me supposed to be the valid excuse for why this game dropped off the face of the Earth?

      I wrote about this in January 2014 and read about it a bit earlier than that in 2013. I said I would review it back then because it's free and why not? KoopaTV could use some more reviews. I'm willing to be open-minded and to give it a chance, which you can see from my impressions of the game last time I wrote about it.

      I don't forget about things I said I would do, and that's why I want it done already.

      That said, the idea that people who do not have abortions are not affected by abortions and cannot be interested in them is ridiculous. That's the equivalent of saying that since I'm not a bank owner, I shouldn't be concerned about bank robberies. Or that because I'm not a medical device manufacturer, it shouldn't be an issue that ObamaCare has an oppressive medical device tax!

    2. Plenty of stuff in your reply about abortions and the ACA, and yet silence on the sex offender suggestion.

    3. It's only a suggestion, not an accusation or anything.

      But in case you're really wondering, I'm not a registered sex offender!
      ...Or an unregistered one, either!

      Now let's go back to talking about, you know, how these people aren't releasing the game.

  4. Sure, enough flat-out trolling. How's this: based on your shoddy website I can see that you likely have no experience with gaming as anything but a consumer. Because someone with a code or design background would definitely have done a better job. So, realistically, you have no idea why the game is delayed. Could be technical, could be insufficient funding for the scope of the project (which would include, you know, things like promotions at conferences), could be health/personal issues. Who knows? I don't, and you don't. What I do know is that you're quite happy to jump on the developers for what you perceive as failings vis-a-vis delays by using language that I'm pretty sure would never occur to you to use if you were reviewing something put out by Rockstar even if its release was pushed back 4 months. So I can only conclude that you are someone whose self-hate is expressed through misogyny and sense of inferiority offset by blustery attempts at sounding expert. Sounds like a fun life!

    1. To address your first point, see the very last related article link in this article. There's more than just that, but let's start with that since it's literally linked to in this article.
      As for coding and design background, direct any problems with the site's... look with Google. I know I can customize Blogspot extensively, but what we have now is fine, especially since I look at this site through a user interface perspective. If you have any specific suggestions/criticisms, feel free to voice them instead of lobbing blanket statements.
      I know I don't know why it's delayed.
      That's the entire point of the article: Why do we not know? If the developers were interested in honesty and transparency, we WOULD have answers. But they seem more occupied with spreading their victimization message than finishing or caring about a project that THEY GOT FUNDING TO COMPLETE.

      I understand and am well aware that delays occur in videogame development all the time. (That said, Choice: Texas is literally just Tweed, so there shouldn't really be... bugs in it. They sort of implied they wrote the script already, so...!)

      As for Rockstar, use that search-bar at the top right of the website. Or, for a summary: Rockstar is not treated in positive terms on this website. ...In fact, I probably used even harsher language for Rockstar than the Choice: Texas developers!

      You can conclude whatever you want, but as typical for your left-wing troll ilk, your arguments are not grounded in any facts whatsoever. ...I especially have no idea where you got the self-hate, misogyny, and sense of inferiority part from.

      (I totally get the bluster though.)


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