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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

KoopaTV's February 2023 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It feels like we're getting closer to... something?

Welcome to this month's KoopaTV newsletter, reviewing the month of February 2023! This month may have been shorter than usual, but that just means there were about one to three less KoopaTV articles published in the month than a normal month. (That's how you should measure how good a month was, by how good KoopaTV was. ...And, like, you should think that way even when you're not browsing this site.)

Let's judge ourselves...together! Which means KoopaTV judges KoopaTV, and then KoopaTV judges YOU.

Top Five Recommended Experiences of February 2023

Here were the top five articles published in February 2023, listed in chronological order. February 2023 only had twenty articles, so one in four of them are showing up here! That's a more generous fraction than usual, because more articles to choose from makes it more difficult to come up with a top five. That's the benefit of us having such consistently terrific content to experience.
  1. Favourite Chocolate Splatfest: Milk Fans and Chocolate Lovers Alike Choose Milk Chocolate — Both Ludwig (a milk fan) and Witch Princess (a chocolate lover) chime in on why you should (have) supported Team Milk Chocolate in the favourite chocolate Splatfest. Features photographs of Ludwig eating milk and dark chocolates.
  2. Saturday Night Live's "HBO Mario Kart Trailer" is an Improvement over "Wario" — Saturday Night Live revisited doing skits based off our world, and their parody of how HBO does videogame-based shows is way better than what they did in 2022. This is an actual review of their humour and set-up.
  3. Reggie Fils-Aime vs. Masahiro Sakurai: Competing with the Past or Competing for Time? — Masahiro Sakurai believes that modern videogames compete with other modern videogames; Reggie Fils-Aime believes that modern videogames compete not only with modern AND past videogames, but any form of entertainment or activity that uses up free time. Who is right?
  4. Cool, the Media Believes the Mario Bros. are Plumbers Again — Once upon a time, the FAKE NEWS told you that the Mario Brothers are no longer plumbers. They've since changed their mind, but what they're still not telling you are that their plumbing business is quite extortionist and predatory.
  5. The Widely Agreed Upon Travesty of White Chocolate Winning the Favorite Chocolate Splatfest — KoopaTV's very first (and only?) multi-guest article, featuring many contributors from the Splatoon 3 community that are collectively outraged that Team White Chocolate won the favourite chocolate Splatfest. Also features a photograph of Ludwig eating white chocolate.

That... White Chocolate article (classified as Guest Art) is an experience rarely seen on KoopaTV, so you really want to check that out. But you'll also want to check out its prequel where the staff was for Milk Chocolate. Fortunately, both were fantastic and both were published in February 2023, so both get to be featured here! ...Ah, and by the way, you should go through all of the experiences published on KoopaTV. They're worth it in one way or another, and build on a canon.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of February 2023

KoopaTV reader comments are also included in our canon (KoopaTV reader guest submissions are, too, and are more noticeable), so which comments are we highlighting in this newsletter? Check these out:
  1. “I just bought Ghost trick and now it's on switch? Something similar happened to me with TWEWY NEO, LiveALive and Actraiser. Although I was able to actually beat those games for the first time before they made their grand reintroductions, still need to put some time towards Ghost trick. I am thrilled that it has gotten another chance and there's a chance this could really make a difference for the future of Ghost Trick. It could make a future for ghost trick, I'm sure that Sissels story probably wraps up nicely, but there's no need for this game or IP to stay dormant for another decade.

    Pikmin 4 has me a little worried due to the new characters, dog, and almost toylike nature with some of it's graphics and movements. Ice Pikmin are cool, I'm not as into them as some other people but it's always nice to get new pikmin types. I will be buying the game, just not as hyped as I thought i would be. Which i guess should be a good thing since all these great new games are gonna be expensive.

    Metroid prime remaster is a big deal! I probably won't get the game for a while as I've got to finish quite a bit of my backlog before getting into a new series, but hopefully this is a good sign for all those people waiting for Metroid prime 4. I wonder if remasters of the other two prime games are coming down the line?

    Although I don't have the game, Splatoon 3 Side Order also looked pretty cool.

    Got Kirby return to Dreamland on preorder! The Magalor Epilogue feels like the most blatant example of reusing assets to date, but new content is new content so I'm still grateful for it. I don't know why it bugs me as much as it does, i really like the upgrade system they showed off and I'm not someone who ever gets upset at simpler asset reuse like Palette swaps. In any case, they certainly did not have to give us any new content, but Hal seems to always make their remasters worthwhile.

    Cool that GBA and GB games are finally coming to switch. You should really play Kuru Kuru Kururin, it is a very fun and very addicting game. Short too, and the music is Absolutly phenomenal. Seriously, play just a bit or listen to the soundtrack you will not regret it. Everyone loves the Cave music, but I'm partial to the Cake Land music myself.

    Not super into Zelda or Advance Wars, but glad that both were finally properly shown off. Hopefully there aren't any more delays for either.

    I am thrilled beyond Belief for the new Professor Layton game. As soon as i saw him my heart started racing and i crossed my fingers that the new game would be about him and not his annoying daughter Katrille. Looks like I got my way and I am so excited for this. Biggest surprise of the direct and my most anticipated game. Hopefully, the puzzles will be adequate or at least better than the previous game.” — Captain Stitch
  2. “The reason people aren't excited for Tales of Symphonia coming back is because they'd already remastered it once for the PS3 and then brought it to the PC as well, and it looks practically identical to those versions.

    Maybe YOU don't like it, but many people still consider it to be a fantastic game.” — Samantha Lienhard
  3. “I’m glad you posted this, because it makes me even more glad I didn’t sit through it. Honestly I’ve been completely disillusioned with politics this year. More so than before. In some ways it’s nice, but it feels weird to not be completely in the loop as I usually am. Although I was pretty up to date on that Spy Balloon, but that was also due to the fact that everyone was memeing it.” — Captain Stitch
I've been wanting, for the past three weeks, to play Kuru Kuru Kururin and putting a screenshot in this article to prove that I did so. ...Unfortunately, I haven't done touched it. Hopefully, I eventually will and perhaps I'll make up for not having it in here by giving it its own article? Anyway, I also want to strongly encourage anyone reading this to also buy Ghost Trick. ...If you can, buy it more than once.

I appreciate the passion y'all in the comments have for Tales of Symphonia, but possibly another reason people aren't currently excited for its remaster is because the remaster is a disaster and decidedly not fantastic. Like, the developers went and apologised for it. (And it seems like there is a patch coming to fix it. At least it shouldn't take almost a year.)

The Chinese spy balloon feels like AGES ago, but it was the hottest meme just a month ago. Right now the latest political meme are AI Trump versus AI Biden arguing. As someone who understands and appreciates every reference in this video, and also really admires how the script and structure of it was set up to begin with, this is the funniest one I've come across:

(I agree with President Barack Hussein Obama the most.)

As for something in February 2023 I did NOT appreciate, here was the worst comment of the month:
  1. “Hau is one of my favorite persons in pokemon... and of he were real i would consider him my beat friend” — Anonymous
A...beat friend? Sounds...abusive. I mean, I'm all up for beating up Hau, too. Or worse. That was the point of that article. But I wouldn't say he's my favourite guy to beat up. I mean, I'd rather him cease to exist than live as a punching bag.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 48 RESULTS!

Here is the list of everyone's final point totals in Round 48 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program that ended with a double-digit point total. Note that everyone who participated in that White Chocolate guest article all got the standard guest contribution bonus points:
  1. Captain Stitch — 85 points — $10 Nintendo eShop gift card code
  2. Lheticus Videre — 41 points
  3. Samantha Lienhard — 37 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig — 28 points
  5. CherriValArtz — 13 points
  6. L. Almond — 10 points
Congratulations, again, to Captain Stitch. Hopefully this eShop card code coming shortly to your email address will make up for throwing sand into the eyes of your minions?

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 49!

For the 49th round of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, we'll once again give away a $10 Nintendo eShop card code to whomever has the highest point total by the end of April 2023. Point-counting for Round 49 begins today.

KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XLI and KoopaTV Quiz Part XLI Now Available!

Hey, you know what's both fun and will help you out with the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program? Trying out the latest KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz. These are filled with underappreciated wit.

Corrections Corner; February 2023

Captain Stitch pointed out that I left in placeholder text in the previous newsletter. My bad. I made sure to not have any of that in this newsletter.

If you're wondering, since January 2021 I've been copy-pasting a standard template for the newsletters; that means for every month before then, I produced them from scratch. Copy-pasting a template with all of the sections already there and then populating the template is a LOT faster and more efficient. I just need to properly replace all of the placeholder text.

March 2023 should have more articles than you'd expect. Be sure to stop by on the Sunday after this is published. And share to people as you do so!

KoopaTV's January 2023 newsletter is located here.
Next month's March 2023 newsletter is here.
You'll find last year's February 2022 newsletter over here. Just click this!


  1. In our defense, we didn't know the Symphonia remaster was a mess until after that discussion.

    1. For people who didn't know wot was gonna happen, y'all were mighty confident!

  2. Confident in what? Confident that Tales of Symphonia is a great game? Yes. My praise was all about the game itself, and that still stands. Tales of Symphonia is an excellent game. One bad remaster doesn't change that. My criticisms of the remaster in that comment were that it hadn't added anything compared to previous versions. I didn't anticipate it being worse, but I wasn't thrilled with the remaster.

    1. That the remaster would be great too.

    2. ...Isn't it normal to assume that a remaster is going to be at least the same as previous versions, not worse? You make it sound like people were expressing concerns about the remaster and I was assuring them it would be wonderful.

    3. Well, now you can remember this for the future and add Namco to your list of companies (where CAPCOM is today with Dragon's Dogma 2) that do bizarre, abnormal behaviour and be cautious about everything and optimistic about nothing.
      That's how I am!

    4. For someone who is "cautious about everything and optimistic about nothing," you sure are highly optimistic about the Ghost Trick remaster in that same article, even stating you're sure the Switch will be the best place to buy it and telling people to buy it. You're making the same assumption I did with Tales of Symphonia, assuming it will be at least on par with the existing versions.

  3. Huzzah! Another great month and many more to come. Finally starting to have nice weather by me, hopefully we don't have any more surprise snow storms. I used the code you gave me and I'll think ill use it and some of the money I've saved up till I buy Yokai watch 3. Might as well buy it now before I inevitably get hooked on the series. I'd rather pay 40 bucks than 240!

    1. I wanna pay $40 now to be able to resell for $240 later. >:(


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