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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Cool, the Media Believes the Mario Bros. are Plumbers Again

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - But about this Brooklyn thing... and those prices.

Remember a few years back when the FAKE NEWS media was reporting that Mario (and Luigi by extension) were officially no longer plumbers? Yeah, that was a whole heap of falsehoods and absurdities. Now those same media outlets want you to forget they ever said that as they talk about how great this commercial supposedly is:

They're also going crazy over his website, which is still... under construction. I see little need to advertise the business website of this website's greatest enemy. But the testimonials on their site are quite bad, with an average 2.7 star out of 5 star review rating, including that they are “SUBPAR” and that those brothers left a couple's “house an absolute MESS!” And with their “expert white-glove service”, they are quite expensive, just as I said they were years ago.

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing gif drained bank account hundred dollar bill stacks

The bank accounts of their customers (victims) WILL be drained once they see the bill. Those are giant stacks of $100 bills in the background in the above .gif, so they are definitely charging an incredibly high amount off this one customer just to fix a sink. Inflation rates in the United States haven't gone THAT high to warrant those prices. (And the commercial does take place in this current decade, given the presence of SMARTPHONES and TEXTING in the commercial. Those technologies didn't exist 30–40 years ago.)

And the United States of America is a key part of this discussion, since those plumbers are serving the areas of Brooklyn and Queens in New York of the United States.

Let's be clear: This is related to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is Shigeru Miyamoto's quest to retcon a whole lot of things. Yes, those pesky plumbers were always plumbers. But the idea they're from Brooklyn hasn't been brought up in many decades, and I've disputed that idea. And no one has been able to counter otherwise until now with what Shigeru Miyamoto is apparently trying to pull off. I'm not a fan of it, but I can't attack it specifically until we know more. But the plumber occupation? That's been consistent regardless of that FAKE NEWS hiccup a few years ago.

And by “we know more”, I'm not the one who wants to figure that out for myself. I still don't want to actually go out and pay money to watch this movie. Heck, I don't want to give my phone number to those plumbers because they're going to harvest it for nefarious ends. But here's what happens if you do go call their number, courtesy of someone else:

When you text them, you'll be given “exclusive updates” and “service offerings”... But if you look at the privacy policy on those plumbers’ website, they say that they will collect your telephone number for the purpose of “market[ing] and advertis[ing] for third parties”... a revenue stream on top of getting you “hooked” on plumbing services. (You know what that means? It means they create problems for you so they can get you into a service contract to justify repeated appearances, instead of getting the job right the first time. So you keep paying them.) Don't trust these scoundrels. They're out to screw you, and you can't afford that. Not in this economy!

Have you ever suffered at the white gloves of the Super Mario Brothers and their extortionist plumbing scheme that is likely little more than money laundering? KoopaTV can't actually help you with that problem, but if you share your story in the comments section, maybe others can read from their fellow citizens and learn to avoid their so-called “family business” and hire reputable firms ran by spikier individuals.

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  1. Hey, no worries on the not figuring out for yourself front. I'm DEFINITELY watching this.

    Not in a movie theater though. I drew that line long ago, and I'm not gonna erase it.

    1. Are you going to be on Team Pirates then?

    2. Nah, I'll probably online rent like a sap or something. >_<

    3. Well, they haven't discussed distribution options besides theatre. Or when it'll be released in Europe.


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