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Thursday, February 16, 2023

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD Hollywood Press Event

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - My resistance to wanting to be excited about this is kind of sad.

My greatest interest in life is Nintendo... how can I be such a jaded person that I'm refusing to express interest in a whole Nintendo theme park? That should be such a conceptually cool slam dunk! And yet... it's not. Not for me.

Anyway, by the time you read this, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will be officially open to the general public in Hollywood! (Ah, perhaps it's the fact it's in California, Hollywood specifically, is something that's a big damper.) And there is a press event associated with its opening by Universal Studios Hollywood. As... someone who could be misconstrued as a member of the press, I watched it:

After a countdown and a series of thank yous, they had the (press?) audience to all be Mario drones and yell LET'S A GO by raising their arm up to try to honour a mustachioed genocidal jerk. Sounds like something from another time period. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD being dedicated to Mario instead of to Nintendo as a whole is also a turn-off.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD Hollywood Tom Mehrmann let's a go crowd shot arm raised Mario
Tom Mehrmann also has quite the German last name...

Everyone who spoke kept saying this is one of the most immersive and interactive real-life spaces ever created on the planet throughout all of history. That's a bold claim, but I suppose it's also quite possible. What's the competition, really?

Still on the horizon is SUPER NINTENDO WORLD coming to Orlando, which was apparently supposed to be a secret.

Soon, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Mario appeared on the stage, as did Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto. He attempted to talk in English and quickly switched to Japanese, with a translator at the ready. He also thanked a lot of people, including every Nintendo fan in the world. (Am I included?) Miyamoto asked if King Bowser would make an “unexpected visit tonight”... but he didn't. Though his castle did light up at the end. Princess Peach ended the event by saying, “Greetings, my friends.” She's a total ditz, because you greet someone when you first see them, not when you're going. Regardless, I still don't plan for her to greet me. Well, not at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. Maybe in King Bowser's Castle next time she “visits.”

Ludwig thinks he would most appreciate Kirby-themed areas in a Nintendo-themed location. Or perhaps he just wants to go to a Kirby Café and listen to its music. What about you? Greetings.

Click here for a virtual tour KoopaTV did on SUPER NINTENDO WORLD Japan, which is very similar to the Hollywood version.
Nintendo has made it clear that SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and The Super Mario Bros. Movie play key roles in their upcoming plans, but Ludwig doesn't like either of these efforts.


  1. Ho Ho! Some very nice witticisms in this article, much appreciated. I'm curious on if there will be any major (or minor) differences between the American Nintendo World and the Japanese one. Surly there are some characters and IPs that are significantly more popular depending on where you are. I wouldn't be surprised to see more Splatoon themed events in Japan Nintendo World, assuming they would something like that in the future if they don't already. A idol performance seems like a great indoor attractions and a good way to reuse those holograms of the Squid sisters from a couple years ago. They may or may not have a live band playing the music or at least standing there pretending to, but the parkgoers won't care about that. I wonder if they did anything cool with the garbage cans...

    At any rate, when your cool friend tells you his uncle works for Nintendo, now they may be actually telling the truth!

    1. I think you might've missed the message and criticism here.

      SUPER NINTENDO WORLD is exclusively dedicated to one IP: Mario. There is no Splatoon presence.

    2. Oh man! I thought you were just being cheeky when you said that, this is a major blow. Mario is big sure, but so is Zelda and many of the other IPs. Perhaps they just want to test how well their top seller does before they think about any of the other charecters. I suppose the idea of land may also factor in. Disney and Universal already have a big part of Florida and California already. Is there enough land to really expand nintendo without closing down some current universal properties?

    3. Like, look at the website and see if you see any other IP represented.

      Is there enough land? ...Well, not without new construction or land purchase...
      But the area could still be distributed to have other IPs represented.

    4. Nothing other than Mario, not even one Poochy Pup! Although I guess that'd still be Mario associated. Looking more at the website, I don't know how I'll feel if virtual reality coasters are gonna be the next big thing, because it doesn't look like it would be more fun than actually seeing how fast the coasters moving from one place to the next. Assuming the people in the coaster image are wearing a sort of VR thing and not just some high tech looking glasses.


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