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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

KoopaTV's January 2023 Review Newsletter


Did you manage to get through the first month of 2023? (And if you feel excluded from the question because you follow another calendar system...too bad.) New Years feels like a very long time ago. In that time until now, there were... twenty-two KoopaTV articles published! Maybe that's enough to make you feel like there's been a considerable distance in time and experiences.

Top Five Recommended Experiences of January 2023

Speaking of experiences, how about we go over my personal top five recommended KoopaTV experiences published last month? These are listed in chronological order:
  1. Which Music Plays in Which Alterna Kettle in Splatoon 3 — Whether you're coming to the article because you want to listen to Splatoon 3's great story mode music, or you're coming to it because you want to listen to specific music in-game and you want to know which stages it plays in, this article is a fantastic resource for new Agent 3s.
  2. KoopaTV's GOTY 2022 Awards! — What better article to showcase in a showcase of January 2023 articles than an article that showcases 2022...? ...Well, it's a good showcase.
  3. Kirby Air Ride Game Concept, as explained by Masahiro Sakurai — After much anticipation, did Masahiro Sakurai's Kirby Air Ride Game Concepts video meet my expectations? Well... some, but not all of them. I provided my deep commentary in the article.
  4. Splatoon 3's Turf War and Anarchy Modes Aren't Luck-Based in a Tournament SettingSplatoon 3 not only has a lot to talk about for music and story, but also its gameplay, community, and the (limited) impact of its RNG in determining a given match's outcome.
  5. Today, I Played GoldenEye 007 for the First Time Ever — I hope I made it pretty clear in this article that I pretty much had an existential crisis while playing GoldenEye 007, and that I saw a whole parallel universe version of me flash before my eyes where I played the game in the 1990s and how different I would end up being if I did so. It totally surpassed my expectations (I expected to trash the game instead of enjoying it).

There are several articles that didn't get to make it into that top five that could have. Every article on KoopaTV is worth experiencing, so you ought to do JUST THAT!

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of January 2023

You ought to also add your comments to KoopaTV articles, like these folks have:
  1. “Yeah, the one-button issue isn't Balan Wonderworld's problem so much as its entire design.” — Samantha Lienhard
  2. “Is there some sort of weapon triangle like with Fire Emblem's axes, lances and swords in Splatoon?” — ShinyGirafarig
  3. I mentioned that FPS games are the top genre of game that I just don't deal with. Well, this game is the sole exception. Even though it frustrates me every bit as much as all others I've tried, there's just something about the overall atmosphere of Goldeneye that takes the edge off of my rage somehow.” — Lheticus Videre
You can tell that Samantha Lienhard is a talented writer because she very succintly fit that one short sentence with a bunch of truth and levity to utterly (re)bury BALAN WONDERWORLD.

You'd think that there would be a Weapon Triangle Splatfest coming up, but no, there isn't. Still, good thought by ShinyGirafarig. (And as I replied to her, Charger beats everything else.)

Lheticus Videre was referencing his quote from his HARVESTELLA article about first-person shooters and GoldenEye 007 and it isn't a game genre he is into, and now that can be followed up on. He's playing the game again and is also liking it. I found his rage comment to be funny. In a “Hey, heads up. I'm about to unleash my rage!” sense.

GoldenEye 007 Runway Tank Nintendo 64
THE TANK IS FUN though sometimes the movement controls just...mess up for no reason?
And actually aiming with the thing is quite hard. But just running over stuff is fun.

Here was the worst comment of the month:
  1. “uuu” — nsjsjss
...? Huh?

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 48 Mid-Round Leaderboard

Folks are tryin' to win and get a $10 Nintendo eShop card. The winner will be revealed in the next newsletter, but in the meantime, do try to be #1 during February, alright?
  1. Captain Stitch — 33 points
  2. Lheticus Videre — 19 points
  3. Samantha Lienhard — 19 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig — 18 points
It's certainly a close one! And we're just over halfway through the round. (Reminder that February is the shortest month.)

Corrections Corner; January 2023

Captain Stitch pointed out a problem that was a big failure in quality assurance on my part. A big part of that is that Blogger doesn't actually embed videos on the editor; there's just an embed placeholder. I'd need to actually look at the live article to see the embedded video. As a result, I somehow embedded this video instead of the Fire Emblem: Engage launch trailer:

Normally, no one should complain about Kannon's Klaim from Donkey Kong Country 2. Go play it on your Nintendo Switch Online SNES emulator or something. That said, I DID label the video in the article as “the release day trailer, which is pretty whatever”... and a wonderful music video is far from a middling release day trailer of a brand-new videogame. Especially a trailer I wanted you to watch so you could view the iffy character designs throughout. It's a big mistake on my part!

Fire Emblem Engage characters hold up rings montage
“EVERYONE, ENGAGE WITH EMBLEMS. EMBLEM ENGAGE!” Real voice-acted quote from the trailer at this moment.
You can't tell from this screenshot, but a lot of the characters (especially women) have the same face design.

KoopaTV's 2022 Requests Page Continues to 2023

For your information, KoopaTV updated the “Give KoopaTV Your Requests in 2022!” page to now read, “Give KoopaTV Your Requests in 2022 and 2023!” Use that for requests to make new articles happen. For general feedback or requests on making the site better, use the KoopaTV Feedback Form series. I figured it's fine to keep using the 2022 page since it's still quite usable.

Ludwig can't put in formal requests for KoopaTV readers while KoopaTV readers can make formal requests of him, but he WOULD like existing readers to share KoopaTV and its articles to other people. That'd be rather nice! This was KoopaTV's 2,600th published article.

By clicking this hyperlink, you can read last month's December 2022 newsletter.
Next month's February 2023 newsletter is located here.
January 2022's newsletter has a lot of similarities to January 2023's newsletter. Wonder why!


  1. Huzzah another great Month on KoopaTV! February should be interesting if we end up getting the somewhat annual general Nintendo direct. I know everyone's going crazy with the rumors and "leaks" already, so there will certainly be discussion about our current gaming media.

    This part above the best comments seems a bit out of place, but i guess it is sound advice.

    "Jump break above, rest of article here. Make as many paragraphs as you want. You should set the appropriate label (category) on the right side of the screen. Also on the right side of the screen is this "search description" concept. Fill that in with an appealing summary because that's what people will see on search engines or thumbnails"

    1. ...yeah, I didn't replace my placeholder text. >.>


    3. I feel you, even when i try to go to bed at a reasonable hour or even if i just happen to fall asleep early I always seem to wake up tired. I've been waking up multiple times throughout the night recently, probably has something to do with that. It hasn't made me cranky, but it certainly isn't doing me any favors. especially since where i am it's been -5 degrees some mornings. Yeesh, what a bad combo!

    4. I wanna stay under covers when it's cold in the morning. :(

    5. I forgot to tell you but I used both the Visa code and Eshop code from last month. I tried to register the visa online but the website would keep crashing so I just bought a game off eBay. Nobodies knocking on my door waiting to drag me away to prison yet, so I’d say everything worked out fine. Thanks again!

    6. Excellent. That makes me feel optimistic for doing that prepaid card code stuff in the future.


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