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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Disgraced Game Developer Yuji Naka Confesses his Insider Trading to the Court

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Hopefully this is a SONIC SPEED trial, then.

I am rather obsessed with the developing saga from the end of last year where disgraced BALAN WONDERWORLD director and former SQUARE ENIX employee Yuji Naka got arrested for insider-trading Aiming Inc. shares with private information about Dragon Quest Tact... and then got arrested again very shortly after being let out of jail because they found out he also insider-traded Ateam Inc. shares with private information about FINAL FANTASY VII: The First Soldier. He's a menace to society.

Following arrests (and repeated arrests) are trials, and Yuji Naka just had his first day at court. Japanese sources report that Yuji Naka confessed to buying the stocks in those two companies, and that there is no doubt that he did so. He admitted that he knew about those mobile games’ developments before they were announced and that he bought the stocks in the companies that SQUARE ENIX was working with on those games when the general public didn't know those companies would be working on them. He admitted to making about $145,000 in profit, which is probably more than BALAN WONDERWORLD's profit. I can't confirm that, but it should be true in a just world.

At least Yuji Naka is making it easier for everyone by admitting these facts. Now, the reports don't actually say he has plead guilty or that he has no defence, but he's basically already admitted to the particulars of the crime, so my expert analysis says that he's given up and has accepted his fate. Since he had two instances of insider trading, this should be an easy verdict of two guilty charges, and hopefully Yuji Naka can remain locked up. ...My un-expert reading of Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act says Yuji Naka could be banished from society for several months, or at most a couple of years.

Yuji Naka Wocky Kotaki detention center one or two guilty charges Ace Attorney
At least Yuji Naka didn't trade with THREE different companies. (At least, not that we know of.)
(It's hard to figure out who is the biggest loser out of Wocky Kitaki or Yuji Naka. They fit well together.)

Do you think the Yuji Naka case is going to be a done deal now, or will there be plot twists ahead that make it go into unexpected directions? Let KoopaTV know in the comments section below! Also, feel free to provide more ideas of how to visually represent Yuji Naka's plight in the comments section as well, because there should be at least one more KoopaTV article about him (when he gets sentenced).

Here is the KoopaTV article three months later about Yuji Naka being sentenced. The punishment was higher than expected.


  1. Sad. I guess this means we are going to have to wait even longer for the highly anticipated Balan Wonderworld 2: Return to Balan Wonderworld.

    1. He'll have to develop it all by himself, because he's burned bridges with every other developer.

    2. If you told me he’d developed the first one all by himself I might have believed you. I’m sure he’d still be able to get plenty of new developers on his side by telling them he created Sonic, among other things.

    3. I'm convinced he blew Square Enix's development budget on cutscenes.

      I'd like to think there isn't a game developer in Japan right now who hasn't heard of what a bad scenario working with Yuji Naka would be.

  2. Jesus. I wasn't expecting Yuji to admit to his own guilt for this whole thing... (Also the link you showed for his admittance has a 404 Error. Might need to see if it was archived.)

    1. I've replaced the link; my initial link was a Google Translated version of the page, but the original page got 404'd. But someone DID archive the Japanese page, so that's what I put in.

    2. Alright! That's good

    3. Yeah!
      I have my ears open for any further developments in his case.


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