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Monday, March 27, 2023

Whoops, Ubisoft Won't Be At E3 2023

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Don't let current events distract you from this news!

It was just a month ago how I wrote that Nintendo confirmed they wouldn't be at E3 2023... but, hey, at least Ubisoft confirmed they would be!

It's then important to note that I don't have respect for a conference where Ubisoft is the biggest name in town. But at least that's one company. Unfortunately for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023, they've now lost that company, according to videogame outlet VGC citing an Ubisoft spokesperson. Instead, Ubisoft will hold an “Ubisoft Forward Live event on June 12 in Los Angeles.”

That's a day before E3 2023's first “Industry Day” (June 12 is a Monday, the first Industry Day is June 13, a Tuesday). Ubisoft's live event taking place in Los Angeles, where E3 2023 will be, seems to certainly indicate that Ubisoft did actually have every intention of appearing at E3 2023, or else they wouldn't do their own event in the same city on the same week. But... something must've happened to move Ubisoft in “a different direction,” and I guess we won't know the full backstory of that at this time (or possibly ever). I figure Ubisoft has lots to show at their own event, perhaps even some of the new environmentalist propaganda games they've had several of their studios work on. But why not at E3 2023 itself?

I'm feeling mighty stupid for ever believing in E3 2023 and ReedPop's management of it. They're doing a less competent job than when the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) was directly in charge. For its part, no one associated with E3 2023 has publicly made a remark about Ubisoft's about-face, and the official E3 2023 Media Center still has the headline, “Ubisoft confirmed for E3 2023”...

E3 2023 Ubisoft confirmed skip show
Left: The E3 website's media center, linking to a February article on about Ubisoft being confirmed.
Right: article in March about how Ubisoft is skipping E3 2023. E3 may wish to skip featuring this article on their website.

Ludwig's thoughts on E3 2023 are little more than pity at the moment. Feel free to attempt to cheer him up with a silver lining in the comments section. He's wondering what KoopaTV will do during E3 2023 since the site is supposed to cover what is supposed to be the biggest event in videogames.

Only a few days passed and then they announced E3 2023 was cancelled altogether.

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