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Friday, January 15, 2016

Life Lessons From the Rand Direct January 2016

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The media, liberty, access to information...

Yesterday night there was a pretty bad national “debate” among seven men who pretty much agree with one another, with almost all of them being outright losers and horrible people. Giving them valuable time on KoopaTV was a programming error on my part, and I take responsibility for it. Just about the only things worse was the last Democrat Party's 2016 debate we covered, and the three VGX/The Game Awards that have occurred under KoopaTV's existence, although at least the latter is videogame-related? Still really bad though.

Rather than make it up by having some in-depth videogame analysis, we'll actually give you coverage on the event that was ALSO happening during this primetime “debate”. No, it's not American Idol, it's Rand Paul's Twitter-based Town Hall thing where he spent over 40 minutes answering people's questions on some video streaming thing called Periscope. Because whatever that is, that's what the young millennials use and it shows you're hip. ...I'm obviously not hip.
Part 1: | Part 2: | Part 3:
According to a minute of research, Periscope videos disappear after 24 hours, so these links might not even work. Hm. ...Okay in the process of writing this article they all disappeared. Woops. Watch this instead from RandPaulTV, which doesn't have every minute of footage but most of it:

The story here is that after the media didn't let Senator Paul on the stage with the seven losers (some of those seven shouldn't have been there at all by any reasonable standard), Rand Paul decided to bypass the broadcasting media and take his message directly to the people. 

In effect, he took the tactic from Satoru Iwata's Nintendo Directs and instead had a Rand Direct. ...Which admittingly sounds more like a programming command than a streamed event, but whatever. Let's just get to the part where I tell you what to get out of it.

Rand Paul rally GOP Debate town hall Periscope
Rand Paul at least got to sit in a nice chair instead of standing at a lectern.

Rand Paul was thanking the Internet, because the Internet allows you to get your message out. Back twenty years ago before Web 2.0 and user-generated content, we had this small group of mass mainstream media broadcasters (empowered with exclusive licenses from the government) that controlled the majority of information people could get for DECADES. Not everyone ended up represented, and whatever this media was interested in was all people got to hear.

With the power of the Internet, people could have alternate media sources. There are now tens of thousands of news sources you can access! Sure, they don't have the production values or money of the mass media broadcasters, and a lot of them are just garbage, but hidden among them (not TRYING to be hidden) there are fantastic places on the Internet like that give you the truth and gives balanced coverage on the issues.

So you don't actually need the media to get your message out now. The people can get the message out directly to other people. No middlemen. That's why the gaming media is so pissed off at Nintendo, but hey, the media excludes Nintendo out anyway in the same way they do with Rand Paul.

It also helps that Nintendo, Rand Paul, and KoopaTV all happen to have great messages to give to folks. So keep your ears up.

Rand Paul said that if you don't like what's on TV, then turn the television off and turn your computer on to the Internet to find sources you trust. (Note: He said computer, not mobile garbage.) That sort of sounds like the “go read a book” thing, but there's a difference as I just discussed. The Internet allows a congregation of like-minded fellows for every kind of thought you can have. That spectrum doesn't exist on television.

Rand Paul rally turn off your TV
Turn off your TV, and turn on KoopaTV.
Man, this makes our name awkward.

Rand happened to be right that the debate on Fox Business was “the same old, same old.” Hm. He's also right that political correctness has gone too far, and hey, we try our best not to be politically correct here.

Rand Paul stated that you cannot be banned from the Internet, which is great. While that's true, you can be banned from individual Internet sites, like Facebook and NeoGAF, similar to individual mass media broadcasters. Fortunately, the consequences of being banned from a website is lesser than being banned from television, but there is this dangerous precedent of commonly-shared blocklists that is just people trusting the judgment of crowd-sourced blocking without individual due process. It outsources critical thinking if you want to hear someone's voice or not, and that's pretty bad!

If you aren't hearing us, are you hearing the truth from anyone?

The Rand Direct was great! Ludwig feels much better talking about it than the other Republicans, especially since Rand Paul seems the be the only person running who fully appreciates the Internet. As opposed to Donald Trump, who wants to shut parts of it down. Anyway, help break through the noise and share KoopaTV to your fans! There's a referral bonus for you if you do.

Ludwig already exposed himself as a Rand Paul voter when he announced his candidacy, so he's probably biased here.
Compare Rand Paul's pro-liberty views on bloggers to Barack Hussein Obama's when Obama directly attacked KoopaTV's freedom to exist.
Rand Paul returns in the next debate, and earns KoopaTV's endorsement.
If the profit incentive is removed, will the alternate media still tell the truth?


  1. "turn on koopa tv"... .-. and actually periscope isnt really that well known, so its not surprising that you may not know of it(i only knew it existed when nintendo joined it)

    1. Hey, I didn't put a space there!

      Oh, good, so I'm not totally off the mainstream millennial knowledge.
      At least in this instance.

  2. Why havent i heard about it until now?


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