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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Making Me a Better Person?!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...How dare it!

I am the naughty prince of Koopas and proud of it. Most people out there would make the value judgment that I'm a “bad person” who enjoys the misery of others. I wouldn't make a spirited argument against that.

However, ever since Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon came out, things have been... changing. Just a bit. I hope it's only just a bit!

As I noted before, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon brings back player-to-player rescue missions. It works like this:
  1. Player A fainted in a dungeon. They send out a rescue request in the form of a QR code/password and post a screenshot of that somewhere, be it Miiverse or GameFAQs or ludwig(at)koopatv(dot)org
  2. Player B finds that QR code/password and goes to Pelipper Island in their Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon copy. They talk to the leftward Pelipper and select Pick up mail and input the password/scan the QR code. (Please, please, please share the QR codes it's so much faster than an 80-character password.)
  3. If Player B has been to that dungeon before and has previously reached the particular floor Player A fainted on, they can go save 'em. Player B then goes through that dungeon up to where Player A fainted and rescues them.
  4. Player B goes back to the leftward Pelipper and selects Send mail and chooses Reviver Mail corresponding to Player A. They give Player A the QR code/password. They may choose to attach an item (which they won't get back) to the Reviver Mail, such as an Escape Orb or a Reviver Seed.
  5. Player A enters the QR code/password and can play where they left off. 
  6. After Player A finishes the dungeon and returns to the main menu, they can go to Pelipper Island to the leftward Pelipper and select Send Mail (Thank-You Mail). Player A may choose to attach an item.
  7. Player A gives Player B the QR code/password for the Thank-You Mail. Player B returns to the usual place and gets thanked.

It's a lot simpler than it sounds.

Pelipper Pelipper's Island Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Lillipup
Just remember that THIS is the important Pelipper.
By the way, like the Lillipup? That's Robert E. Lillipup, who has his own adventure you can play here.
He's the best character of 2015!

So I've been doing a lot of these rescue missions, actually. The mailbox for the Von Koopas (my team name — I really think calling it KoopaTV would be the better advertising opportunity but you guys kinda came up with this and I already used KoopaTV in this series) has nine parcels inside.

Of those nine, I've only gotten two thank yous, and the people that haven't thanked me haven't even acknowledged I've rescued them. Of those two, only one had an item in it. That was the first rescue I did in this game. I'd like to go into depth about it.

I happened to find this Mudkip named Mikey in the Pokémon Google+ community. (Every other rescue I've done was from Miiverse, which may explain why people aren't thankful.) He needed help. You can read that thread if you want, but the gist is that I helped him really fast and gave him value-added knowledge as well.

Google+ Pokémon community Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
I'll assume most people don't know how to access Thank-You Mail so that's why I gave step-by-step directions above.

I got him to send me Thank-You Mail! Yippee! Gratitude! It's always nice to thank people if they help you. It's good manners.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Thank-You Mail Mudkip
I received Thank-You Mail!
He ended up giving me TM Earthquake. Wow! I feel like I helped someone out in a time of need.

Pelipper Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon rescue mission
Yeah, it was great!

There was this really strange feeling I felt when it was confirmed that my efforts to help someone were really appreciated. It's like... I felt really GOOD about doing something good. Isn't that super weird?

All this time, I thought the best way to get my kicks was through doing mean and troll-y things to folks and enjoying their misery. (That should explain a lot of KoopaTV articles.) Now, I just feel so fulfilled after helping someone. Like, I'm not even upset that the other guy who sent me the Thank-You Mail didn't send an item. I'm grateful he sent anything at all and I'm actually happy that he's alright. What is going on with me?! I'm pleased at the positive fate of a total stranger?!

That said, back in the day with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, you could connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and browse through an in-game database of open mail requests. PLUS, you could actually write in customised notes. That's the best advertising opportunity right there. “Hey, I saved you! Why not visit” (Except with less characters and it was stock phrases unless you had that person's friend code. Ew, game-specific friend codes.)

Since communication is now required between the two parties, I might as well just advertise outright. Just not on Miiverse, I guess. Though I still don't know if half the people I rescued even ever looked at their request-for-help post ever again.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Pelipper's Island appreciation rescued

There I go again. Concerned for the well-being of total strangers. I gotta stop that.

Rescue Girafarig in the Midnight Sun Gorge mission Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Shiny sprite mug
Well, rescuing good friends is a totally different issue.
I can't have my readers stranded in a gorge somewhere! ...Could be why she hasn't commented all week.

Ludwig wants to keep being an anti-social asshole. Help him return to that desired state by giving him tips in the comments section below! Also, do you have experience rescuing people in any Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game or have had your disposition altered by playing a game? Let KoopaTV know that too, 'cause why not? And if you would like Ludwig to rescue you, he'd be happy to.

Ludwig has created a dedicated article to soliciting rescue requests from the Internet for games spanning the entire Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.


  1. I personally never requested a rescue or fufilled a rescue request sent by another player before. I usually just take my losses for the former.

    I could not think of what to comment for your other recent articles but maybe something will come to me eventually.

    1. Don't take your losses let me help. ;-;

    2. I noticed a bit after making my first comment on this article that you made the Girafarig's mane and muzzle blue like the shiny sprite.

    3. Oh, phew, you DID notice. (Eventually.)

      I was a little concerned you never would've picked up on it.

    4. I'm so used to seeing the shiny form in my head when thinking of Girafarig in general, it is hard for me to visualize the normal pink mane and muzzle sprite.

      I always been the type of person who does not like to be a burden to others. Maybe that is why I haven't been playing Ranked in Splatoon for a while. I feel worse for making others lose points rather than myself losing points. It's worse when the Wii U suddenly can't detect wifi when every other device I have does and I disconnect from the Ranked team and to a lesser extent Splatfest. I am thinking of getting an ethernet cable for my Wii U. Maybe I'll be encouraged to go back into ranked once again. I have a personal goal to at least get in A- rank but the fears of me being a burden and the Wii U having disconnection problems is delaying that.

    5. If you don't remember that blue Girafarig is shiny and associate that with the dull Girafarig, your name will be meaningless!

      I'm the same way as you with regards to burdening others, pretty much. It's why I have the volume relatively low when I play if I'm not the only one in the house/surrounding area.

      That said, I don't care if I have other people lose points in Ranked because it's usually Japanese people, and I equate those with bots. I care if I lose points which is why I rarely played Ranked.
      I did play enough to get to A30 so I'm cool with that.

    6. Well Japan is about to have their Splatfest soon. I wonder if Ranked would necessarily be any easier to rank up without them. But I still have my problem with my Wii U acting up and net connecting to the internet for short bursts so maybe it will be better to do it for JP's next Splatfest if and when I get an ethernet cable.

  2. You see, while Team Nice may have lost, it's all about pleasing others. Think about it, give to get! While not everyone may have said "Thank You", think of what they could accomplish by your help.

    It's a nice thought, and if you keep this up, you may have helped someone who had a fantastic gift to say "Thanks" with!

    Although, you don't seem like someone who would change to the nice side (mainly because of Splatfests).

    1. I'm definitely trying not to go switch sides in the third iteration of Nice/Autobots vs. Naughty/Decepticons.

      None of the commenters here are helping me stay mean. ;-;

  3. Ohmagash that one plus on mikeys comment was mine im so popular *.* ... anyway lol, im still hoping to get the game and become a better person too! lets become better people together!

  4. Its true,it might just be making us better persons after all.once i buy the game,ill help everyone...YAY

    1. Hey, with that attitude, I'll be worried there are more people trying to help folks than there are folks to help.

  5. Ah good, if I ever get the game, I'll know who to ask when I inevitably need help...

    1. The game encourages a sort of anti-horder mentality where they give you tooons of items and you actually need to use them if you want to survive.

  6. Its true,it might just be making us better persons after all.once i buy the game,ill help everyone...YAY

    1. Making the same comment 8 and a half hours later doesn't count for anything!


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