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Thursday, January 7, 2016


By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The advertisement video for Capture the Confederate Flag.

Not convinced to play Capture the Confederate Flag yet? Or biding your time? Perhaps you've already played it. Whatever your situation, we are pleased to announce the official Capture the Confederate Flag advertisement video! It'd be a trailer, except it's coming out after the game's release. Trailers are only before. I think.

Here's the script:

It's a not-so-distant future where Hillary Clinton is the “ruler of America”, and she has ordered that every Confederate object in the Southern states be locked away in Washington DC. These include every state capital's Battle Flag of Northern Virginia.

You play as Robert E. Lillipup, a young pup livin' in a distressed South. With Southern heritage gone, it's now infested with terrorists and perverts.

It's time to fight back, and return the flags to their rightful states!


Choices early in the game affect outcomes later on!
An explorable inter-connected Southern USA of 11 states plus Washington DC!
Secret Power, the location-sensitive move!
Political intrigue!
And more!

The fate of the South is in your paws.

Play for free at!

I'm also working on patching the game. It's not that it has bugs... it's that it has pretty poor performances on certain slow computers with trashy GPUs. Trashier than mine, which is literally just an integrated Intel HD Graphics thing from 4 years ago that can't run trashy garbage PC games.

ANYWAY, I'm trying to make it lag less by using less graphical effects. So the game will be even uglier, but it should perform better. Should I just have two different versions out there (current one and one for accommodating bad GPUs) and let people decide which to use?

The trailer music comes from Pokémon Black/White's introduction theme when you power on the game before the title screen. I think it fits quite well. This is probably our best game ad video ever. It might actually be compelling enough to get someone to want to play it!

For the Scratch editor version of this, look here. Yup, it's made entirely in Scratch, like the game. No Windows Movie Maker influence or anything.

KoopaTV hopes to win over people by sharing this video a lot. If you have any feedback or words of improvement for it, let KoopaTV know so the advertisement can be more effective! And word of mouth is also a great advertisement, so help KoopaTV with that.

The patch is available here!
If Hillary were to be president, it wouldn't be just the South that'd suffer. It'd be freedom in every state.


  1. I would be more willing to play it again and trying to finish it if it lagged less so go for it.

    1. I'm going to write more on this in a future article, but just note that unlike videogame companies, I only have access to my own computer for testing things.

      I really have no way of personally testing other (worse) machines.

    2. I did play that game while having a whole bunch of other stuff up at the same time. So maybe I'll try the original version again on its own.

    3. ...Well, okay.

      I put in a note on the KoopaTV page with CTCF about the lag potential.

  2. this game is hilarious though XD im going to try to complete it with all endings soon!(PacHillary Clinton OP)
    and do i leave my vid as unlisted still?

    1. Yeah, I'd rather you play the "this-lags-less" version and show that to the world.

      ...'cause, uh, it was actually kinda painful to watch.

    2. has it already been updated?

    3. ps: i just tried using the in game map and when im stationary while using it it flashes

    4. No, you'll know when it's updated because I'll have it marked that there's an updated version.

      Uh, wot do you mean it flashes?

    5. hmm.. how to put it... its like "its there it isnt there its there it isnt there" in a very fast manner... aka flashing lol

    6. So it's flickering?
      ...are you sure you're just pressing M once? >_>;

    7. yeah, but i dont seem to be having the problem anymore... maybe its just my Laptop acting up

    8. I forgot the average laptop is worse than the average desktop, and everyone but me uses a laptop...

    9. I have a PC but its completely blocked out by the blue screen of terror lol

    10. How'd it get a blue screen of death?!

    11. Probably because of a virus or something, the only way to fix it is by completely change the OS, which I haven't had time for lol

    12. ick

      I haven't gotten a virus on this computer, ever!

  3. I liked The video ^^ I think Capture The Confederate Flag is your best game ;) Good Job :D
    I can't stop playing the game, is good :3


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