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Thursday, June 15, 2017

KoopaTV's E3 2017 Phil Spencer Interview Reactions

By RAWKHAWK2010 - Taking a Nintendo breather.

KoopaTV has a duty this E3 to cover ALL of the industry's important figures as best as it knows how. (And because the more logs the better, right?!)

(8:59:22 PM) Rawk:!muted&channel=giantbomb
(8:59:31 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) do I have to watch that
(8:59:35 PM) Rawk: yes
(8:59:43 PM) Rawk: Phil Spencer is supposed to be here.
(8:59:47 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) why can't I get things done <.<
(9:00:17 PM) Rawk: Well it can't be ALL about Nintendo for the rest of the week, can it?!
(9:00:28 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) I mean
(9:00:28 PM) [Koopa Keep]: ( Watching.
(9:00:30 PM) Rawk: It begins!
(9:00:34 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ...yeah it can. <_<
(9:01:03 PM) Rawk: Night 2 of Giant Bomb's E3
(9:01:09 PM) Rawk: No idea what happened in Night 1.
(9:01:12 PM) Rawk: But there he is!

That Rabbid on the chalkboard really sucks the air out of the room.

(9:01:15 PM) Rawk: It's Phil!
(9:01:29 PM) [Koopa Keep]: ( I see a Rabbid.

(9:01:29 PM) Rawk: KoopaTV's most anticipated figure for all of E3 2015.
(9:01:31 PM) [Koopa Keep]: ( In chalk.

(9:01:40 PM) Rawk: ...And he's become less and less relevant ever since.
(9:01:54 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) I need a backrub.
(9:02:45 PM) Rawk: "The Box"
(9:02:47 PM) Rawk: Come on Phil
(9:03:02 PM) Rawk: There's an Xbox One, an Xbox One S, an Xbox One X, and...whatever else
(9:03:08 PM) Rawk: You can't just call it "The Box"
(9:03:38 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Oh good that you got the vacation Bowser Jr. pic.
(9:03:46 PM) Rawk: yeh
(9:03:59 PM) Rawk: Phil says he doesn't know if console generations will end or not.
(9:05:10 PM) Rawk: He says console generations can't end now because people play the same games all gen long
(9:05:46 PM) Rawk: so devs don't have an opportunity to "recycle"
(9:06:17 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Dat gaming as a service.
(9:07:01 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Dat Minecraft growth.

Growth is symbolized by the upwardly-blurring hand.

(9:07:09 PM) Rawk: Gerstmann brings up the stupidity of people standing in lines to play Minecraft at E3.
(9:07:25 PM) Rawk: ...something I didn't think about, but lol.
(9:08:10 PM) Rawk: I wonder how old that shirt is that Phil's wearing.
(9:08:24 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) You and I got the same screenshot of the ass-wipe.
(9:08:46 PM) Rawk: lol
(9:09:37 PM) Rawk: Phil doesn't wanna see the death of games that have a beginning, middle, and end.

(9:11:06 PM) Rawk: a opposed to the minecraftian dystopia that's most likely to happen
(9:12:09 PM) Rawk: Phil was proud enough of Super's Lucky Tales to consider it worth mentioning.
(9:12:42 PM) Rawk: Phil called it "Tales"
(9:14:18 PM) Rawk: "The power of The Box"
(9:14:51 PM) Rawk: Phil says we need to "lose the cords."
(9:15:05 PM) Rawk: I don't think anyone at KoopaTV would disagree.
(9:15:09 PM) Rawk: We don't like cords, do we?
(9:15:13 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) By cords he means
(9:15:13 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) what
(9:15:14 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) wires?
(9:15:16 PM) Rawk: yes
(9:15:25 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Have always disagreed.
(9:15:30 PM) Rawk: oh
(9:15:55 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) dat wireless interference and dem batteries
(9:16:05 PM) Rawk: wireless interference is a myth.
(9:16:59 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ...according to what?
(9:17:24 PM) Rawk: Jeff Gerstman says the problem with VR is that you're never gonna find someone outside of E3 to play VR with.
(9:17:48 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) People play VR multiplayer?
(9:17:48 PM) Rawk: cuz when are you gonna run across another dude with the same VR game and the same VR helmet
(9:17:58 PM) Rawk: people at E3 did
(9:19:07 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) I can confirm that people don't search for VR stuff.
(9:20:32 PM) Rawk: Phil tells Jeff "You're not gonna fanboy over one thing, and be overly critical on another, I know that"
(9:20:42 PM) Rawk: Does that mean Phil agrees with Jeff's Twilight Princess review?
(9:24:40 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Wot's he talking about?
(9:24:41 PM) Rawk: Phil implies Blinx is for crazy people.
(9:24:49 PM) Rawk: Backwards-compatibility.
(9:30:39 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313)
(9:31:27 PM) Rawk: good mecha wiggler shot
(9:31:57 PM) Rawk: P.S. It really IS Mecha Wigger Wednesday.
(9:32:00 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ya
(9:33:50 PM) Rawk: Phil isn't a fan of mandating creative and technical decisions for his developers
(9:34:00 PM) Rawk: He doesn't think it leads to the best results.

Phil proudly detailing his video-games philosophy.

(9:34:25 PM) Rawk: (i.e. kinect sports)
(9:34:34 PM) Rawk: (not that he said that.)
(9:35:20 PM) Rawk: ......................
(9:35:22 PM) Rawk: OH SHIT
(9:35:23 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Xbone
(9:35:24 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Xbox
(9:35:36 PM) Rawk: X Box One X
(9:35:36 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Xbox One X to Xbox
(9:35:40 PM) Rawk: X B O X
(9:35:54 PM) Rawk: Did Microsoft actually intend that?
(9:36:03 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) maybe
(9:36:16 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) He's all like "we're reactive"
(9:37:19 PM) Rawk: We still don't know what HDR is.
(9:37:49 PM) Rawk:
(9:37:55 PM) Rawk: apparently it's that.
(9:38:05 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ...wotever.
(9:38:17 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313)

(9:38:49 PM) Rawk: Phil says people keep teasing him about the "Vapor Chamber" and "Vapor Chamber" is chalked in huge letters above Phil's head.

Phil drinking water. The Chalk Zone Rabbid probably spiked it.

(9:38:57 PM) Rawk: We don't know what that is either.
(9:41:38 PM) Rawk: Jeff's reaction to the Xbox One X price, "what the hell?"
(9:41:49 PM) Rawk: Phil: "Is that really what you said?"
(9:41:52 PM) Rawk: (laughs)

Phil taking criticism in stride

(9:42:53 PM) Rawk: Phil is first and foremost a fan of this industry.
(9:43:30 PM) Rawk: "I'm a games developer first, a Christian second, and an American third."
(9:43:41 PM) Rawk: (j/k)
(9:44:06 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) lol
(9:45:15 PM) Rawk: He distinguishes the different Xbox One iterations by referring to them as "this Box" and "that Box"
(9:45:18 PM) Rawk: and it's weird.
(9:45:21 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Nintendo Switch
(9:45:35 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Connect to Xbox Live through Nintendo Switch.
(9:45:52 PM) Rawk: "If they want us to" - Phil
(9:46:02 PM) Rawk: regarding Achievements on Switch
(9:46:22 PM) Rawk: Phil takes credit for Minecraft's Mario Mashup Pack.
(9:46:37 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) So he's a bad, bad man?
(9:47:03 PM) Rawk: he did a "mwah hah hah" right after you said that

Where would you be without me, Jeff? Where would anyone be?

(9:47:08 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) lol
(9:47:46 PM) Rawk: Phil has no dislike for anyone in the industry and will never vote for a video-game to fail.
(9:49:27 PM) Rawk: Apparently Sony doesn't want cross-compatibility with Microsoft cuz Sony doesn't think Phil can keep Sony's customers "safe"
(9:49:38 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) lol
(9:49:56 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) Nintendo overly protective
(9:50:04 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) but even they're fine.
(9:50:45 PM) Rawk: Phil acts like he's the Pope Francis of video games.
(9:51:22 PM) Rawk: And Sony Minecrafters are like the Huddled Masses.

(9:52:15 PM) Rawk: Crackdown is a game Phil "loooooooooooooves"
(9:52:35 PM) Rawk: And wants to jokingly include a Halo beta on the new Crackdown
(9:53:16 PM) Rawk: as an inverse reference
(9:54:19 PM) Rawk: Bye Phil!
(9:54:45 PM) Rawk: Not a single mention of Sea of Thieves.
(9:55:49 PM) Rawk: Wasn't Sea of Thieves supposed to be really REALLY important for Microsoft after all their first-party titles started being canceled?
(9:56:03 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) dunno
(9:56:59 PM) Rawk: Do these people know they're being filmed?
(9:57:06 PM) Rawk: And is this the music they're listening to?
(10:01:54 PM) Rawk: ...
(10:01:57 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ...
(10:01:59 PM) Rawk: Still waiting on the next guest.
(10:02:07 PM) Rawk: Could be a while.
(10:02:17 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) gonna close and listen to 1-Up Girl
(10:02:47 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ILDC10 hours ago
I assume the Emma Stone thing was a joke.
(10:03:24 PM) Rawk: It was a placeholder, one which may in fact be true.
(10:04:12 PM) Rawk: Emma Stone is the La La Land girl.
(10:04:54 PM) Rawk: btw
(10:05:33 PM) Rawk: In addition to 1-Up Girl being amazing anyway, it's worth remembering that it kinda also permanently etched our souls
(10:05:41 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) M-My soul?!
(10:05:46 PM) Rawk: due to what was going through our heads when we first heard it
(10:06:02 PM) Rawk: So it's gonna be like, the opposite of PTSD.
(10:06:13 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) (12:23:05 PM) (rawkhawk2010) LYRICS

(12:23:10 PM) (rawkhawk2010) AHHHHH
(10:06:22 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313)
(10:06:22 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) oh
(10:06:25 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) you added shit here
(10:06:33 PM) Rawk: Post-Euphoric Stress Syndrome?
(10:06:38 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) PESS?
(10:06:43 PM) Rawk: yes
(10:10:18 PM) Rawk: "Hello, Welcome Back, to Giant Bomb's E3 2017 Coverage"
(10:10:27 PM) Rawk: ...and for their second guest...
(10:10:41 PM) Rawk: ...they're interviewing themselves?


(10:10:46 PM) [Koopa Keep]: (nintendork1313) ...
(10:11:21 PM) Rawk: k fuck this i'm listening to 1-up girl

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Here is that Microsoft E3 2015 conference where Phil was at his most important.

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