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Friday, April 28, 2023

SEEK POWER! Power Versus Wisdom Versus Courage Splatfest!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Might makes right! Force makes action!

In a no-brainer idea for a Splatoon 3 three-way Splatfest theme, and supposedly to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releasing in a few weeks, next weekend's Splatfest (May 5 to May 7) will ask...

Splatoon 3 Splatfest Legend of Zelda Triforce throwdown which do you seek
Which do you seek? Power, wisdom, or courage?
I am reading this prompt as asking what do you want more of than what you currently have.

Now, I've seen more than one person out there say that they aren't a fan of The Legend of Zelda, or that they hardly know her. Well, this theme isn't REALLY about the series. This is NOT Ganondorf versus Zelda versus Link. It is Power versus Wisdom versus Courage, and those are universal themes that you can look inside yourself and reflect on what you want more of. In fact, the Anarchy Splatcast discussion between Shiver, Frye, and Big Man didn't go and reference The Legend of Zelda besides that line about the Triforce Throwdown. As a result, even though this is technically a sponsored Splatfest (which I historically dislike), it doesn't feel like one, and it's actually a pretty good question. Shiver wants more power for making her wishes come true. Frye wants more wisdom so she wouldn't get lost. And Big

Splatoon 3 Splatfest Splatcast Big Man courage find a wall with crack bomb Frye what are you even talking about
Well, yes, this is a reference to The Legend of Zelda, but Shiver and Frye don't know that.

Courage seems to be good for losing your inhibition, the part inside you that says, “Maybe I shouldn't do that, that'd be a bad idea.” Like running into someone's house and smashing their pots or blowing up their walls. Or maybe it's like running up a hill at an entrenched machine gun nest. Not too useful or effective of an ability. Besides, the epitome of power and wisdom, Ganondorf and Zelda, don't seem to need access to the Triforce of Courage to get up and do anything. In fact, the first The Legend of Zelda game (and its associated cartoon) didn't even have the Triforce of Courage involved there (despite you thinking a Triforce ought to have three sides). Just Power and Wisdom. Clearly, the Triforce of Courage is pretty useless.

That leaves Wisdom and Power. Both are viable choices that I've considered. But what Frye said as her reason for picking Team Wisdom is ultimately the same logic I have for seeking Team Power:

Splatoon 3 Splatfest Frye got power courage out the wazoo use more wisdom Shiver in touch strengths weaknesses confidence
Frye is seeking something that she does not already have! (Or wants more of.)
And that itself is a display of wisdom.

We've already established that I am a (chaotic) genius. It's also true and well-established that KoopaTV exudes courage, and as a founder and main contributor to KoopaTV, that reflects on me, as well. But what do I need more of? POWER. You see, you can never go wrong with MORE power. There are definitely diminishing marginal returns to more courage and more wisdom. You don't need to be smarter than everyone else. At some point, you need to execute your plan and execute it better. Once you get to the point where you're wise enough to come up with a stellar course of action, getting more wise past that doesn't do you any good.

But there ARE benefits to trying to be the most POWERFUL entity in the universe! Anyone weaker than you can't stop you, so it's helpful to make the list of those that can smaller and smaller. Besides, if I was already as powerful as I should be, KoopaTV wouldn't exist, because I wouldn't need to work hard to convince you of anything. My way would already be THE way.

Power also comes in many forms. There is the power of science. There is star power. There is both the power of us and the power of one. There is the soft power culture. Don't forget that for a while, Splatfests themselves had a specific measurement deemed as Power. And very importantly, there is the POWER OF MONEY!

And because there are so many forms of power (the last paragraph was a small sampling), that means being omnipowerful is quite difficult due to how many different categories there are. Which means that power is both by far the most versatile thing to seek, as well as the characteristic that requires the most effort in seeking. You won't hit diminishing marginal returns on a quest for power within your lifetime.

By the way. Check out the artwork here:

Cool, right? Team Power is represented with the Roller, while Team Wisdom has a Stringer. Meanwhile, Team Courage are generic anime swordsmen with a Splatana. Of those, I'm a Roller Main (its own kind of superPOWER), so I also have a natural affinity towards Team Power. I wanna grab my fresh DYNAMO ROLLER and CRUSH my enemies with power!

Splatoon 3 Splatfest pledge board I seek power!
Hopefully, the power I already have will be enough to obliterate my enemies!

Ludwig's Splatfest decision rests on the assumption that he is already wise enough. Go ahead and discuss in the comments section if you believe that is an unwise foundation of his decision-making. He also didn't take into account that one can be very smart but not very wise. Wisdom means having good judgment, which may be informed by intelligence, but there are certainly many examples of smart people making poor decisions. Will Ludwig be one of those? Is he going in the same footsteps as his King, Bowser Koopa, in believing power is the most important thing to focus on? And is that so wrong?

This is a MUCH better Splatfest than the previous one, asking which cryptid you believe is real.
The next Splatfest asks which ice cream flavour you like the most.


  1. I'm definitely Team Courage. I'd go into why more, but I'm a bit sleep addled in my thought processes at the moment. I'll do my best to remember to follow up before the Splatfest actually starts, though. For now, I can say that I did not follow the same "what I'd like more of" logic as you and Frye, or I'd certainly be going with Power too.

    1. Well, hopefully you'll get enough sleep.

    2. You sure didn't follow up before the Splatfest started!

  2. Maybe Ganondorf will eventually get enough wisdom without needing the Triforce of Wisdom to try being a benevolent dictator which will make it less likely to need a Link to stop him as not many would hate him.

    Typical Big Man. Using a reference to get his fans appeal and vote for him.

    1. Link would try to stop him anyway because he doesn't appreciate Ganondorf's dark and Redead-filled aesthetic.

  3. I'd say wisdom, you don't have to be strong if you can manipulate others into doing things for you. Even if the enemy is ready to destroy you, if you can effectively outsmart them, that's better than losing 1,000s of men to war in a direct battle, even if you have an army of 1000,000.

    1. I'm not too sure that psychological manipulation actually falls under Wisdom, if you look at what Wisdom actually means. It's basically a synonym for good judgment or knowing information.
      You need Power to actually put it into practice.

      You might lose the thousands of men, but you'll still win. Probably.

  4. Did you know that there is a missing piece of the tri-force (it’s the one that’s upside down and goes in the middle)? It’s the tetraforce of strength (not to be confused with power, strength is meant to be all the Triforce pieces combined). The reason why it’s missing it because apparently Hylia broke it into three pieces that are now known as the tri force pieces (the middle piece is unknown). also if you’re wondering what the tetra force looks like then it just looks like a tri force, if the middle piece was filled in (basically a giant golden triangle)

  5. *edit* I’ve done some more research to make my answer more clear (just remember that this is a theory about the missing piece) “The tetraforce can be real but what would the fourth piece be? Well, the fourth piece is the tetraforce piece of strength, made by the goddesses to have the power of all the other pieces, but the goddesses knew it was too powerful for any one to hold alone; so they broke it into the three pieces known as the Triforce. So who ever holds all the pieces of the Triforce they hold the the triforce piece of strength too, which then makes it the Tetraforce” (The Tetraforce just looks like one of the Triforce pieces if it was the size of the complete Triforce).

    1. My problem with this theory is that there's no evidence supporting it, and it inherently doesn't make sense, since there's already stuff that happens when the three Triforce pieces are together that doesn't involve a fourth piece.

  6. Whoops forgot to put my name (it’s still Gavin)


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