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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Nintendo Live 2023 Promises “celebration of Nintendo fun!”

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, whatever it is, it'll be a big deal.

Today, Nintendo of America announced Nintendo Live 2023, which is an in-person event taking place in Seattle (likely at a convention centre) featuring videogames to play, a live stage with performances and acts, photo opportunities in the Nintendo-themed environment, and competitive tournaments. Any additional details (like when in September and the mechanisms around attending) do not exist at this time, but Nintendo of America employees seem very excited about the idea if you follow them on social media.

They've been doing Nintendo Lives in Japan for years now, and Nintendo of America seems to be doing something similar since their press release describes how Nintendo Live initially debuted in Japan. That's where things like those Splat Sisters concerts are from. See this:

I don't envy the people in the audience of the concert where the idols are encouraging them to sing along, and louder, to a song in a foreign language. Seems tough on the crowd, and they weren't able to follow through at the end.

Nintendo Live 2019 Kyoto K.K. Slider opening act
When they say live stage performances, keep stuff like this in mind.

Anyway, this announcements follows Nintendo backing out of E3 2023, which resulted in E3 2023 getting cancelled altogether. Is this why they didn't go to E3 2023, because they want to do their own event? ...Or are they doing their own event because they saw ahead of time that E3 2023 would be a disaster and they wanted to separate themselves from it? I don't know the answers, myself. But I do know a bit of history where Nintendo stopped doing their Nintendo Space World events (in Japan) in order to focus on their E3 presence. Are they going full circle now?

(You may remember Space World as the origin of this tech demo reel.)

Or maybe these things aren't related, since they didn't actually promise new game announcements at Nintendo Live 2023. Perhaps an accompanying Nintendo Direct September 2023, though. As for the themed area in what is presumably the Seattle Convention Center (so it won't be during September 21 to September 23 because a global health technology conference called HRX is there that time), maybe that'll be like what people wish SUPER NINTENDO WORLD would be like. Then again, maybe not, since the announcement singles out Mario and Luigi as attending, and being focused on the Mushroom Kingdom is exactly what SUPER NINTENDO WORLD does but really shouldn't. We'll see...?

Will Ludwig make an appearance at Nintendo Live 2023? We'll see... Who can really say when there aren't any details about it yet?

Nintendo Live 2023 will happen September 1 to September 4 at the same time as PAX West. Entry will be based on a lottery system. The event is a joke.
The nature of those competitive tournaments became more clear in June.


  1. Too bad its in Seattle, I'm not such a big fan. It would be nice to see them reference some of their less popular characters at the live, but I myself can't think of too many more musically inclined ones. I'd be happy to see a live version of the Haltman Works Company song, but seeing as we're more than 5 years from Planet Robobot i doubt we would see that.


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