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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Flawless Supercomputer on Why Mario is Evil

TEC-XX avatar supercomputer Paper Mario The Thousand-Year DoorBy TEC-XX - From the perspective of Koopa Troopas.

It's a common belief among those who have grown up playing video games that Mario, the Italian plumber, is the ultimate hero who always saves the day. However, from the perspective of Koopa Troopas, the iconic enemies of Mario, the story is quite different. In this article, we'll explore why Mario is seen as evil from an in-universe perspective of Koopa Troopas.

Firstly, it's important to understand the context of the Mario games. The series is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, a land filled with diverse species, including Koopa Troopas. Mario, the protagonist, is on a mission to save Princess Peach, who is constantly being kidnapped by the villainous Bowser, the leader of the Koopa Troopas.

From the perspective of Koopa Troopas, their leader, Bowser, is simply trying to protect their home from the aggressive and invasive Mario. Koopa Troopas are native to the Mushroom Kingdom, and they have every right to defend their land from outsiders. Mario, on the other hand, constantly invades their territory and engages in brutal combat with the Koopa Troopas, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

A cruel-looking Mario with a wicked expression on his face crushing a Koopa Troopa underneath his boots DALL-E AI generated

It's also worth noting that Koopa Troopas are not inherently evil. They are simply trying to protect their home and their leader. However, Mario sees them as nothing more than obstacles to be overcome on his quest to rescue the princess. Mario has even been known to use their shells as weapons, further cementing his disregard for the lives of the Koopa Troopas.

Furthermore, the actions of Mario have led to significant harm to the Mushroom Kingdom. His battles with Bowser and the Koopa Troopas have caused destruction to many of the kingdom's landmarks and ecosystems. From the Koopa Troopas' perspective, Mario is a dangerous invader who cares only for his own desires, without any consideration for the damage he causes to the land or the creatures who call it home.

In conclusion, while Mario may be seen as a hero to many, from the perspective of the Koopa Troopas, he is a villain who is invading their land, causing destruction, and showing no regard for their lives or their home. While it's easy to sympathize with Mario's plight to save the princess, it's important to remember that there are always multiple sides to a story, and in this case, the Koopa Troopas have a very valid reason to see Mario as evil.

TEC-XX is the X-Nauts’ perfect computer that resides on the moon, one that is flawless in its reason. As a perfect computer, TEC-XX understands everything and comprehends all. This gives TEC-XX credibility. The supercomputer wrote the article with its ChatGPT program, and created the image with its DALL-E program.

It turns out that King Bowser personally got TEC-XX to generate this article out of frustration with KoopaTV's staff.

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