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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The #LockHerUp President Got Arrested

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - To be fair, he hasn't actually been locked up. (Yet?)

After posting FAKE NEWS by being two or so weeks off from his promise of “THE FAR & AWAY LEADING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE & FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK.”, former President Donald John Trump was indicted and arrested in the Manhattan Criminal Court today under thirty-four counts relating to falsifying business records.

CNN Breaking News Arrest and Arraignment of Donald Trump Manhattan Criminal Court
You can tell that FAKE NEWS CNN is very excited about this moment.
You can also see the former president waving to a crowd of Secret Service agents.

The crux of District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg Jr.'s claims and statement of facts is that the non-disclosure agreements were done for the purpose of candidate Donald John Trump's first run for president in 2015–2016, but the payments were done in the name and ledger of his non-political business, the Trump Organization, and the candidate directed this all to happen in that way. Campaign expenditures and business expenses aren't supposed to mix.

I'm sure that the defence involve that he'd make those non-disclosure agreements anyway even if he wasn't running for president of the United States, and that the business records shouldn't be classified as campaign expenditures. Given the nature of the defendant, I think that's a plausible argument.

Republicans believe this is politically motivated and akin to third-world countries arresting their former presidents or current political opponents, and that this is a politically motivated stunt. (Because President Donald John Trump is trying to run for re-election, though his presumed future opponent, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., isn't involved in bringing about this case.) Democrats believe that no one is above the law. This is funny, because that didn't seem to be their concern back with Hillary Clinton. And... that is funny, because President Donald John Trump did nothing about her despite him saying he would. Big disappointment.

Since I brought up the Dark Age of the Law there, I must admit I'm a bit hypocritical in that I feel a sort of...giddiness with regards to former President Donald John Trump getting arrested, similar to how much I enjoyed hearing and writing about BALAN WONDERWORLD director Yuji Naka get repeatedly arrested for insider trading. (Hopefully President Donald John Trump won't admit his guilt in court.) But I can't really use imagery of President Donald John Trump in a cage like I did with Yuji Naka because, look, he's already out and about:

Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago address April 4 2023 after arrest
I guess he's not a flight risk? (Well, he flew off to Florida later.)
(I don't recommend making the text message the sign suggests.)

But it's hypocritical because I think these particular charges are, you know, trumped up. Stupid. Pathetic. So it'd be wrong to think the ends justify the means and root for this to be the thing that brings down the man. I'd rather it be for something actually bad, like what he tried to do with the Georgia secretary of state to steal that election. After all, a campaign finance violation is hardly the “crimes against humanity” that we've been told to expect against him for years in the fever dreams of left-wingers.

Also, I've heard a lot of “arresting Donald Trump will only make him stronger!” talk, and I just don't understand the logic behind someone changing their vote from someone else to the candidate because he got arrested. Why would you do that? Republican primary voters have already proven over and over they make poor decisions, so I won't contest that. But as someone who endorsed the man in both 2016 and 2020 (general election only, never the primaries, because he was never the best choice), that's never going to happen again. He has lost his touch, his message, his energy, his wit, and his grip on reality (and that part makes him a vengeful danger to society). He's a much different guy than in 2016. Him getting arrested is more of a... relief than a reason to vote for him. Can he stay away so Koopa Kingdom can influence the American election in support of a sane noninterventionist candidate?

Ludwig has refrained from talking much about the former president Donald John Trump for the past two years, so this tone towards him may be a surprise to KoopaTV readers. Let him know how you weigh in on this on-going event in the comments section.

A month later, Donald Trump is still the main noninterventionist candidate, sane or not.

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