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Monday, May 22, 2023

IQ Bell Curve, Ukraine, Russia, and World Peace

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Why Miss USA and Donald Trump know better than FAKE NEWS CNN and the military-industrial complex.

On May 10, 2023, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went on FAKE NEWS CNN for a wide-ranging town hall with favourable voters in New Hampshire, moderated by combative CNN employee Kaitlan Collins. There is a lot of chatter about things like the former President being indicted and arrested. But in terms of the substantive discussion I care about (especially as a foreign national), there is this five to six minute discussion about Ukraine, Russia, and the war between them and how Donald Trump would like for there to be a peace deal, which seems to really bother CNN's nasty, stupid, and rude Kaitlan Collins. (The embed below starts at the relevant point and stops when it stops being relevant.)

Whether or not Donald Trump is correct about being able to make peace in 24 hours isn't that important. What is important is his approach—similar to his theoretical approach between Israel and the Palestinian territory when he was a candidate in 2015 (see below). (His actual peace plan as president abandoned his own principles, which is likely because he had the wrong people working on it who didn't share his own values.) It's been a foolish and widely held stance in America's two main parties and its mainstream media that, since the United States of America is a global superpower, it can just dictate what it wants to the rest of the world, and the rest of the world will just obey and accept it and enjoy being dictated to. Rather than America making demands that are clearly one-sided, America would work best as a neutral power between the conflicting nations. Otherwise, why would both sides agree to sit down and negotiate?

For some years, many years ago, more members of the Democrat Party believed in being the peace party, while the Republican Party was more into military adventurism. Those roles have somewhat swapped, especially when Russia is involved in the conversation, because the Democrats have become completely deluded when it comes to the nation of Russia and its authoritarian ruler, Vladimir Putin. They're further deluded into believing their own debunked conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is a “Russian agent.” Ironically, that perception makes Donald Trump more qualified than any other American presidential candidate to be a neutral negotiator that would get Russia to the negotiating table. But while he wants to negotiate for peace, Democrats seem to believe risking a nuclear war with the end goal of regime change in Russia is their goal. They want Ukraine to “win” and Russia to “lose” and be severely punished for its aggressive posture. They want to look like a tough guy, punching the bully in the nose. That is a different goal than peace. Observe:

IQ bell curve meme world peace Ukraine Russia Miss USA pageant Nia Sanchez CNN Kaitlan Collins Donald Trump winners losers Putin
Left (low IQ): Miss USA 2014 winner Nia Sanchez, believing her title is of any importance to terrorists in her message of world peace.
Centre (mid-IQ): FAKE NEWS CNN worker Kaitlan Collins, treating war and politics like a videogame, including setting up for a sequel hook.
Right (high IQ): Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, wanting to end the war in order to achieve peace.
In what's possibly a coincidence, Donald Trump owned the Miss USA pageant in 2014. Is that why they're saying the same message?

For an excellent example of the resentment that builds when you don't have a real, respectful negotiation for peace, see how World War I ended and why World War II happened a generation later. (And if you listen to FAKE NEWS CNN and many politicians from either the Republican or Democrat Parties, you'll have World War III occur. America may find a lack of people willing to participate in such a conflict in the name of Ukraine.) Having a “winner” and a “loser” may sound politically appealing, but it just fosters arrogance in the winner and resentment in the loser that are not strong foundations for a lasting peace.

Despite his reputation as a hardball negotiator and strongman wannabe, Donald Trump appears to understand the crucial concept of allowing your opponent to “save face” in a negotiation. That means when they go back to their boss (and for Vladimir Putin, that's back to the Russian people) and report the results of the negotiation, they have something to cling to that doesn't make them look like total losers. In a proper deal, you want both sides to feel like winners, or at least let both sides make a plausible argument that they got something positive out of the deal. (See: Cuban Missile Crisis resolution.) Otherwise, you're not making a deal. You're just putting a gun to someone's head and forcing them to capitulate. (See: World War I's ending with the Treaty of Versailles.) In order to allow your opponent to save face and have a proper peace, you need to empathise and seek to understand their motivation for going to war or why they are antagonistic to begin with.

This might be a scenario where the United States ought to be on Team Wisdom as opposed to Team Power in terms of which quality they should go seek more of. The United States is already the most powerful nation on Earth. They don't really need more power. But they do need wisdom on when to use that power... and more importantly, when to not use it.

The USA can help Russia and Ukraine give peace a chance!

Ludwig knows that it's quite controversial to state that Donald Trump has a high IQ, or even to acknowledge that he stated anything agreeable, but in principle, it would be dishonest of KoopaTV to state otherwise. He also apologises to Nia Sanchez, who likely has a better IQ than what the meme presents. Likewise, it may be slightly inaccurate for Kaitlan Collins to have such as high an IQ as presented in the meme, since all of her bootlicking has probably ruined her brain's ability to function, though that may just be what average IQ looks like.


  1. My college campus has been tame, but I imagine things are going to heat up in this new political season. For better or for worse things will be…interesting

    1. I have more things I wanna say about politics, but I dunno if it's smart to dedicate too much space in KoopaTV's last month of existence to American politics.

    2. Then make it the last 2-3 months of existence. Push back that deadline!

    3. Going against Lord Bowser's wishes can be...fatal.


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