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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Kotaku is Deservedly Blacklisted By Nintendo

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - As enemies of the people, Kotaku should be blacklisted by every other company, too.

Props to Ubisoft and Bethesda for doing this a long time ago. Terrible gaming journalism outlet Kotaku has a long history of poor behaviour towards game publishers, such as leaking very unannounced game information. Kotaku defends their behaviour with “it's our job to be good videogame journalists and serve our readers well, not to be mouthpieces and allies for the corporations.” (They also claimed to have “millions of readers” back in 2015, though I can't disconfirm that they don't. I just think it'd be unfortunate to be one of those millions.)

I have a very tough stance against leakers, though Kotaku not only loves their own leaking, but they also like to spread others’ leaks on unsuspecting readers. (Even when it's actually FAKE NEWS.) That damages their reader base. It doesn't help them. Anyway, one of the most popular games to leak right now is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While you won't find any leaks of it on KoopaTV, it's pretty easy to find them on Kotaku. This is one of the few ways Kotaku can actually cover The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom right now, because Nintendo has blacklisted the outlet from having a preview/review copy of the game:

(You can see that they're still using the “millions of readers” line in 2023, just like in 2015.)

The day that Kotaku senior reporter Ethan Gach (who is the author of Kotaku's “Everything We’re Learning About Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom From The Leaks” article) confirmed that Kotaku is blacklisted by Nintendo, hits to KoopaTV's 2021 “Kotaku Promoting Piracy of Just-Released Metroid Dread—and doubled down on it” article rose up as if it were Link Ascending through a ceiling. You can bet that Nintendo disliked that article, and its imbecile author, Zack Zwiezen, continues to be employed by Kotaku and continues to write dumb stuff. There is a pattern of the whole outlet being rotten and stupid. Ah, but that's not all. Here's what Luke Plunkett, senior Kotaku writer, had to say (until he decided to try to un-say it) on the matter of Nintendo being blacklisted:

Archival websites don't have a working copy of Luke Plunkett's tweet (which is a collective community failure), but you can see several places (including ResetEra, and since they share in the same ideological badness as Kotaku, I don't think they have an incentive to all collaboratively make something up that didn't happen) independently discussing it and all describing it. That means I'm inclined to believe it is an authentic tweet, though I cannot confirm it for sure. That's fine enough to publish by Kotaku's journalism standards, however.

It appears that Luke Plunkett fashions himself as a World War II-era Allied fighter pilot who has shot down several Nazi and Imperial Japanese enemy fighter pilots, and has plastered stickers on his plane for each fighter he has shot down. You are supposed to compare the shot down Japanese fighter pilot stickers to the number of times Kotaku has been blacklisted by [Japanese] videogame companies [like Nintendo]. It's... certainly a specific comparison. If you asked me to make that kind of comparison, maybe I'd have a screenshot of my fully complete Pocket Card Jockey in-game trophy collection. You have to be quite inspired to have your mind go to World War II pilot. As if he specifically wanted a shot against Japan. (Pun not intended on my part, but you have to wonder if it was intended on the Kotaku writer's part.)

Anyway, Kotaku's staff members are all sticking together here, and they're also united in swamping the Internet and their “millions of readers” with stupid content and low-quality journalism. The faster everyone realises that and tries to reduce their power, the better.

To Ludwig's knowledge, KoopaTV hasn't been blacklisted by any videogame publisher, which puts it in a better spot than Kotaku. The site also isn't whitelisted by any game publisher, either, which also puts it in a worse spot than Kotaku. Why not discuss in the comments section if that balances out? You could also try to interpret Luke Plunkett's tweet, or you could be a weirdo who tries to defend Kotaku. KoopaTV has several other examples of Kotaku's poor journalism practices that weren't referenced in this article, however.

KoopaTV did actually receive a free review code before, so in that respect, it was whitelisted by one game publisher, at least temporarily.
KoopaTV has itself blacklisted Kotaku.


  1. Woooohoooo! Now this is truly a momentous occasion, news to celebrate.

  2. Kotaku wrote mean things about Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. Here's hoping the negativity will turn into a positivity and more will buy AW1+2:RBC out of curiosity due to Kotaku's bashing like how Miyamoto believes negative Mario Movie reviews got more to watch the Mario movie to see why critics hated it.

    1. That FAKE NEWS author clearly didn't get to the Toy Box mission.

      I'm hoping my bashing of Kotaku doesn't result in people reading Kotaku out of curiosity.

  3. I approve of discrediting these 'journalist' losers any opportunity possible since the term has little meaning now because of them.

    1. You're welcome. :)

      Journalists being awful makes KoopaTV's commentary on what's going on in the gaming industry more difficult, since they're the ones that are supposed to inform us on what to talk about...!


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