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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Don't forget about those fake "insiders" and "leakers" for the June 2022 Nintendo Direct

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They thrive (by lying to you) only when you have a short memory.

My live reaction—and the later popular opinion—was that yesterday's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was a fantastic success, with many interesting games. It's not an empty public relations statement when Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations, said this in a press release about the newsdrop:
“With dozens of new games featured in this Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase arriving soon, players have so much to look forward to on Nintendo Switch. This robust showing from our development and publishing partners highlights the versatility of Nintendo Switch, with a deep game library that continues to expand, entertain and delight.”

While I'm annoyed at the lack of the Oxford Comma at the end, he's correct on the substance. It wasn't long ago that the conventional wisdom is that the only justifiable reason to get a Nintendo console is to play Nintendo-published titles... and you'd use some other hardware as your primary gaming device. To honest people paying attention, the Nintendo Switch has blew that conventional wisdom apart, and events like this Partner Showcase clearly displayed the breadth and depth of third-party game publishers’ support for the Nintendo Switch. I'm pleased by it as both a gamer and as an industry commentator.

And yet... the event that we received on June 28, 2022 was NOT the event that “insiders” and “leakers”, boosted by foolish media outlets, was saying we'd receive. (Neither was the June 22 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct, which was Nintendo's only published-by-Nintendo game Direct of the month.) They were hyping up something else. Thankfully, unlike last year's long list of disgraceful media outlets and personalities that promoted FAKE NEWS, I didn't come across anyone saying there'd be a new Nintendo Switch hardware revision revealed. Instead, I came across two prominent (widely reported on) and demonstrably incorrect theories that were hyped up... neither of which made much sense to begin with. But that didn't stop the media from reporting on them.

The first theory was was that there would be a Nintendo Direct on June 15. This was first proposed by some utterly stupid “content creator” who received an email from the makers of Neon White and then proceeded to post the email to Reddit, despite the email specifically saying coverage about Neon White is embargoed until June 15. The logic is that the only reason why Annapurna Interactive would ever embargo the game for a certain date is so it can show up at a Nintendo event. It turns out they instead revealed it at some insignificant event on the week of the 9th. Neon White didn't even show up in yesterday's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase!

Despite the flimsy reasoning, and the fact that it came from a scoundrel who should be blacklisted by every member of the gaming industry, some stupid outlets still ran the story. These include, but are far from limited from, the Metro UK newspaper and TwistedVoxel. And there are a whole squad of clickbait YouTubers that promoted this too, like this dumbass named SwitchForce that somehow has 426,000 subscribers that regularly publishes garbage content like this:

SwitchForce clickbait Nintendo YouTuber fake leaks news
Sometimes I wonder why people like this get way more attention than truth & levity people like me.
Or do people just enjoy being lied to?
...Actually, I do see that one of the titles says there was a new Nintendo hardware leak.
I guess there was ONE person who claimed that this month!

You may notice in the above screenshot, Mr. SwitchForce continues to talk about a REAL revealed date. That's because a DIFFERENT, SECOND theory placed a Nintendo Direct on June 29. (Before you ask, there wasn't a Nintendo Direct today. And also... 09:00 Eastern on June 28 in America is still the same calendar day, June 28, in Japan. In other words, it was still June 28 when the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase aired in Japan.)

This second theory originated because some person named Alanah Pearce said so. Who is Alanah Pearce? I have no idea. She apparently works at Sony Santa Monica Studio writing what appears to be God of War Ragnarök. She's somehow notable enough to have a Wikipedia page. Why is she considered an authoritative source on when a Nintendo Direct would be? I dunno. But she was quite confident in it being June 29. She made a whole show of looking at her calendar and confirming that particular date.

Despite Alanah Pearce having no logical source of credibility on this topic, several outlets picked this up, and others said she was CONFIRMED to be correct. This includes notoriously FAKE NEWS “Centro LEAKS” that said June 29th is “100% legit” and “Multiple trusted people have also re-confirmed the date. It's happening.” Oh, and the aforementioned TwistedVoxel jumped on it. But even the likes of GoNintendo boosted the story, considering it “very strong evidence” of a Direct for the 29th. rawmeatcowboy wrote that he considers Alanah Pearce to be “quite a trustworthy source.” Why? It's not explained what's so trustworthy about her.

But all three of Nintendo Life, GameSpot, and Kotaku said that Alanah Pearce is trustworthy and credible, and that VGC had “corroborated” the statement by claiming that VGC has been “told” by an unknown teller of information that this information is true.

It was all wrong, of course. And some of these outlets, especially Kotaku (which went ahead and put the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 3, and Metroid Prime 4 as topics of this June 29 Nintendo Direct right in their story's URL), clearly acted like this would be a FULL EPIC NINTENDO DIRECT, not a “Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase”, which was not only miniature, but also all third-party. It was great, sure, but everything from the date to the content was WRONG. It was FAKE NEWS. But they all sure had fun reporting on it to get your attention. You should have fun not trusting them again.

KoopaTV, of course, never reported on these rumours. If you like being lied to, consider different media outlets besides this one. The sources presented in this article aren't exhaustive, and this article isn't trying to be like the Nintendo Switch hardware revision FAKE NEWS list. This is just about how the insiders and so-called leakers were wrong, again, as usual, and if you stop listening to them and giving them attention, that's better for everyone.

One week later... the Nintendo Switch hardware revision stories return.
The next Nintendo Direct was in September 2022, which did have Splatoon 3, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but definitely not Metroid Prime 4.


  1. I hope we won’t have another direct drought. Game specific directs are cool, yeeeeaaaahhhh, but it’s not the same as the overall directs where everything’s a surprise. Although Nintendo tends to shadowdrop their own games sometimes. So whose to say.

    1. If the next one is in September, is that a drought?


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