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Monday, June 13, 2022

Capcom Showcase 2022 Live Reactions!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Announcement of an announcement of an announcement... the showcase!

For what I'm pretty sure is the last of our recent rash of reaction logs, it's time for CAPCOM to go up!

I'm the only KoopaTV staffer that showed up, specifically because I didn't beg the other staffers to show up and react with me. I didn't think they'd be as interested and committed as I am to this information. I'm right, of course. But let's see if YOU are. ...Ah, well, save that for the comments section. Immediately below is how interested I ended up being. Check out my reactions:

[5:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:
CAPCOM in ten minutes.
[6:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: COUNTDOWN
[6:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (That'll probably it)

Capcom Showcase 2022 intro Phoenix Wright shadow
Spoiler alert: This is the only Ace Attorney content in the whole showcase.
Oh well, I guess it wasn't sustainable after E3 2021 was almost all dedicated to it.

[6:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: First is Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
[6:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I just got to Kinship Level FOUR in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.
[6:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So let's see how much I recognise.
[6:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I'm trying to finish the game at some point!)
[6:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well I recognised the blue jumpy lizards but they just got killed immediately.
[6:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Velociprey)
[6:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...All the other things are new to me (and probably new in general, hence the point of the purchase?)
[6:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Coming June 30; it's a "massive expansion."
[6:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Apparently, a Jungle being in this is a big deal.
[6:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Meanwhile, Gore Magala (returning) is breaking the ground and everyone else.
[6:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They promise that there's still more to the expansion than what was in the trailer.
[6:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And they're advocating for us to play a DEMO.
[6:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Maybe I'll like Monster Hunter (mainline) more after playing Monster Hunter Stories? I'm sure that's wot they want. The demo is available tomorrow for the Switch and Steam.
[6:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I can't tell if the stream is skipping frames or the game is choppy.
[6:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're promising Free Title Updates post-launch, including a new monster, Lucent Nargacuga.
[6:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I recognise Nargacuga.

Capcom Showcase 2022 Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Roadmap Free Title Updates
Will there be more CAPCOM Collabs in Sunbreak? Coming 2023?
(Personally, this roadmap doesn't seem very...useful.)

[6:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's it for Monster Hunter. Now the "Capcom Spotlight Corner"???
[6:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Street Fighter 6 coming soon" for PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
[6:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "All-new battle system" and new modes.
[6:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "What awaits you in this game? Look forward to our next announcement later this year!"
[6:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ???
[6:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: CAPCOM had more information about Street Fighter 6 in Sony's State of Play than their OWN showcase???
[6:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The CAPCOM Fighting Collection is releasing this month, and there's a second arcade collection coming, including Mega Man Power Battle.
[6:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SONSON is free for some reason.
[6:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The second CAPCOM Arcade Stadium 2 is releasing next month.
[6:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So the whole "Spotlight Corner" was fighting-game stuff?
[6:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WORLD PREMIERE on "Exoprimal", which I thought was tech-y Monster Hunter 'cause there's science-fiction stuff AND dinosaurs.
[6:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're trashing humans right now.
[6:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm loving it.

Capcom Showcase 2022 Exoprimal human species susceptible mass delusion Leviathan
Typical stupid humans. Here's all what Leviathan said about your idiot species:
“My archives encompass exhaustive records of human history.
These annals are riddled with errors and institutional bias.
Your species is susceptible to mass delusion. Fascinating.
Humans dread the "other."
You seek to evolve, yet you do not want to change. You tear down curtains, yet fear revelations.
Even when what is revealed is of your own creation.”

[6:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Humans are delusional.
[6:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They want new things but also fear change.
[6:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Apparently this AI wants humans to fight each other and die in order to train some kind of machine learning exosuit.
[6:16 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That IS how machine learning works, yes.
[6:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Team-based action game with Dino Survival mode. The AI, Leviathan, gives different missions, like assassinating certain dinosaurs, or defending aircraft (Team Plane?).
[6:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The stream is still choppy, but YouTube says there aren't dropped frames, so I figure CAPCOM's streaming production team must be... experiencing a lot of stress now.
[6:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Exoprimal has a "closed network test" which tests the game's online infrastructure. ...But that also matches the game's, uh, theme of using humans as test subjects.
[6:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: But the test will be a real thing in real life.
[6:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Hideaki Itsuno has a Dragon's Dogma (10-year anniversary) baseball uniform on or something.
[6:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: There'll be an upcoming video about it in about three days. As opposed to, you know, today.
[6:22 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "And now we have a bunch of updates about the Resident Evil franchise."
Hopefully it's news and not "tune in later for more info at another time!"
[6:22 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Resident Evil Village (8) has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.
[6:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This trailer is saying to "Leave now" and "Go while you can" so maybe I shouldn't stick around and watch.
[6:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Lady D.'s first name is apparently Alcina.
[6:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And there's a "Third Person Mode" coming to a winter expansion or something this October.
[6:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh, this is the DLC they talked about at E3 2021.
[6:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Gold Edition"
[6:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Many people asked for" Third Person Mode.
[6:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (See yesterday's commentary about how third-person is more interesting and gets you closer to your character than first-person.)
[6:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: There's also a new story mode "Shadows of Rose". Rose being the daughter of Ethan, the protagonist (who you'll now be able to view in third-person).
[6:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Rose sees a girl who looks like her, but she looks like a generic blonde white girl so I dunno if that's a big deal.
[6:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's entirely in third-person, because I guess CAPCOM WANTS you to see the girl you're playing as.
[6:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Unlike some other developers with other games)
[6:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Village will also be available on the Mac????
[6:28 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: First time I've heard any company talk about gaming on Macs in, like, ever.
[6:28 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 'cause I don't remember an example.
[6:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Now they'll talk about Resident Evil 4 after Sony talked about it first.
[6:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (If I search for Mac references on KoopaTV I'll probably just get Little Mac... maybe I should write Macintosh Personal Computer?)
[6:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I'll keep that in mind going forward.)
[6:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Resident Evil 4 is being "reimagined", 18 years later.
[6:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: What the "modern flourishes" are I don't think we'll get to hear about today.
[6:32 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "The ganado have been completely redesigned."
[6:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "For those who can't wait for the release, check out the following games." It's Resident Evil (biohazard), Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3.
[6:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wot's world premiere-y about it?
[6:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh, uh... some kind of... compilation?
[6:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Re-imagining"
[6:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Return with current-gen features, including support for 4k" and good frame rate and ray-tracing.
[6:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Frame is at bad frame rate)
[6:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: *Stream
[6:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Available today.
[6:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's all for today's announcements.
[6:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Today's show is over.
[6:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon."
[6:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, yeah, most of what you have to share is promised for the future!
[6:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: omg they're looping the showcase's "starting in 29:20"
[6:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I don't think that's intentional... Production team is doing all sorts of screwy-ness.

As of publishing this, the stream is STILL looping. So is it truly over? Who knows! ...Well, yeah, it's over. What did you think about it?

Ludwig really liked CAPCOM's E3 2021 event, since it featured Ace Attorney.
Refer to yesterday's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 Live Reactions for the commentary about first-person perspectives.
Perhaps this showcase should've discussed Ace Attorney Trilogy on mobile?
Here is the dedicated Dragon's Dogma anniversary video that CAPCOM wouldn't show in the Showcase!
The next dedicated CAPCOM reaction log is for the March 2023 Spotlight!


  1. Happy to see the RE Village DLC, disappointed by the lack of Ace Attorney even though I didn't really expect anything.

    1. And yet I'm currently rocking this new wallpaper featuring Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Phoenix Wright that only exists thanks to filling out this survey about the event.

      Wot about the DLC interests you the most? Third-person? The new story? ...The mercenaries?

    2. The new story. (I'm not interested in Mercenaries mode, and while third-person is neat, it's not a big deal for me.) It will be interesting to see what directly they take the story and gameplay with this DLC, and it might give an idea of what they intend to do with the series from here.

    3. 'cause you didn't get enough of an idea of wot they wanted to do with the series from RE8 itself?

  2. So, I got two takeaways from this. 1) Exoprimal actually seems genuinely interesting. 2) They used a Phoenix Wright silhouette at the start, then proceeded to not whatsoever indicate the future existence of a new Ace Attorney game.

    1. Yeah, pretty much.

      I'm sure there WILL be, though. Someday.

  3. The Showcase looped a total of three times, so the video is 197 minutes long for a 35-minute event.


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