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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget September 11? You Couldn't If You Tried.

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I can't, anyway. Not in this era.

As you are very well aware of if you're a frequent KoopaTV reader — but also if you're a normal person (there is no overlap between those two) — today is September 11. I mean, it says that on your calendar, on your computer clock, and even automatically on the date-stamp for this post. Yesterday was September 10. It follows that the day after is September 11. And the day after tomorrow is September 12. We'll have videogame-related content then.

Last year was also September 11, by the way.

But the day is significant not just because it's a day on the calendar (only 365 other days can make that claim — though February 29 only has a 25% chance of success) but because the world was changed on a September 11. Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 was released in America, making the Nintendo franchise have its own basketball entry after invading EA's basketball game.

But five years before that traumatic event was an even more traumatic event: Islamic terrorists hijacked American planes and murdered many American lives on American soil.

Did you watch yesterday's speech by President Barack Hussein Obama? If you didn't, then you weren't tuned into KoopaTV since we (by force) covered it! Obama lied to the American people by saying that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not Islamic because they kill other Islamic people. Does he think we're all stupid?

President Barack Hussein Obama does not understand the threat of global Islamic Jihad. But 13 years ago, we had a president who did: President George W. Bush, who took decisive action to try and counter the threat. Given the state of affairs today, we can determine that he wasn't able to finish the job, and his successor certainly isn't able to recognize the problem.

The Jihadists want to eliminate Western civilization. They are the top threat to society, greater than NeoGAF, GLAAD, Electronic Arts, and Shigeru Miyamoto put together. They are even bigger than Ridley!

September 11 was not the day that they started to hate us, but it's the day we realized it. They've been hating us since we were founded. Remember, one of America's first adversaries were the Barbary pirates. These were hardcore Muslims. But we forgot about the Islamic threat for a few hundred years until September 11, 2011. I guess there was a blip when those Iranians took American hostages, but people didn't think "Jihadists!" at the time. They thought, "Man, Jimmy Carter is completely incompetent." It doesn't help that 11 years later, also on September 11, our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was overrun by the same Jihadists that Obama claimed to have "decimated". (Liberals want you to forget about that, though.)

These are long-standing, tenacious enemies. We cannot forget about them or September 11 like we've forgotten some other things we've said we'd never forget.

Back in my day, we HATED those Japs! But now? They make our videogames!

Speaking of which, remember when I said that the internment of the Japanese during World War II within America's borders was a bad thing on the level of slavery? There weren't actually any Japanese in America trying to undermine us. And once we beat them in a fight, they became our friends.

It's different with the Jihadists. Their philosophy is inconsistent with friendship. After (if?) they are defeated, they need to be dead, not spared. It's also different with respect to being in America: There ARE home-grown terrorists in America following the Jihadist ways. You can find them in some mosques, like in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The mosque the Boston Marathon bombers came from is the same mosque where American-born presently-ISIS-members went, along with other Muslim terrorists. This is happening all around the country, but it's being covered up in the name of political correctness.

We don't care about political correctness on KoopaTV, though.

Never forget that. And never forget: We must be resilient and vigilant against this threat.

Ludwig is proud to be able to speak his mind. You're able to speak yours too in the comments section or by writing a guest post! If you would like to be all sentimental about 9/11, feel free to do so too.

Remember September 11 every day, not just anniversaries. Anniversaries are bad for thinking.


  1. Replies
    1. Nigga stop insulting me and my religion

    2. See, I give insults.

      They give beheadings.

    3. Lol your cracka pal bush just was like "YO LET'S INVADE THE MIDDLE EAST". Nigga course they pissed you started it smh

    4. They did not start hating us after we declared war on them.


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