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Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Happened To Miiverse's Nintendo Amy?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If a Nintendo employee gets banned, what chance do I have?

There was quite a stir on Miiverse over Amy (NNID: NintendoAmy) being what appeared to be banned. For those who don't know: She's Miiverse's community manager. As in, she WORKS FOR NINTENDO. Her account was hidden. Just like mine when I was banned, and just like tens of thousands of other Miiversers. Maybe HUNDREDS of thousands. While it's interesting to see that the robotic admin system doesn't discriminate between verified users and normal users (and if I was some sort of egalitarian socialist nutcase I'd organize a parade in the streets of Miiverse), one must wonder exactly what she did to get banned. Or mysteriously disappear in general.

So I asked Nintendo of America.

Dear Nintendo customer support,

I'm asking why Amy, the North American community manager for Miiverse, was banned for a few days. When you tried to go to her profile ( ) it had the user is hidden message that banned people have.

We speculated that she got fired, but since her account is still verified, still exists, and she is now unbanned with no official response, she clearly is not fired.

So I, along with many other people, were wondering the circumstances behind Amy's mysterious disappearance.

Thank you,

(NNID: PrinceOfKoopas)
Of course, I should've remembered last time I tried to ask them through their webform by using "Miiverse Events" as the subject. I got the exact same reply. Basically, "Thank you, we'll review what you said. By the way, we're not allowed to actually reply to what you said."

Well, it turns out the review actually resulted in action, because a day later Amy posted a Miiverse announcement telling you to go download the Super Smash Bros. For 3DS demo. (For free and without needing any code, thus crashing the start-up code economy.) Within that announcement she directly addressed KoopaTV's inquiry:

The true reason Nintendo Amy was hidden on Miiverse
Hey, at least you remembered KoopaTV eventually.

There are quite a few questions to be raised here. These include, "Where'd you go on vacation?" and "Verified users can turn themselves invisible?" We also have to wonder who turned her invisible, why anyone was fiddling with her account at all, and if Miiverse admins use this "invisible" terminology as opposed to the "banned" terminology us commoners use. Whatever, it seemed like a short vacation. Amy clearly has not accumulated enough vacation days. But we can discuss Nintendo's human resources policies another time. (Or their corporate social responsibility policies.)

We can conclusively determine, however, that even with these riddles and mysteries lurking in the shadows, that Amy was not "banned" and that the Miiverse admin system still cannot overpower a Nintendo employee. (Which still leaves people like me vulnerable.)

Remember: They can post whatever pictures they want, but we can't!

Ludwig is proud to have recently avoided a Miiverse crisis involving a Miiverse Code of Conduct violation... that actually got REVERSED! He might write more about it or reference that in detail at a later date. For now, feel free to Follow him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas! Over 200 other people have!


  1. "He might write more about it or reference that in detail at a later date."

    You just want to include Foxy in a post.

    1. Guess who got banned once again, Lud?
      ~ DOGEH

    2. I feel cheated.... Oh well I suppose.

    3. You didn't even change your Mii.


    4. I told a SkyDoesMinecraft impersonating that I could report him for what he was doing, but I wasn't going to. He reporting me for a "hateful/bullying" comment and that is all she wrote.

    5. As opposed to that guy who admitted he a fake?

      Anyway, report-warnings don't do people good. Either report them and be silent about it, or don't do anything.

    6. Ehhhh, I have to focus on school anyways. Speaking of which, it's time for bed for me. Good night Lud, and happy blogging!

    7. Good night!
      (And come back soon! tomorrow.)

    8. It's been two weeks. You should be unbanned now.


  2. I received five bans in Miiverse and when I opened it says:
    You´re currently restricted from Miiverse.
    How much time does it take to be unbanned?

    1. It should tell you when you're on your 3DS/Wii U and you go to your Miiverse (admin) notifications.

      Since it's your fifth time, it may be longer than two weeks.

  3. What the heck happened to Amy?

    1. As of present time right now?

      She's still there. She made a post about Pokémon Shuffle a couple of days ago:


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