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Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing: KoopaTV's Tumblr!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I've never been less enthused about new social media outlets.

Hopefully you all know by now that our Facebook page isn't going to be updating any time soon. (If you're good at graphical design, please contact me so we can get my Facebook back by making the documents that they want.) We don't want Facebook's actions to cut into our continued month-after-month growth, so we decided to attempt to replace the Facebook traffic with... Tumblr!

Yes, Tumblr. That Tumblr. The one I called the "lair of demons" and listed as a site to stay away from.

Here's the KoopaTV Tumblr. Like every other KoopaTV social media platform, they will get notices of every time there is a new article, some re-notices, and there might be some other stuff too. The notifications will be written in a way that's custom to Tumblr, just like how Twitter gets their own and Google+ gets their own and Facebook got their own.

If you would like to contribute any ideas on how to make the KoopaTV Tumblr a better place (or tell me how to operate the thing correctly), go ahead and offer those suggestions. Quite frankly, I don't know what I'm doing. The user interface is absolutely dreadful. You don't WANT the Wikihow page for your website having 800,000 hits on it! That means no one knows what the hell they're doing! User interface should be intuitive! Facebook's was intuitive enough. We believe KoopaTV itself is too if you use that handy search bar to search up any topic that interests you. (If only we had the Terms Index back, but Blogger, KoopaTV's platform, literally exploded at the size of the thing back in December so it couldn't be edited.)

Seriously, though, just why is Tumblr's user interface so bad? You can't even freely reply to random people. What the hell kind of social network is that? All to protect those social justice warrior snowflakes from reality and common sense, I guess! KoopaTV is bringing our bold brand of truth and levity to rock their world!

If you have any more ideas of social platforms that KoopaTV should be engaged in, feel free to mention them in the comments! Also, if you would like to be the head of KoopaTV's marketing department (you can put that in your resumé) feel free to put that in the comments too. Since Ludwig would rather focus on writing content.

The "Knowing When We Update" article has been updated itself.
Tumblr may be a disaster, but KoopaTV now has an Ello as well.
KoopaTV now formally requests a Social Media Manager.
In early-mid 2018, KoopaTV's tumblr is discontinued.


  1. I have no idea how Tumblr works. All I ever use it for is to, uh... find fanart. XDDD And even then I have trouble.

    1. Well, I need to find someone who knows how to get attention on Tumblr.
      With Twitter it's self-explanatory, right? You use hashtags. Everyone who used that hashtag shows up if you search that hashtag.

      With Tumblr, it looks like only SPECIAL people who use a hashtag show up if you search it.
      So you can't find ordinary dudes.
      And ordinary dudes can't get attention by replying to other people. how do you use Tumblr???

    2. Most of my Tumblr experiences have begun with me typing the names of Ace Attorney characters into Google. This is the only method I have used. XD

      This might help:

    3. ...Right, so you don't... actually look through tumblr.

      That article has no timestamp (which is bothersome) but this made me laugh:

      " According to Mashable, Tumblr introduced a new feature in February 2011 that gives viewers the ability to locate content by category."

      According to Mashable? As in, the writer couldn't be assed to look themselves? Are they truly credible enough to write about tumblr. if they clearly do not use it themselves?

      Anyway, those tips are pretty vague and probably apply to any blog in general.
      It seems clear that just posting links to KoopaTV from tumblr doesn't constitute as posting quality content every day (as in, the quality is on another site, not on tumblr itself).

      But reposting articles in their entirety on tumblr would, of course, defeat the entire purpose of why KoopaTV now has one!

      So it's pretty obvious that tumblr as a platform and what KoopaTV wants out of it aren't really compatible with one another, but what else can I do? FACEBOOK IS GONE.

      That said, one thing I can try to do is Follow people in advance, wait 14 days, and then to put it... "trouble". ala Twitter. Just well-planned in advance!

      (Obviously I'm not promoting tumblr on other social media channels (other than posting this very article on said channels) because I could be using that time to promote KoopaTV itself!)

  2. Yeah, I once had a Tumblr.

    What tumblr?
    (I deleted it after a few days.)

    1. I've heard nothing positive about tumblr besides it being a more confusing deviantART.

    2. It's less 'user friendly'. (And I thought dA wasn't user friendly! And then I went to other social media sites.)

      Ooh, Marketing Department head?
      (Rawk, I have to hand it to you. )

    3. dA is relatively user-friendly...
      ...Although it has a critical flaw of no way to access past notifications after you say you've read them.

      Yeah, I would love to have a marketing department head. One that isn't me.
      (I believe his line was billboards, but that whole exchange is supposed to still be a secret!)

  3. Yeah! (Not that I get any notifications anyway.)

    Hmm. I could try that, I'd probably fail miserably though.
    (He also said buses.)

    1. Uh, if you Watch me, you should get SOME notifications! Sometimes!

      Well, your benchmark of success is what I'm currently doing. So if I'm failing miserably myself (I don't really have any benchmarks on that) then you just gotta go over that low enough bar.
      (And college campuses.)

    2. Yeah!
      (Actually, how have I not done that yet? >_>)

      (I'll just tape banners everywhere.)

      Now that I think of it... Nintendo has a very... Madden Curse-like thing too.
      Flipnote 3D.
      They announced it early last year, said it's supposed release date was Summer 2013... And then nothing was heard of it.
      (They even did a Mini Direct on it! And then it vanished.)

    3. (That sounds like vandalism. Which KoopaTV may or may not approve of if no one gets in trouble.)

      To be fair, no one died from Flipnote 3D, and at least it exists somewhere in the world.

      Flipnote 3D is to Watergate as Madden Curse is to... Benghazi?

      Yeah, I like that.

  4. ...this tumblr is so crappy I feel like crap every time I update it

  5. Took over 3 months, but we finally have our first tumblr follower.


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