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Monday, December 8, 2014

RawkHawk2010 Is... Resigned Or Fired — Who Knows?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - You'd think I would. But I don't.

Believe it or not (or maybe you don't care), KoopaTV (former?) staff member RawkHawk2010 submitted his resignation to me last week. ...And then rescinded it later in the week. Well, whatever. Dude is going through some weird stuff lately, like having emotions for the first time. And still being preoccupied over 2013. Part of the KoopaTV staff membership package is that I actually try to care about you and your problems! (Same thing was part of the Koopa Keep membership package back in the Nintendo NSider Forums, actually, back in the days where yours truly was a forum antagonist but would refrain from being a jerk to his own members.)

Rawk originally said that he would still be part of our live reaction logs as a guest and he would still do quality assurance work (including for this article). My guess is that he wanted to enter our KoopaTV giveaway contests in the future which are banned to all KoopaTV staff members. Or that he doesn't like being held accountable.

Well, after the disaster that was Friday night continuing into midnight Saturday, I've decided to put Rawk on unpaid administrative leave for an indefinite amount of time! ...Which is not, uh, firing him. I'm sort of afraid of doing that since the guy currently lives in a state where you can take guns literally anywhere. ...Including workplaces.

Either way, unlike last time something like this happened, we won't take a one-month vacation hiatus.

Still, something has always been sort of... off about Rawk's stay at KoopaTV. I mean, what is he doing at a place called KoopaTV?

Pretend the Yoshi isn't there. Now then, one of these guys ain't like the other.

The fact is, is that Rawk is... a low-skilled, low-motivated worker. In fact, he's not really into that whole "work" thing, which is why he got indicted for cheating by a Glitzville grand jury and fined his winnings at the Glitz Pit. That was before he came to KoopaTV, since we were the only ones who would take him in with a record like that.

If we really did fire him, where would he go and what would he do? One theory suggests that he would move to Donkey Kong Island and try to work something out with the locals over there. I mean, he sort of looks like a giant banana, right? Though the only work he might be able to do is picking banana peels off the ground and disposing them. I think they call that "sanitation engineer". Still, it's pretty important that the important folks of the island don't slip and fall over banana peels! They might break a leg!

Someone is going to have to pick that up, and it's Rawk.

With Rawk on unpaid administrative leave, how will KoopaTV change day-to-day? ...Well, um... it won't. That's all. Rawk never really did anything. Still, imagine if he DID do things. We could have all of the nice things that KoopaTV has always wanted to do if we just had more people who actually did things!

So much potential. If you ever want to help KoopaTV out, go submit a guest post or... if you want that bullet list to be a thing, apply for staff membership! (Or just comment around, 'cause that makes us happier.)

Unrelated: We have officially changed the Gosha IP (which Rawk controls) to the Go IP after learning what a "Gosha" is. All mentions of it will be retroactively changed for clarity. We hope you understand.

How long do you think Rawk's indefinite unpaid administrative leave will last? Place your bets in the comments! If you want to check up on the guy, you can Follow him on Twitter or Miiverse at the same name. Or his YouTube channel, which gets updated regularly with a ton of Favourites and sometimes new videos, such as the one released today which is a Kinect Sports AMV.

Rawk comes back on January 7 with an advertisement video, making his leave last a month.
Rawk can't really last long, so he left again in September.


  1. Of course, I come back from a hiatus and Rawk's gone.

    Welllll then.

    1. Well, better check out today's article.

      ...which I haven't published as of commenting.

    2. Sees tweet > Sees article > Sees comment


    3. ...Yeah.

      Yo wot happened to your old commenting profile?

    4. I had deleted my cookies.

      Dunno why I didn't log back into it.

  2. You should ban him from writing articles.

    1. But that goes against KoopaTV's anti-censorship values.

    2. Nah.
      Just slide him an angry email and get it over with.

    3. No, because you will have deleted him from AIM because he is not affiliated with KoopaTV.

    4. Believe it or not, KoopaTV dudes aren't the only dudes I have on AIM. :p

    5. You should still delete him and ban him from KoopaTV.


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