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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The 2015 Resolutions of KoopaTV's Staff

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We'll check back later if these are met.

Before we get into our own resolutions and check to see if we met the ones from last year, let's see if Masahiro Sakurai met his resolution.

Sakurai resolved to complete Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U and release them both in 2014.

Did he do it? Yes, and yes, in all regions! A lot of people doubted him, but Sakurai came through and showed them how wrong they all were. Not only did he complete those games, but they were both great. Anticipate seeing them both in this year's KoopaTV Game of THAT Year awards series.

Speaking of Super Smash Bros., last year disgraced ex-staffer YoshiRider123 made it his resolution to play Super Smash Bros. 4. Though we no longer talk to one another, I can confirm that he at least owns Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, or else this self-pitying Miiverse post would not be able to exist.

Ike Marth Robin Chrom Super Smash Bros. For Wii U suppose I'll get my chance another day trophies Fire Emblem
Leave Chrom on the ground, please.

As for RawkHawk2010, although he is on unpaid administrative leave right now, I can safely confirm that he has played Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

As for me, I met my resolutions as well. KoopaTV has been promoted much more in 2014 than 2013, if view-counts mean anything. Not only that, but we have opened ourselves up to having AFFILIATES during this year! Own your own site? Better get on that. We'd love to have ya, and you'd love to have us.

Are KoopaTV's articles more in-depth in 2014 than 2013? Well, there's no objective way to measure that. So let's move on. Has my gaming backlog had serious dents made? Yes! ...But in terms of net change, it has only grown bigger. But hey, if we ignore additions made throughout 2014 to that thing and just look at what it was at the end of 2013 and only look at those games, it went down. I still haven't played Fire Emblem Awakening though.

My last resolution for 2014 was to "get to the bottom of the Madden Curse scandal." ...This was the most ambitious of my resolutions. And guess what? ...We did it. We're not gonna get any more bottom than that!

Okay, time for our NEW SET OF RESOLUTIONS:

Starting with YoshiRider123, who is not in our staff but I still want his here for reference. He vows, as head of the shithole known as NSider2, to help it reach its full potential. I'm guessing that means totally ruin it NeoGAF-style.

For RawkHawk2010, he said it was "to be". (As opposed to "not to be", he explains.)

And now for our actual staff members.

Vortexica starts us off horribly with, "My New Years resolution is to continue my earnest tradition of not making New Years resolutions." Well, how am I supposed to keep him accountable?!

Kamek "would like to get my foot in the door for learning Japanese. Like, maybe all of the Hiragana...Become more masterful of my French and Spanish... Aaaaaand lose weight. That's on everyone's list. ...Aaaaaand work out more. Manage time more wisely. And get a new job."

...Um, by "new job", he better not be talking about leaving KoopaTV.

Now, time for yours truly, the High Prince of Koopa Kingdom. I have an internal goal as to the traffic for KoopaTV I want to achieve for 2015 that I think is totally do-able at our growth rate. (Not gonna share it with y'all but I'll let you know if we met it.) My resolution is to give KoopaTV's only unexplored month, February, a spectacular time. I want it to be amazing! On that note, no month-long hiatus ever again. I want to continue our success into 2015. I also resolve to hold the new Republican majority in Congress accountable in the same manner I held the Democrat Party and President Barack Hussein Obama accountable. I campaigned hard to get 'em in, now they better damn be good. I also vow to actually play Fire Emblem Awakening in 2015. In addition, my last KoopaTV-related resolution is to create a satisfactory navigation system. And my last resolution period? Gain weight. Yeah, take that, Kamek!

Update: I thought of another thing I want to get done. I want to stop sleeping so late, so I want to be asleep before 11:30 PM every night.

Cheers, and have a happy 2015.

Ludwig has gotten many more Followers to his Miiverse account since last year, and thinks he can easily surpass 300 Followers by the end of 2015. Why not help that happen sooner by Following him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas? (Unless you already have... then stick around!)

For the 2014 Resolutions, click here.
NSider2 couldn't reach its potential.


  1. Mine:
    -Get my driver's license, ex. fulfill last year's failed resolution.
    -Make good progress on my game backlog.
    -Finish my Choicescript game.
    -Publish a book... although since numerous factors go into that, it might not be a question of just my will to fulfill it.

    1. Good set of resolutions.

      I'll keep you accountable, too.

    2. Herman Cain on how to make resolutions work:

    3. I'm not quite sure how to make that apply to my list.

    4. I think it's applicable in terms of its focus on specific, actionable things for each resolution...
      ...And also for its call for being able to measure your progress throughout the year to see if it's on track.

    5. Hmm... so maybe make the list of positives and negatives for my resolutions, instead of in general.

    6. Well the negatives would be for self-improvement resolutions.
      The positives would be for... progressive resolutions.

  2. I'm sorry to disagree with you Ludwig but ...

    Vortexica has the best resolution. :) Happy 2015!

    1. Vortexica is highly pleased by this comment, but I'm not. >.>

      I think it's important to go through life with goals in mind!


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