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Monday, December 22, 2014

Welcome VORTEXICA to KoopaTV's Staff!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We actually succeeded in suckering someone else to join our staff.

KoopaTV would like to give a warm welcome to Vortexica, the newest addition to our staff. Vortexica, also known as Vortex in some circles, is an old friend of Koopa Keep's back from the Nintendo NSider Forums days. He was an especially big fan of my fan-fiction, Events of Star World. But... so was everyone else who was sensible. In other words, we know him well. And soon, you'll know him well, too! ...Or at least a little bit.

What does Vortexica bring to the table? Well, the dude applied and got the "Content Writer" position from our jobs tab, but we'll keep that tab and the position there because we haven't hit our limit for that. Y'all will be able to read the article that impressed the existing staff so much very shortly. (As in... tomorrow.)

His avatar looks like this:
I dunno who this actually is but it sure ain't anyone from my planet.

Vortexica can offer a more... internationally-based perspective on the issues of the day, since he's telecommuting from the other side of the world. He is also not a right-wing extremist (or a right-wing anything) like me, so we can offer more of that "Fair & Balanced" stuff. He might show up in a Live Reaction log near you, or publishing an article.

...Not as much as you'll see me, though. So consider the occasional Vortexica article to be a treat. Unless you end up not liking him. ...But I doubt that!

By the way, I should really consider rewriting the "About Us" page. Maybe before 2015 starts.

Vortexica doesn't have an NNID, so that's sort of weird for an author to a Nintendo-focused website because it means he doesn't have a modern Nintendo system. Whatever, he can put his own crap in his own footers.

Vortexica comes through, and writes a well-thought out article on... NORTH KOREA and "The Interview" movie!
Three and a half years later, Vortexica is declared legally deceased.

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