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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Super Kirby Clash Online Etiquette Guide

By SKY - Sword Hero mains, this one’s for you!

After reading Ludwig’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arena Etiquette Guide, I had the idea to write up something similar for another Nintendo Switch online game that desperately needed one. Presenting to you an online etiquette guide to Super Kirby Clash. I am a Team Kirby Clash Deluxe veteran hoping to improve the sequel’s online experience by helping new players learn how to cooperate and Git Gud.


So you ran out of Vigor for Story Quests, and you need more experience to level up, therefore you decided to play online to fill in the remaining gap. Whether you’re a first time online player or a skilled veteran, please read this and don’t sabotage your fellow players. Especially if you’re a Sword Hero main.

This guide is intended for random online battles, though a lot of the tips here can help you when playing with friends and even in single player! The inputs for each attack I mention are covered here, based on using both Joy-Cons for one player. The game also allows you to view the controls by pressing -/+ while changing the role on your profile/form a team screen, or while pausing a battle in single player.

Basics/Tips for Beginners

Beginner players with no upgraded gear should stick to Beam Mage. Why? Because Beam Mage can stop time. Which means the timer won’t go down. Saving time is essential to scoring gold and platinum medals, which net you more experience and therefore make leveling up faster and easier.

Super Kirby Clash level 1 basic Beam Mage Nintendo Switch
The correct setup for Level 1 players.

When seeking battles through the lobby, please, please PLEASE look at the recommended level of a boss before entering the room. It should give you a clear idea of whether you’re capable of handling the fight. Or at the very least surviving the whole way through.

Super Kirby Clash Greater Doomer Recommended level Tougher!
Look at the recommended level before selecting a quest.

If you accidentally enter a room with a boss you can’t handle, you can go to the Switch Home screen and close the game. ONLY do this if you are still on the pre-battle screen or you will force a disconnect. If you’re a higher level player please don’t join rooms only to leave right away, all because one player doesn’t have strong enough gear. Expensive gear doesn’t equate to skill level.

If you shut off the Switch or force a disconnect because things didn’t go your way, you will be penalized. So don’t even try it. The deepest pit in Pyribbit’s stomach is specifically reserved for players who disconnect immediately after another player generously spends Gem Apples… all because the Sword Hero let everyone die. Yes, it’s always the Sword Hero.

Stickers (press X to access, A to select) are the closest thing you’ll have to chat in online matches. You can use them to communicate to other players, cheer them on, apologize, ask for help, or to just wait a moment. They may or may not listen.

When you’re ready to branch out to other classes, do pick a role to complement your current team’s setup.
This depends on the situation. Some missions require everyone to play the same class to earn gem apples (it will tell you which one) or even have one player in each role.
In any other case, you’ll have to make your best judgement by looking at the classes everyone else chose. If 3/4 players chose offense (Hammer Lord or Sword Hero; Sword Hero is a support role but let’s face it everyone treats it as offense) use Doctor Healmore. If there’s at least 1 Beam Mage, switch to Mage to help the others stop time. The most efficient team setups use 2–4 Beam Mages and no more than 1 Doctor or Sword Hero.

If you are joining someone else’s match and the host chose a specific role/gear, try to help them clear the mission (press Y for the list) before clearing the mission yourself. Beam Mage is the most helpful role because of Time Beam, though there will be times when you’ll need to match the host’s class or pick a different role from everyone else.
When clearing online missions such as the time based ones or earn gold/platinum, it is easiest to do so by hosting Star Chest quests.

Super Kirby Clash opening Star Chest reward
Higher level players are usually starved for gem apples and will flock towards quests containing Star Chests.
Take advantage of this when trying to clear time based missions by hosting these quests.
The game will notify you if Star Chest quests are available.
When that happens, select Create a Match and pick one marked with a chest.

Missions where you land the Final Blow with a certain class are generally the most difficult in random online battles as there is no chat feature and no one can coordinate. You just have to hope for the best.

Etiquette for Specific Roles. Or: How to Play Your Role Properly

Beam Mage — Timing is Everything!

All you need to do is charge Time Beam (hold B). Release B when the beam is at its third, fullest charge. You will want to time the release when you’re certain you will hit the enemy. Usually this will be immediately after the charge is full. Sometimes you’ll have to wait for the enemy to almost land. Hitting an enemy in midair is best because the Time Beam gauge fills up faster. You’re doing great. Keep it up.
Sometimes you should release Time Beam when it reaches its first or second charge. If the gauge is almost full or the enemy is about to jump and move to an unreachable position, shoot your Time Beam quickly.

When time stops, do NOT charge Time Beam. Instead, do a Beam Blast (run, jump while running and press B). You can do around 2 or 3 Beam Blasts per jump and they do way more DPS than charging Time Beam.

More advanced players should learn to time their first or second time stop after the boss becomes furious. In team boss matches, save time stops for the last 2 bosses. Timing your time stops properly is important because Power Tablets drop after the boss becomes furious (or during the final enemy in team bosses), and Time Beam becomes less effective the more time stop is used.

Doctor Healmore — Don’t Get Your License Revoked...

Your first priority is keeping everyone at maximum health. Do this by charging your healing pool with B. Players at max health (indicated by a full, glowing health bar) do more damage.

If someone dies under your watch, it is YOUR responsibility to revive them (press Y on a fallen teammate). Doctors are the only class to not take damage when reviving a teammate.

Your best attack is Science Lab. Charge it with down and B. If necessary, save the attack for later by jumping or shielding without releasing B. Note that if you get hit while holding a stored Science Lab you’ll lose it. Science Lab’s attack has invincibility frames so take advantage of those.

Book Bash is your second best move (dash and B) and can be used to move around the stage quicker and more safely.

Super Kirby Clash HELP! knocked out
Do NOT just sit there if an ally needs to be revived. If you don’t revive your allies on time and you die…

Super Kirby Clash Game Over King D-Mind
You lose.

Hammer Lord – It's Hammer Time!

You just need to Hammer Flip (hold up and B to charge). It is the strongest attack in the game when fully charged. You have a lot of stamina too, so don’t worry too much about getting hit. By facing away from the enemy while charging Hammer Flip next to it, you can inflict damage with the flames. Just remember to face the enemy when you’re ready to strike.

Sometimes you’ll need to Hammer Swing (dash and B) to move across the stage quicker and pick up Power Tablets.

You’re doing good already because you chose the offense class to play offense. Unlike people who main the next role...

Sword Hero — Know Your Place.

Super Kirby Clash good job sorry stickers game over sword hero
That “good job” was sarcastically directed towards the Sword Hero, who did not shield his Hammer Lords trying to charge a Hammer Flip.
The Doctor here did NOTHING wrong and did not need to apologize.

If you’re playing Sword Hero just know that I hate you already and for a very good reason. You’re all glory hogs, even when you’re not trying to clear missions that need you to deal the final blow. In fact most of you tend to sabotage Hammer Lords trying to land the final blow with Hammer Flip, or Sword Heroes who actually know how to use Twister Slash. Just stop.

Now, if you’re willing to change this and learn your role, I commend you, because almost no one online knows how to play Sword Hero properly.

You have a big shield (hold L/R while on the ground) and it’s NOT for flexing. It’s big so you can protect your allies with it. Especially use the shield to protect Beam Mages and Hammer Lords charging their Time Beam or Hammer Flip.

Be careful not to let your shield break. It has a little bar indicating how much time you have left to shield.

Super Kirby Clash Sword Hero big shield protecting team
SHIELD your Beam Mage so we can get the battle over with quicker.
I cannot stress this enough.

You can charge your Spin Slash (press and hold B to charge) or Twister Slash (press and hold B to charge, hold up before and during releasing B) while the enemy is furious, time has stopped, or the enemy was struck by the Power Tablet. Otherwise, shield your teammates. Sword Hero is meant to be a chivalrous knight, so act like it!

The only exception to prioritizing shielding is if you’re the strongest Sword Hero in a full Sword Hero team (i.e. Starlight gear), or you’re significantly overleveled and can defeat the boss in two hits. Just keep an eye out for Star Chests.

Etiquette for Different, Specific Situations You Will Inevitably Encounter

We ran out of time/everyone died! What should I do?
The wisest thing to do is to not pay Gem Apples, since they’re a limited resource unlike Vigor. But that’s not always the most courteous option. Usually the host will pay Gem Apples to continue the match since it’s in their best interest to get some EXP out of their spent Vigor. HOWEVER, the responsibility to pay up should lie on the weakest link in the battle. Glory hogging Sword Heroes, that means you.

Super Kirby Clash use 3 Gem Apples revive everyone whole team
This wouldn't have happened if you just SHIELDED your one mage.

I’m the only other player in this room!
If you are hosting the room (you will show up as Player 1 and have the option to change teammates), please change your open slot teammates to the role with the strongest gear OR Beam Mage. Beam Mage is usually the best choice. You will also have the option to leave if the countdown reaches 0 and no one else joins.

If you are the second player (your Kirby is not pink), you will be at the mercy of the host and whichever teammates they choose. Just do your best.

People won’t stop spamming stickers before the battle! It’s annoying.
This is a Team Kirby bonding activity. If you don’t like it, too bad. Mute your Switch or something.

This freeloader won’t even damage the boss! He’s just crouching repeatedly.
If he dies, simply don’t revive him. In fact, you are morally obligated to crouch repeatedly over his round, pink (or blue or yellow or green) carcass to show him his behavior was unacceptable.

Honestly this depends on the situation. Players who can one shot the boss can get away with it if they’re waiting for the Star Chest to show up. Though it’s better to use the “Hold On” sticker to ask people to wait.

Why aren’t people going after the Power Tablet?
Some missions require earning platinum without using Team Meteor, or landing the final blow with it. Check missions by pressing Y on the pre-battle screen or on a battle in the lobby before confirming your selection.

It could also be that players are waiting for a Rare Fragment or Star Chest. When it shows up, help them break it. Everyone gets the rare item as long as the barrier around it completely breaks.

I came across a disrespectful or laggy player/I NEVER want to see you in an online match, wowee you’re such a Super Kirby Clash Elitist.
Go to your Switch’s home menu, click the upper left corner icon, scroll down and select User Settings. In the User Settings menu, scroll down until you see Manage Blocked-User List. Press Y to Block a User from a list of people you’ve recently played with.


While we can’t communicate with anything besides stickers in-game, if enough people follow these guidelines the online experience should become much more smooth and pleasant. Remember, Super Kirby Clash is a game about cooperation. We’re all just trying to gather up Gem Apples and complete all the quests. So be a good example to other players!

Super Kirby Clash Parallel Nightmare facepalm facepalming reaction image
Teamwork makes the dream work. Also feel free to use facepalming Nightmare as a reaction image.

Shoutouts to Luddy (yes, that’s Sky's nickname for Ludwig) for hosting this guide via guest submissions. If you have any more questions or would like to join Sky's Super Kirby Clash guild on Discord, ask Luddy for an invite. Invites to the guild are sent via Discord DMs, so be sure to have yours open. Sky promises to be a lot more laid back than this article makes her come across. And no, she does not accept criticism of her tone towards Sword Hero mains. It is very much warranted.

Ludwig himself was a top Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS) player, having written a guide on how to play it optimally and efficiently.
Sky and her guide won KoopaTV's Best KoopaTV Guest Article Contributor/Best Guest Commentary award for 2021!


  1. I would like to add a couple things.
    1. Players can collide and push each other. If 2 or more of you are Hammer Lord or Sword Hero this means that you can't both charge while hugging the same side of the boss! You'll screw up the closer player's spacing and possibly get them hit. Either get on the other side, move to the boss's next landing spot, or use another move.
    2. Hammer's aerial dash attack (Supergiant Swing) does plenty of damage, in some cases more than Hammer Flip.

    The collision thing is the main reason why I stopped playing this game. Microspacing around an unfamiliar boss is hard enough when your gear is so fragile you die in three hits. With lag and fool teammates jerking you around? Forget it.

  2. I didn’t know people still played Super Kirby clash online, but that makes me happy as I predict I may just be able to win this current loyalty round and get online for the first time! I hardly play anything multiplayer so I didn’t really need it, but I’ve got quests in Kirby and smash that require online modes so maybe it’ll come in handy.

    I consider myself a beam mage main, why would you play as anyone else? Occasionally I’ll play as doctor because I can’t stand the AI, But I didn’t know the doctor gets invincible revives so thanks for that tip. Hammer lord is too slow for me. Sword hero just seems boring, If I do use sword I like to get the enemy in the corner and just bounce on the enemy with that one sword attack that lets you bounce infinity. Or at least until they move.

    On sword hero, it’s pretty clear that sword hero is the equivalent of Mario in Mario2/3D world. The average fighter with no real special features. So I’m glad team Kirby clash added the big barrier as something to make it more than just the average role. Does anyone ever actually want to play as Mario in any of his games?

    I appreciate this guide, now I will know the best way to play and what to look out for. Glad to know my initial perception of beam mage being the best is pretty much 100% correct. I always have the most fun in all beam mage matches.

  3. Don't insult me! I'm a good Sword Hero player! I guard friends!


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