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Friday, October 27, 2017

Let's Do The (Super Mario) Odyssey!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There's no time to waste, let's do the odyssey!

The time has finally arrived: Super Mario Odyssey has been released for the Nintendo Switch! We have been waiting for this moment since the fateful night we saw and live-reacted to Shinzō Abe being possessed by Mario and Cappy during the Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Yeah, KoopaTV broke the story, and we outlined Mario + Cappy's capabilities here, foreshadowing Super Mario Odyssey as early as August 2016, months before Super Mario Odyssey was formally revealed in the famous Nintendo Switch presentation. The whole time throughout our pre-release coverage, we have been warning about the dangers of Mario and Cappy.

However, despite our worldly revelations concerning Cappy relating to geopolitical threats of nuclear war, along with a very high-profile royal figure (...of music), there are still many questions about Cappy and his species. It's because of this reason that I'm going to buy Super Mario Odyssey very soon. It's OPPOSITION RESEARCH on key Koopa Kingdom enemies.

Super Mario Odyssey New Donk City assaulting attacking jumping on humans heads
Mario's existence is a disincentive to walk to work, since he's jumping around assaulting humans like YOU!
This is why there's so much traffic congestion! (Cars aren't safe from Cappy, however.)

Why should YOU buy Super Mario Odyssey? Well, if you don't share my questions (and you should, since it affects your world as much as mine), then I can think of one very compelling reason why you should buy Super Mario Odyssey...

...The game is said to be absolutely amazing, and a very strong contender for Game of THAT Year 2017! Super Mario Odyssey is the first true “killer app” of the Nintendo Switch, an experience that you cannot replicate if you still are clinging to the Wii U.

I don't think that statement is particularly controversial. It's been confirmed from the start that Super Mario Odyssey is taking after the Super Mario 64-Super Mario Sunshine style of free-roaming 3D exploration design, rather than the largely linear romps of the Super Mario Galaxy titles. Plus, it's not a similar sequel or port of a Wii U game (sorry, Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), and it's not contemptible garbage (get the hell off my website, ARMS). The Wii U has nothing like it.

GameFAQs poll of the day What's your all-time favorite 3D Super Mario game? 64 Sunshine Galaxy Land World
Check out the results of this recent GameFAQs poll of the day asking for people's favourite 3D Super Mario game.

Don't just take my word for it. We've had people who have actually played the game write on this site about how great it was. (Kamek has played that demo as well, and he liked it.)

Vortexica actually took my advice (did YOU?) to go buy a Nintendo Switch while they are still very well-stocked and sold at normal prices. Now he is a Nintendo Switch owner, along with Super Mario Odyssey! Rawk has purchased Super Mario Odyssey as well, thanks to digital distribution.

Me? I'm going to buy a physical copy.

By the way, I'm not even going to justify yesterday's guest article with a response at this time. However, we agree with the part that says to buy Super Mario Odyssey. ...Everything else is highly questionable.

Hope to see you at King Bowser's wedding!

Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, ya see. Odyssey, Odyssey! In other words, KoopaTV does not reimburse the purchases made by its staff members, even if the site says these items are must-buys. Ludwig doesn't even like 3D platformers, so if he actually falls in love with Super Mario Odyssey after playing it, then it will deserve all of the free marketing KoopaTV has given it over the past YEAR-PLUS. Never forget that KoopaTV was the first website in the universe to spread awareness of Super Mario Odyssey. You're welcome. Stay tuned to KoopaTV for more!

Super Mario Odyssey also happened to be the hero of E3 2017. You can read the reaction log here to figure out how.


  1. Super Mario Odyssey is my first physical Switch game. I'm enjoying it so far. :D

    1. ...
      I want some elaboration, dammit.

    2. I wrote a whole blog post of clarification! XD

      I'm puzzled by how most of the criticisms I see online see to be from people who... expected it to be the Breath of the Wild version of Mario. Whether it's a direct comparison or just disappointment that it isn't open enough, I don't understand it. It's always been described as as successor to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, so why were these people expecting a large open world instead of many contained worlds?

      (I also saw someone praise it as a better successor to Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie than Yooka-Laylee was.)

    3. You didn't explain why you have non-physical Switch games!

      I saw a friend of our site say it's more of a spiritual successor to Banjo and MAJORA'S MASK than SM64 or Sunshine. Which makes me not want to play the game, actually.

      I'd criticise Odyssey if it WAS open world...!

    4. Oh, I didn't know that was the question. Up until now, every Switch game I've gotten has been a game to review for one of my freelance clients, all digital. So I have digital copies of Fate/Extella, Vaccine, Snake Pass, Wulverblade, Earth Atlantis, and Yono, but Super Mario Odyssey is my first physical Switch game (and the first one I got just for me).

      How in the world is Odyssey a successor to Majora's Mask??? The only thing I can think of is that "capturing" creatures/enemies/etc. is similar to using the transformation masks in a way?

    5. So... it sounds like you bought a Switch just to try to scrounge around for some client cash, rather than for actual enjoyment! HMPH!
      Did you at least get a return on your investment yet?

      I don't know how the Majora's Mask thing is supposed to make sense. It's a lot closer to Kirby's Adventure than Majora's Mask if that's the angle you want to go.

    6. Actually, I bought a Nintendo Switch because I wanted to have one for Super Mario Odyssey at launch, and because of the supply issues, I bought it months ahead of time as soon as I saw them in stock, just in case. XD

      (I forgot Phantom Trigger, League of Evil, 36 Fragments of Midnight, and Quest of Dungeons in my list.) And I would mention that some of these games, especially Yono, I really really enjoyed! :D

      Yeah, I don't really get the comparison.

    7. Well, the real reason you bought it is that I told you to buy it and we got 'em at the same time.

      Were some of those games you really really didn't enjoy? :o
      And wot about Golf Story?

    8. I didn't play Golf Story yet, but I want to, because it looks great!

      ...I reviewed all of these games, so do you want me to link to my reviews?
      Short versions:
      Fate/Extella - Kind of crazy, but enjoyable.
      Vaccine - I like the idea, but not the execution.
      Snake Pass - Some good, some frustration.
      Wulverblade - Very cool history, brutal difficulty.
      Earth Atlantis - Some great ideas, also lots of difficulty.
      Yono - Cute and awesome, really great.
      Phantom Trigger - Pretty good, interesting, difficult at times.
      League of Evil - Simple, decent for what it is.
      36 Fragments of Evil - Short and repetitive.
      Quest of Dungeons - Fun enough, sometimes difficult.

    9. Link to Snake Pass.

      We're sort of tempted to try to contact Golf Story's developers and ask for a review copy, though maybe when the Switch gets in a drought. (...They might not be willing to give us a review copy by then, though.)

    10. Snake Pass review:

      I tried contacting them about an interview for Nintendo Chit Chat, but I never heard back.

    11. “Because of this unusual system, Snake Pass players are likely to fall into one of two categories: those who love the way it makes them plan out their actions to carefully maneuver Noodle to safety, and those who find it utterly tedious, especially in later levels.”


    12. I fall into the latter category. I appreciated it for what it was trying to do, but I'm not its target audience.

    13. But you're a major proponent of turn-based RPGs! Patience-based gameplay shouldn't turn you off.

    14. I wouldn't say it's really a patience thing here. Turn-based combat is completely different than using multiple controls to maneuver a character in very precise ways with good timing.

  2. Back in September, I entered a contest where you had to guess which titles would appear in order during the Nintendo Direct and whoever was the closest would win two free Switch games of his choice that released in 2017. I just so happened to be the lucky winner. Of course, there was also only three entrants total including myself which greatly increased my odds. Super Mario Odyssey was my very first choice and Ittle Dew 2 was my second. The latter was an odd choice, I must admit, but the first game was essentially a Zelda clone and since I already have Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2, I decided that it would be the next best thing. There was really no other game I was interested in. Now, it's almost November and I have Super Mario Odyssey sitting in it's case just waiting to be played. The wait is agonizing but it will all be worth when ����'�� �������� ���� �������� ���� ���� ������ ������. �������� ����, ������'�� ���� ������������. �������� ���� ������ �������� ���������� �������� �������� ��������... ♪

    1. I'm not sure what happened here but those ?s were the lyrics "It's time to jump up in the air. Jump up, don't be scared. Jump up and your cares will soar away."

    2. ...yeah I don't know how those got converted to question marks.

      It seems all you do is enter and win website contests...!

    3. I've won a fair number of contests, but I've also lost more than I could count. It's all about entering those with very few shares on social media and hits on search engines. I did not find this site because of the rewards program by the way, but I will say that it did play a role in me staying. The political commentary is also an interesting aspect that set this site apart as well. This was the article that first brought me to the site over two years ago now.

    4. ...yeah, that's a pretty interesting article to step into.

      Though... I have no idea what the hell you were searching for to find that.

  3. I'm still struggling with the jump rope mini game even in the retail game.


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