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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

KoopaTV's Live Reactions to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Nintendo Direct!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The game is worthless, BUT we have some KoopaTV firsts.

Are you excited for a NEW Nintendo Direct? This one is on the Animal Crossing mobile game that was announced a long time ago. ...Yeah, a Direct dedicated to a mobile game. ...To answer my question, I am not excited about the game, but I am excited for our live reaction log!

This is our first KoopaTV Reaction Log taking place in our private Discord server, as opposed to our AOL Instant Messenger [Koopa Keep] Blast. We are... experimenting with the format.

Notably, we have a full house! (Well, except for Roxy.) That means I'm reacting, Rawk is there, Vortexica is there, Kamek is there, and even my sister Wendy O. Koopa has live reactions! That hasn't happened in a very long time, if ever! Now imagine if we had full attendance during a game that is worth our time... 

Watch along here:

[9:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:
[9:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Tune in for a roughly 15-minute Animal Crossing Mobile Direct video presentation focused exclusively on the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile title. There will be no updates on any other topics including other mobile, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS software."

Animal Crossing Mobile Pocket Camp Direct message preview Nintendo
In other words, don't expect Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch.

[10:58 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So...
[10:58 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...I heard that we're all tired.
[10:59 PM] Vortex: Yep.
[10:59 PM] Kamek: kamek is tired
[10:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ludwig isn't tired but he should be.
[10:59 PM] Kamek: oh crap
[10:59 PM] Kamek: link me
[10:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:
[10:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: or
[10:59 PM] Vortex: Maybe my drowsiness will make this Direct seem a tad more interesting than it otherwise would be.
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: To be clear, this is about ANIMAL CROSSING MOBILE, announced like...
[11:00 PM] Kamek: "Chat is disabled for this live stream"
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...2 years ago?
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: IT BEGINS
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RATED E
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's Anabelle?
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...Isabelle.
[11:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: SHIT
[11:00 PM] Kamek: oh dear
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: A new Animal Crossing game for smart devices.
[11:00 PM] Kamek: a mobile game for animal crossing?
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Or... an Animal Crossing for mobile.
[11:00 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: wat
[11:00 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: why
[11:00 PM] Kamek: whatever
[11:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: am i in the right place
[11:00 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: why must they do that
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Narrator. (Is this Samantha from Treehouse?)
[11:00 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: prolly
[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's a dress-up game.
[11:01 PM] Kamek: hmmmm
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Featuring the campsite DLC from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
[11:01 PM] Vortex: "Here's a TV that looks like an apple".
[11:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Welcome to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp"
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is "Welcome to" in the game title?
[11:01 PM] Kamek: That apple tv was ahead of its time Vortex
[11:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't like this verticality.
[11:01 PM] Kamek: Way before the Apple TV
[11:01 PM] Kamek: Ooooo
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Back in my day, we played on the Game Boy Advance, and that was horizontal.
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's Goldie!
[11:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: She was in my GameCube town.
[11:02 PM] Kamek: I like this
[11:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Did Cube ever return to the series?
[11:02 PM] Kamek: It's almost like a real animal crossing
[11:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Goldie gave you cotton for giving her an apple.
[11:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is Kamek the only one here who plays phone games?
[11:02 PM] Vortex: I had Cube in my town. <.<
[11:02 PM] Kamek: I tried Mario run once
[11:02 PM] Kamek: Cube....wasn't he a penguin?
[11:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yes.
[11:02 PM] Kamek: I had him too
[11:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: This music is balls.
[11:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I have the YouTube video in the bigger view and it's still hard to see stuff thanks to the verticality.
[11:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Can't imagine playing on an actual phone.
[11:03 PM] Kamek: So you can invite your favorite animals to come hang out
[11:03 PM] Kamek: ....aaaaaaand? that's it?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp friendship level Isabelle Goldie
...Yes, that's it.

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: This is like when people film Black Friday Wal-Mart brawls in portrait
[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: And then upload it to YouTube
[11:03 PM] Kamek: She better pick those clovers
[11:04 PM] Kamek: did she really say quaint?
[11:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Leaf Tickets = wild card
[11:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Dancing Tom Nook on the side.
[11:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Not included in the game)
[11:04 PM] Vortex: I presume crafting isn't new to AC then.
[11:04 PM] Vortex: I haven't played an AC since Wild World.
[11:04 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Don't let that butterfly... flutter by!"
[11:04 PM] Kamek: In terms of video presentation, having the universal sign for misspelled words as your highlight system is a horrible idea
[11:05 PM] Kamek: just saying
[11:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The exclamation point?
[11:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol
[11:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This Direct has only been 5 minutes.
[11:05 PM] Kamek: The squiggly underline
[11:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's felt like 20.
[11:05 PM] Kamek: something about animal crossing bends spacetime
[11:05 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: oh god
[11:05 PM] Kamek: oh look it's rosie
[11:05 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: this is something I would just end up drinking more right now
[11:05 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: shakes bottle
[11:05 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: It's empty.
[11:06 PM] Kamek: drinks hawaiian punch
[11:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: This Direct is awful.
[11:06 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: Very awful.
[11:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're literally doing fishing filler.
[11:06 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: Do I have permission to drink my brains out?
[11:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf umbrella fishing net

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp throw net fishing fish beach
Known as the Throw Net, you just dump it in the water and catch a bunch of fish at once! (And squid?)

[11:06 PM] Kamek: It's pretty real
[11:06 PM] Vortex: This music is really, really bad.
[11:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'm getting vibes of the 2013 one where it was nothing but Made in Wario.
[11:06 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: And the whole YouTube chat was begging Nintendo to move on.
[11:07 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: It's also midnight atlantic time.
[11:07 PM] Kamek: This is cool, but I think it's too chill
[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wendy this is your most prominent role in a log (...nay, the whole site) and you're spending it drinking? ...yeah might as well.
[11:07 PM] Kamek: there a place in the USA that's atlantic?
[11:07 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: well it is bad stuff
[11:07 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: I just ran out of barley wine
[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Probably some irrelevant territory.
[11:07 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I wonder if there are even bees in this.
[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Able Sisters are in the game.
[11:08 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: no K.K. Slider
[11:08 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Bees may be too scary.
[11:08 PM] Vortex: "Not the bees!"
[11:08 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Or offensive.
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I wonder if the emo one is gonna be emo again and have a relationship arc.
[11:08 PM] Kamek: Kamek recommends Barley tea. The Japanese friends I made in france recommend it
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Like every other Animal Crossing game.
[11:08 PM] Kamek: Personalize your camper?
[11:08 PM] Kamek: I can dig it
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Your Camper" is a tiny home you can decorate with furniture, showing a guy sleeping on a...
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...whatever the
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BEPPE?
[11:08 PM] Kamek: This makes me want a real camper in real life
[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I thought they said Pepe.
[11:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Are these guys new?
[11:09 PM] Kamek: They're italian
[11:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: What is that, a pigeon?
[11:09 PM] Kamek: italian pigeons?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Giovanni Beppe Carlo Italian birds pigeon penguin camper move truck
Rawk took this screenshot, with the belief that these are penguins.

[11:09 PM] Kamek: This red squiggly line is elevating my blood pressure
[11:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "shaking trees never hurts, too"
[11:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I guess bees aren't in the game, then.
[11:10 PM] Kamek: oh
[11:10 PM] Kamek: neat
[11:10 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: top kek
[11:10 PM] Kamek: Friend codes?
[11:10 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: lol
[11:10 PM] RawkHawk2010: I bet loot boxes are in this.
[11:10 PM] Kamek: "GIVE KUDOS"
[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "If you really hit it off with someone, give them some much-deserved kudos."
[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: aka clap for them
[11:10 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: it is a mobile game...
[11:11 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: gatcha is supposed to happen
[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh yeah they haven't mentioned the payment mechanism.
[11:11 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: wellriperoni
[11:11 PM] Kamek: *Hands out Kudos"
[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR SKIN COLOUR as first thing mentioned.
[11:11 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: "Managers can be a boy or a girl."
[11:11 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: ONLY TWO GENDERS?!?!
[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: lol
[11:11 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: like holee crawp
[11:11 PM] Kamek: I can give a kudo for that
[11:11 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: So where is my dog-kin manager status?
[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: People gave Nintendo shit for making you the only way to be black is get a sunburn.
[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: For the previous games in the series.
[11:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So now I guess two genders is the next thing to complain about?
[11:12 PM] Kamek: I forgot about that
[11:12 PM] Kamek: I suppose....
[11:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I bet you can buy Leaf Tickets.
[11:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Shovel Strike Quarry" = mining minigame
[11:12 PM] Kamek: Yeah Leaf Tickets are the mini-transaction
[11:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Of course, Tom Nook is the Leaf Ticket ambassador.
[11:12 PM] Kamek: naturally
[11:12 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Will Mr. Resetti be in the game?
[11:13 PM] Kamek: She's a decent narrator
[11:13 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: two more minutes
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Seasonal events, including Christmas.
[11:13 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: no
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And continued game updates.
[11:13 PM] Kamek: "Toy Day"
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "The simple life is coming to smartdevices."
[11:13 PM] Kamek: "The simple life"
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is it ending already?
[11:13 PM] Kamek: No one ever called it that
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Available Late November 2017.
[11:13 PM] Kamek: Kamek will be looking forward to this
[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's over 2 minutes early.
[11:13 PM] Kamek: wow
[11:13 PM] Vortex: lol
[11:13 PM] Kamek: that was fast
[11:14 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: lol at the music ending that aruptly.
[11:14 PM] RawkHawk2010: wow
[11:14 PM] Kamek: At least do a proper audio fade
[11:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, that was worse than the ARMS Direct.
[11:14 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: lmao
[11:14 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: #2017
[11:14 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: A Direct that can't even last its scheduled time?
[11:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: aka worst Direct of the year
[11:14 PM] Kamek: Meh
[11:14 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I know they've been longer, but this?
[11:14 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is this a first?
[11:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Glad we were all around for it!
[11:14 PM] Kamek: It's 11pm
[11:14 PM] Kamek: so
[11:14 PM] Kamek: I guess they compensated for that?
[11:15 PM] Vortex: Any longer and we'd've literally been falling asleep?
[11:15 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: 12:15 AM AST
[11:15 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: What do we think about the title "Pocket Camp"?
[11:15 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: I would!
[11:15 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: o/
[11:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sounds like Pocket Card Jockey.
[11:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Except infinitely worse of a game.
[11:16 PM] Vortex: "Pocket Camp Jockey"
[11:16 PM] Kamek: Definitely worth trying. I want to vicariously live in a camper and hang out like a hobo
[11:16 PM] Kamek: Kamek is the most excited for this mobile game
[11:16 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
[11:16 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Typical.
[11:16 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Sounds like something from that book Holes.
[11:16 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: ... Actually that sounds like fun.
[11:16 PM] Rawk
Hawk2010: A Camp for Pickpocketers.
[11:16 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's only fun if you can use the campfire as an arson tool.
[11:16 PM] Kamek: ...
[11:17 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: I shamelessly pluck things from the curb.
[11:17 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: It's needed... for my secret projects.
[11:17 PM] Kamek: It's like Earthbound. That trash burger? 30HP right there!
[11:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (We haven't seen you in years, Wendy! So secretive!)
[11:17 PM] Kamek: oh bother....I'm out of punch
[11:18 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: It's how I operate.
[11:18 PM] Kamek: Wendy I propose we invest in the stalk market and pool money for a camper by the release of Animal Crossing Pocket
[11:18 PM] Wendy O. Koopa: Sounds like a plan.
[11:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, at least you two are doing something together.
[11:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I hope we'll hear more about it in the coming month!

What do you think of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Are you excited? Also, more importantly, what do you think of how the reaction log looks when it comes from Discord? How was the dynamic between having five KoopaTV staffers in the same log simultaneously? Please give KoopaTV your feedback! (For more about the staffers, and what they are supposed to be doing for the website, please see KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XII before October ends.)

Two years later, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is trying to get money with a pair of optional subscription services.


  1. I've put in over 100 hours into New Leaf and still have not completed everything, so I'm not too inclined in downloading this yet. If Pocket Camp connects with the future Switch Animal Crossing title, then I'll probably get it and play it from time to time. I'm just glad that this game is not a spin-off but a simplified version of the series.

    1. You'll need a lot more than 100, 200, or even probably 500 hours of New Leaf to complete everything.

      There's no point in playing this if it connects with a Switch Animal Crossing because, hey, everything enjoyable would be in the Switch game.

  2. I played Pocket Camp, and it has that "pick-up and go" essence from New Leaf, but somehow, they... intensified it. The shops are similar to what our family does, where they'd set up a table with a limited/specific selection. My biggest gripe is the lack of a mini museum, where, if anyone remembers in the GC version, you'd send a letter to the museum to get it approved (inefficient, but it'd make more sense here, considering that the mailbox has stepped away from mail, and into packages). Somehow, the catalog is still there, and there's a tiny desk managed by Isabelle.

    If you have a nice, stable New Leaf town, just stick with New Leaf.

    On the note of Discord, it bothers me that the seconds are now gone. So, I'd say it's best to categorize each portion by minute with one "Shift and Enter," just so I don't have to see that awkward bump. Ugh...

    (I was gonna make a joke about no Smash for Switch, but it'd come off as less funny and more ignorant.)

    1. So it sounds like the other mobile games: If you have the real thing, then that's better in every way. In the case of this site's readership and staff, we're likely to have the real thing. To the audience Nintendo wants to acquire, perhaps not.
      Does it give a good impression of the Animal Crossing series to a casual mobile gamer?

      Yeah, there doesn't appear to be a way for seconds to appear in the timestamps.

      I could try to put a linebreak between the minutes, which would be doable for very short reaction logs like this. However, when we do something really long like The Game Awards (...which Rawk vows we'll watch this year, even if I always want to kill myself while watching it) which lasts several hours... well, I don't feel like going through that manual labour, and I can't think of a way to automate it.

    2. Honestly, yeah. It does way too much handholding, which may be good for the nimble mind. In contrast, relationships with animals are more detailed. Long gone are the days of having randoms move in, and welcome to the ones where you have to buy furniture, do errands, etc., so the animals can move in.

      While I'm not an advocate of Mario, it's disappointing that Super Mario Run, the standard full-priced game you'd find in a game system, grossed less than its more obscure relative, Fire Emblem Heroes. The worst part is people STILL complain about it.

      Ugh, The Game Awards. (I'm still sorry to Hungrybox.)

    3. Hey, "nimble" has a positive connotation.
      So... what, each specific animal has, like, mission-based unlock requirements to get them? 'cause that's cool.

      Yeah, Run still hasn't achieved Nintendo's profit goals, but I guess Heroes has.



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