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Monday, October 16, 2017

No Excuse: Nintendo Switch Consoles Are PLENTIFUL and WELL-SUPPLIED!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Your only excuse now is “I'm poor and don't have $300 for a console that isn't bundled with any games.”

It was over-extensively covered by the media: Nintendo Switch shortages at launch! The demand far stripping the supply led people to believe the Nintendo Switch launch was rushed. Afterward, it was very hard for months to buy a Nintendo Switch, though I managed to do so in July.

In the interest of being better than the mainstream gaming media, rather than only covering when there are Nintendo Switch shortages, I would like to dedicate this article to telling Nintendo that they are doing a good job with supply vs. demand right now.

You can actually walk into a brick-and-mortar retailer and buy a Nintendo Switch in-person without reservation. Since evidence is everything in court... erm, articles, I have proof of this claim:
Nintendo Switch stock inventory Best Buy available brick and mortar physical store boxes
Count them with me!
One Nintendo Switch, two Nintendo Switch... THREE NINTENDO SWITCH! For $299.99.

I went to Best Buy on October the 8th. Honestly, I wanted to buy a physical copy of Culdcept Revolt. If I found one, I'd buy it. I didn't. I did find plenty of copies of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, but no Koopa Troopa amiibo. For some totally unknown reason, I bought a Cloud amiibo (he's still in the box) and then 3 $10 Nintendo eShop cards (those will be for you guys for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program — Round 16 ends in two weeks, so hurry up and do your point-getting activities so you can WIN FREE MONEY!).

ANYWAY, the point is to point out that you can go buy Nintendo Switch systems at retailers. If you'd prefer them shipped to you via an online retailer, then Amazon has had the Nintendo Switch grey and neon variants at Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for weeks now. You can also buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sort of mandatory), and plenty of awesome games like Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are also a lot of copies of ARMS laying around, along with the same copy of the Wii U version of Mighty No. 9 for a year because no one wants to buy it.

One notable omission: You cannot buy a Super Nintendo Entertainment System: SNES Classic Edition. I didn't find one. Huh. Pretty sure Nintendo went out of their way to say that the SNES: SNES CE would be well-stocked.

Oh well! Don't be stuck in the past — look into the future! Focus on the Nintendo Switch, the future of gaming!

Ludwig wants the Nintendo Switch to sell well, of course. Don't you want that too? Then go buy one. They're relatively easy to find and not THAT expensive, and they are worth purchasing, especially before they start charging for online play. The best time to buy a Nintendo Switch is now, because these conditions where the console is well-stocked may not hold true in the holidays.

The last paragraph about looking into the future and disregarding the past directly contradicts Ludwig's Splatfest position on Team Past vs. Team Future.
Everyone ignored Ludwig's advice and only bought the Switch starting on the holidays, making it the best-selling item.


  1. I AM poor and don't have $300 for a console that isn't bundled with Super Mario Odyssey.

    1. Fun fact: The Super Mario Odyssey bundle is $380 MSRP.

      $300 for the Switch + included stuff (Joy-Con, cables, etc.), $60 for the game, and $20 for a carrying case.

    2. Well, if that turns out to be the price I guess I'll just get the Switch and the game then. But that game NEEDS to already exist before I'm willing to get a Switch.

  2. The only store that sells games in my town is a Walmart, and I don't think they have ever restocked. Fortunately, the city only 25 few miles away where the GameStop I was at is located, has plentiful stock. I'm planning to get one before the end of the year when I have enough saved up.

    1. Well, maybe eCommerce is the right choice for you?

    2. I could always go that route, but I prefer to have the item in my hands especially when it is a big purchase such as a Switch.

    3. It'll be in your hands... when it's done shipping!

      Besides, do you REALLY wanna go back to that GameStop? If it's a big (heavy!) purchase such as a Switch in your hands and you get attacked by their cap merchandise, you might drop it! ...YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT.

      It's not just shipping, but it's also HANDLING. Leave the handling to the professionals!


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