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Friday, October 20, 2017

Video Capture Enabled! Nintendo Switch Update

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - By the way, using the word “capture” makes me scared.

Did you upgrade your Nintendo Switch to 4.0.0 yet? Have you used the new video capture feature?

...Have you used it successfully? Because I am having a lot of trouble with it for some reason. They make it seem so simple, but it's not. Not for me. You're supposed to hold the screenshot button down and then it captures the previous 30 seconds that happened in the game prior to you pressing the screenshot button.

But when I do it, it doesn't go the full 30 seconds. It seems to go a random amount. I don't get it. Some people complain that 30 seconds is such a short time, but I'd be happy if I can get to that full amount.

Technical issues aside, it works for other people, including other KoopaTV staff members. So let's talk about the feature on its theoretical merits. As usual with new Nintendo initiatives, there's a slick video that goes with it:

When I watched the trailer on YouTube, it was... actually a bit unsettling.

Like screenshots, videos can be exported from your Nintendo Switch to an associated Twitter and/or Facebook account. ...Only those social media.

Not, you know, YouTube, which exists as a video repository. Nope.

Nintendo Switch video capture post to Facebook Twitter but not YouTube trailer
The YouTube logo in the top left is looking at Nintendo's video and wondering what the hell is going on.

One of the downsides of Miiverse closing in a matter of weeks is that the functionality to post Replays from Super Smash Bros. For Wii U to YouTube will also be discontinued. Those replays serve a big role in my YouTube channel (PrinceOfKoopas) having SOME amount of new content, since we all know that new video-making for this website is more of a RawkHawk2010 thing. KoopaTV Adventures Episode 1 resides on my YouTube channel for some reason, though since it has been OVER A YEAR NOW since Episode 1 was released and Episode 2 still doesn't exist, I have little confidence that my channel can be lifted by that insanely high-quality content coming out soon.

(Go lobby for Vortexica to get Episode 2 to exist by filling out KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XII. While you're there, have fun with KoopaTV Quiz Part XII!

I bring up that Super Smash Bros. For Wii U functionality to conclusively demonstrate that Nintendo engineers know how to integrate YouTube with Nintendo experiences... but they are just choosing not to. Why? It would add tremendous value to this new video capturing functionality. Perhaps Nintendo is sour over YouTube not adding their Super Bowl ad on YouTube's Ad Blitz vote?

Rawk and I had an argument yesterday about how I am disappointed that this great feature is not being used to its best potential, while he is fine with posting things to Twitter. Unlike Miiverse, people on Facebook and Twitter do not give a damn about your gaming escapades. It gets buried in the noise. For Facebook, your content doesn't even show up on other people's feeds unless you pay them. For Twitter, it gets lost in whatever President Donald John Trump tweets, because we all know that the only reason Twitter is still sustained right now is because the president uses it as his communications platform.

In all of that, no one cares about your gaming. You won't get comments on it. No one will look at it. Rawk thinks otherwise. He's free to explain himself in his own words in the comments section or his own article.

At least if things get posted to YouTube, which was MADE FOR HOSTING VIDEOS, it can be searchable by people who are interested in gaming on YouTube. And quite a bit of people ARE interested in that. No one on Twitter or Facebook will go searching for gaming content, meaning no one will see your video.

Fortunately, there are free, non-virus-y ways to download .mp4s from Facebook and Twitter. Once you extract those, you can repurpose them however you wish, including putting them on YouTube. It's a workaround, but possible. ...For now, anyway. It's possible to prevent the “go to the site's mobile version on a desktop and right-click to save video as” technique. YouTube itself has done it.

Now that I've figured that out, I'll try to find out how to actually use the video capture button properly this weekend.

UPDATE 10/23/2017: Well, this is 30 seconds long, and I got it on YouTube. It's 240p, though. Nothing that I set for that to happen. ...If anyone can solve the problem presented in the video that'd be nice.

If you can think of great ways to get great usage out of this new Nintendo Switch feature, share them in the comments section! Also, if you would like to join in our staff discussion on if you think Facebook and/or Twitter are or are not appropriate places for gaming screenshots and videos, comment that too.

Don't have a Nintendo Switch? Not waiting for the Super Mario Odyssey bundle? Then buy one now. It's easier than the media would have you believe.
The 4.0.0 update ALSO gives additional USB controller functionality... including the GameCube controller?!
You can use the Video Capture feature to cheat in memory games.


  1. So ye had bought yer moo NSwitch 3:/
    How rich ye are!

    Herewith my skype 3:v
    I need yer help to evolve my Slowbro

    1. ...This is incoherent. <_<;
      I don't know who you are. >_>;

      That said, I had bought my Nintendo Switch back in July.
      Annnnnnd I don't have Skype because Skype is absolute garbage.

    2. Lol I'm gonna crush ye with my moolotic and mootank this time !

    3. ...Stella?

      See, I asked HSOWA today if he's seen you ('cause it SOUNDS like you) and he's like, she disappeared.

    4. DING-DONG!!
      Well I dropped my smartphone AGAIN and it took me a lot of time to download new PO.

    5. ...I'm...not surprised. All smartphones are good for are getting DROPPED.

  2. Ahhhh geeze THAT Korok seed. The only thing I could really do is just keep trying until it slid into place via sheer luck...

    1. I tried for a lot longer than what the video showed. Never got it.
      The other Korok seeds have a lot more generous hitbox detection...

    2. I had to try at least 6 times longer than that video, maybe more. Honestly I'm impressed with myself for not ragequitting after I accidentally put the block all the way through!

    3. I moved the block cleanly through it several times!

    4. Ouch. At least that only happened to me once.

    5. I'd go try some more, but this Gerudo chick is sleeping on the Sheikah Slate authenticator so I can't warp back there.

    6. Eh?! Wait a sec, that's nowhere NEAR where I found this dingbat of a Korok puzzle...

      Oh CRAP. THERE MUST BE MORE THAN ONE OF THEM LIKE THAT. (screams uncontrollably)



    8. Judging from my own's not. :(


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