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Monday, February 1, 2016

KoopaTV's January 2016 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - That 2016 looks pretty shiny, doesn't it?

KoopaTV said good-bye to 2015, and we didn't even bother to do New Years Resolutions in the transition to 2016. No time for that! We're forging our paths forward!

Yeah, not really sure what to add, so let's get to some lists. First up: Top five recommended articles from January 2016 to read! In chronological order.

  1. I'd Rather Live in the Past Than the Future
  2. Life Lessons From the Rand Direct January 2016
  3. Let Sakurai Work On What He Wants
  4. Ted Cruz's Candy Crush Craziness Disqualifies Candidacy
  5. The State of the Videogame Industry if Hillary Clinton Had Her Way
Every article is worth reading though. January had lots of fun, quirky, informative articles.

Now, let's look at the standings for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! 

Mid-Round KoopaTV Rewards Program Leaderboard

  1. The Blue Yoshi — 70 points
  2. ShinyGirafarig — 61 points
  3. Nandin Lopez — 32 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 24 points
  5. Kat — 19 points
Point numbers as of publishing. Round 6 ends February 28, 2016! The top two scorers get prizes, and anyone can still reach that. There's a huge list of ways to win, so consult that and lemme know if you have questions.

Yeah, I don't have anything to say. Keep enjoying our content.

It's election season in the United States, but we'll probably ease a little on that coverage. Certainly compared to the previous week where there was a political article every single day! 

Ludwig was watching the Iowa Caucus numbers all night and then remembered he needed to publish something on KoopaTV. Here you go.

There was a lot more to say in last month's newsletter, so read that if you want.
Next month's newsletter also has more information too.
Check out last year's version of this article.
Next year's January 2017 is a lot more lively.


  1. January is already over.. are you sure time isnt speeding up? I swear I harldy felt it pass

  2. It's only a matter of time until the finale of Gravity Falls and the reopening of the Nintendo World Store in NY, now renamed as Nintendo NY.


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