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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Give a Warm Welcome to Bayonetta! (Oh, there's some Corrin kid too)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, Bayonetta deserves a HAWT welcome. Which she is able to give herself by virtue of her very presence.

In the middle of December, Masahiro Sakurai told us who the last DLC characters would be. We have Smash Ballot winner (though, it was through more dubious means than Hillary Clinton getting more votes than Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucus) Bayonetta from the critically-acclaimed Bayonetta, and some advertisement Fire Emblem crap named Corrin. Sakurai mentioned that they're targeting February 2016 for both Bayonetta and Corrin.

Well, it's now February 2016, and it so happens that Sakurai met his target at the BEGINNING of the month, rather than the end of it. This is much more timely than saying Super Smash Bros. For 3DS would come out in the summer and having it come out in October and pretending he didn't miss his own deadline or anything. He must be really eager to work on whatever it is he actually wants to work on.

Bayonetta and Corrin should be available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop for both Super Smash Bros. For 3DS and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U as of when you read this, on a worldwide basis.

Bayonetta Ludwig Von Koopa Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Umbra Clock Tower crouch
Bayonetta is so welcoming!
I'll let you know my full thoughts on Bayonetta and Corrin's inclusions in a later article, along with the other DLC characters. Because a request told me to, and I rather like that request. I just need time. In the meantime, let me give a quick thought or two.

Why no love for Corrin? Yeah, I don't plan to actually buy Corrin's DLC. There's just no appeal there. Meanwhile, Bayonetta's stage, Umbra Clock Tower, comes with "Let's Dance Boys" which is so sexy and jazzy. The song is, I mean. I already acknowledged it as such on KoopaTV before, so I'm not making this up as I go along. Believe me!

Bayonetta down throw Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Ludwig Von Koopa heel boot stomp crush
I don't have a crush on Bayonetta! As you can see, the only one getting crushed on here is... me!

Bayonetta PLUS her stage are $5.99 on Wii U or 3DS, and $6.99 if you want to buy her plus her stage on both systems. Don't have the funds to buy Bayonetta? The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program is here to help you — we're giving away a $10 eShop code for first place! (It's sitting unscratched to my left, calling out to you.) It's a great contest that KoopaTV has that's 100% skill-based and free to enter, and all the information on it is in the hyperlink in this paragraph. Second place this month is Cloud + Midgar for the 3DS, if you missed out on that.

Corrin is $4.99 on one system and a dollar more to buy the dude on both. Not that I'd bother.

If you want to see some more... interesting photos of Ludwig's interactions with Bayonetta, click here to check out the Miiverse post Ludwig made housing these. And Follow Ludwig on Miiverse. His NNID is PrinceOfKoopas. Ludwig wonders why there's a message whenever you try to comment telling you not to share your Nintendo Network ID over Miiverse when it's automatically shown whenever you look at someone's Miiverse profile or even when they make a post.


  1. I have not even bought the Cloud DLC as of this time. I seemed to have lost interest in SSB4 entirely. Too much salt is generated on For Glory mode for me and probably my opponent. I probably would buy the DLC if I have visitors who play this come to my house.

    1. ....Well, that's unfortunate.

      Yeah, I feel like I don't even win matches online anymore. Only against really bad players.
      Though the same is kinda for Splatoon too. And everything else.

    2. So if I win second place, please give that prize to third place.

    3. Maybe you should give it to third place. :o

    4. How do you know it is you who is the problem in Splatoon? It is a team effort after all and it is very hard to tell who is the weak link.

      Also I do not wish to associate with a character who has a significant part in a video game series I hate so much.

    5. Because I either play as short-range weapons or the Dynamo Roller. A lot of the time I'm not the worst one on the team, but I still feel like I don't pull my weight.

      So basically it's like playing as Jigglypuff or Bowser. They have the same issues: Either get out-ranged by everyone and be helpless, or be helpless by getting combo'd and can't approach.

      Today my Bowser absolutely could not approach this Robin on an Omega stage. Elfire and the Thunder variation tomes basically made this wall Bowser couldn't get past.

      I also played against two Corrin today. One was the first time I ever played against Corrin, and I was Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff can't really do much against Corrin because Corrin's range is soo good. The other time was right after against another player, and I was playing as myself and did much better and won. They were also a worse Corrin.

    6. I understand the feeling of not wanting to try out a new character you do not care about. I would think that would be different with weapons in Splatoon. Could you really not be willing to try out other weapons like you would not consider other characters?

      My weapons of choice are Sloshers (the original one with Inkstrike is what I use most, when you played against me last time I used the one with the Splash Walls and Krakens and did not have the build for that to conserve ink, I'll talk about builds later in the comment), I am now practicing both Tri-Sloshers, I use Custom Jet Squelcher for ranked and experimenting with Dual Squelchers for ranked too.

      Have you considered making specific builds for your weapons? This is mine for Splatfests:

      I know I can't use the shirt for Splatfest but the Splatfest Tee has the same ability so I am used having that Special Saver Main. I use the same headgear and shoes. Since Sloshers use a lot of ink, my Ink Refill subs compliment it so well. And Fake Contacts has a Special Charge Up Main which helps build up the Inkstrike faster and the Splatfest shirt along with my shoes has a Special Saver which makes it easier for me to risk holding on to Inkstrikes for the last few seconds of a match. If I get splatted around 20 seconds to the end it is very feasible for me to build it up again. I got my Burgers team a clutch win vs a very competent Pizza team because I was splatted close to the end in Arowana Mall but my team left a hallway uninked and uninked surfaces charge specials faster so I was able to build up the Inkstrike again and managed to launch it in the last few moments and got the win for the team in a very low percentage difference against the opposing team (not by .1%, usually that means the team was tied and the game randomly chooses a winner, I would say by .4%) And in Team Naughty one of my teammates was a saboteur who just walked around purposely without inking or splatting anyone. Thankfully a 3 vs 4 is winnable and we were basically at a stalemate with the Nice team that had all four players playing. I managed to launch an Inkstrike and got us the win at a low percentage. A certain saboteur was very salty because there was a suspicious connection lost after that.

      You need to ask yourself what role do you want to play on your team? Are you like me in Splatfests, using the 2 hit splats of Sloshers to take out opponents quickly, the Slosher's decent ink coverage and launching Inkstrikes during the beginning and middle of matches to either waste the opponent's time in inking it back, taking out hard to reach snipers, launching them where the heat of the battle is taking place to make it harder on the opponent or holding on to them at the end of the matches to hopefully get a last second win?

      I am now making a build for ranked to charge my specials very quickly and use them as they are needed. I don't think Special Saver will help me because I want to keep on using Krakens and Killer Wails repeatedly and I don't want to hold on to them as I would for Inkstrikes in Turf Wars/Splatfests.

    7. I stick to the Run Speed Up/Swim Speed Up gear I have when playing as the shooter weapons, and have something else for Dynamo Roller.

      I have tried, in Sheldon's shop, the other weapons. I've purchased them all but I generally don't use them since I don't really like how the higher ones feel. They're relatively slow-moving and use soo much ink consumption. It's really fun to cover areas with ink, and do that quickly. So stuff like the Gals don't feel good to play with.

    8. Isnt Bayonetta the one whose clothes are made of hair?

  2. Ill be actually buying the 7 pack for my 3ds, since I actually did not buy any dlc for it lol, while my woo u has roy ryu lucas and mewtwo... but ill buy corn and mayonetta later....

    and I swear umbra clock tower had the best music in the game...

    (And tbh im only buying corrin on wii U for the "lost in thoughts all alone" musix track"

    1. You're hungry.

      I don't think Umbra Clock Tower is the stage with the best music selection in the game.
      I don't know what that stage is, though. I'll get back to you on that.

    2. Definitely

      And what I meant was that the umbra clock tower stage is the only one where I would actually use every single track thats available, unlike most stages where I would use one or two only

    3. Boxing Ring! Kalos Pokémon League! Palutena's Temple! Great Cave Offensive!

  3. Bayonetta has some pretty awesome music.

    (Why is your Miiverse link connected to three separate phrases even though they all go to the same place?)

    1. (Because I didn't QA this.
      Sorry Master.

      Actually, this is less my fault and more Blogger's garbage HTML editor literally reverting the HTML from what's correct to something improper.)


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