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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Business: Ludwig Painting

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV alone doesn't pay the bills.

I, Ludwig Von Koopa, am announcing a new business. I'd like to tell y'all at KoopaTV about it.

Since we monetised KoopaTV a year ago with our advertisement policy, KoopaTV has been struggling to make ends meet. So we opened up a store and manufacture on demand, which has pretty high cost of goods sold. Hard to make a living doing this kinda thing. So I'm looking at my skill set and want to be an enterprising individual rather than just a dude who is inheriting a whole kingdom.

Super Bell Subway Mario Kart 8 DLC course
Standing proud... a new era for painting companies.
Enter Ludwig Painting. That's right. It's a business. It gets bolded.

Ludwig Painting Mario Kart 8 business advertisement Von Koopa Super Bell Subway
Stylish logo, right?

I designed the logo myself. I decided to take Black Ninja Koopa to heart and wanted to appeal to the sensibilities of inner-city youth, who are an under-served population. They're ignored by the other companies, but Ludwig Painting is for everyone with an edge. You could also say I was inspired by famous painters like George Zimmerman and George W. Bush.

I've done a lot of visual art for KoopaTV before, and I'll continue to do so for KoopaTV. KoopaTV is just my "pro bono" work and not a client of Ludwig Painting. Totally separate entities, besides the whole "I'm advertising it here" thing.

Oh, yeah, we still want a dedicated Digital Graphics Producer for KoopaTV. I surely can't do it now with this new business to focus on!

I'm going all out with the advertisements. You might find my logo over at places like Super Bell Subway on your way to work.

If you want to be my client, check me out at Thanks!

Check out some of Ludwig's painting portfolio over at his DeviantART account here!

It turns out that Ludwig got his sister to join him in the company, and then got Wendy to join KoopaTV itself.
Ludwig is very pro-art because he runs multiple art businesses.

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