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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Stand With Rand

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The first candidate endorsement from KoopaTV.

America has a problem. The prescription? Rand Paul. 

Dr. Rand Paul, with his experience as an eye doctor, has a vision for America. 

(Also, since I'm apparently blind, having an eye doctor is pretty nice. Dude even has an eye chart.

Rand Paul announces his run for president in 2016
"Thanks for the endorsement, Ludwig!"

KoopaTV has very different political opinions among our staffers, but it hasn't been a secret that my preference has been for Rand Paul. The other staffers can endorse whoever they want, but my endorsement is for Rand.

You can watch his announcement speech here:


KoopaTV and Rand Paul have a lot in common. We both support freedom and we're both contrarian to the folks in power. KoopaTV ain't the establishment, and Rand certainly ain't either. Along with that, Rand ain't a censorship kind of guy. He's not afraid to make enemies (he's attracting attacks from both Democrats and Republicans) because he goes out to tell the Truth. And, hey, I wager he has some Levity in him too.

I suppose it doesn't matter what I say... until August 6, 2015. That's the first debate!

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the only candidates in either party to formally and officially be presidential candidates. Of those two, Rand is definitely the best guy. He doesn't look like a crook, so that's a big plus!

Ludwig Von Koopa Rand Paul for President
"Okay... DR RAND PAUL FOR PRESIDENT... uh... Defeat... the...dangit I can't see."
One caveat:
“The message of liberty, opportunity and justice is for all Americans, whether you wear a suit, a uniform or overalls,”
If those are blue overalls against a red shirt worn by a guy with a red cap and mustache, then "justice" for those people should involve locking them up and trying them for genocide.

KoopaTV will keep you somewhat up-to-date on political going-ons, but for the dedicated political version of KoopaTV, see our sister station at CainTV.

By comparison, KoopaTV staff member Rawk stands with all manner of dudes named Phil.
The first debate is actually August 6. Sorry.
Even though Ludwig personally supports Rand, could KoopaTV as a whole be supporting another guy? A certain loudmouth?
Rand Paul provided some life lessons in a so-called “Rand Direct”.
While KoopaTV declined to endorse a candidate for the primaries, KoopaTV endorsed Donald Trump for the general election.

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